All Things Extensions!! Are You Ready?

Since the new year, we here at Garnish have hit the ground running with brand new extension techniques. For those of you that are currently wearing them, you can all agree that smaller is better when it comes to extensions. No one likes anything big and bulky hanging around. That said, we have since introduced the Balmain System Volume Machine and also the Hairdreams Laser Beamer Nano Gun. What a mouthful huh? lol Both of these devices are extremely efficient at installing hair extensions in a very delicate and precise manner. Optimizing the “smaller is better” idea. We were fortunate enough to be chosen to receive this technology, seeing as that it is very limited in the US. In fact we are the only hair extension studio in North Carolina and surrounding areas to carry both of these units.

And we’re not stoping there! (Can you tell we’re slightly obsessed) We have more training and a wider variety of hair selection choices coming in early spring of this year. Our goal is to be able to provide you with everything you need to be completely smitten with your new additions. So much so, that you forget that you love your “hair extensions”, and just remember the feeling of loving your hair.

Here’s just a sneak peak at what we’ve been up to..

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