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How and Why You Should Exfoliate Your Hair

Most people know that gently scrubbing away the impurities from our face and body is crucial for maintaining skin health and a beautiful glow. However, even the best of us can devalue the importance of giving that same special treatment to our body’s crowning glory: the hair and scalp.


Exfoliation is an important first step in achieving overall healthy hair and scalp.

Exfoliation helps to reduce dead skin cells as well as to remove debris and toxins from the scalp, resulting in hair that is shinier, styles easier and is free of buildup. Exfoliating can even bring your hair back to a healthier state if it has been damaged. Exfoliating is also beneficial to the scalp as it allows the pores to breathe giving your hair the perfect and healthy foundation to grow.


With the daily abuse and damage hair takes from blow dryers, irons and the environment, the cuticle loses its resilience. This compromises its shine and the ability to maintain its shape. By exfoliating the hair, you’re essentially healing damaged hair, increasing shine, luster, and manageability for healthier hair that is easier to style.


As a general rule of thumb, once a week is the best approach for most people. However, certain styling products that are wax or silicone based may require more frequent exfoliation due to their tendency to build up on the hair follicles.

Exfoliating is also a good idea if you use blow dryers and heated irons because the cuticle regularly takes more. Even the way you style your hair may be a good case to exfoliate. Putting your hair up or in a ponytail when your hair is wet or wearing a hat all the time can cause scalp issues that can be helped by exfoliation.


All of our stylists at Garnish love Kevin Murphy’s maxi.wash! Here’s our recommended method. First use maxi.wash to exfoliate. Apply maxi.wash by smoothing over the hair and scalp and allowing it to sit for a few moments before rinsing off. The use of a warm towel is also great as it allows the cuticle to open naturally so the wash can absorb easier. Next use one of your favorite Kevin Murphy shampoos to cleanse, and finally use your favorite Kevin Murphy rinse to moisturize.


The most common misconception about exfoliation is that it will strip out the natural oils and the color in your hair, or it will cause drying. A good exfoliating shampoo is typically going to contain ingredients that are similar to those in skin care. They tend to be gentler on the hair by removing buildup only on the outer surface maintaining the color and integrity of the hair strand while creating a clean, healthy environment on the scalp. Kevin Murphy products specifically avoid using sulfates, which is the usual cause of cleansers that are very harsh and damaging to hair.

The next time you are in the salon, ask your stylist about exfoliating or come by and get your Kevin Murphy maxi.wash and try it today.

Happy Exfoliating!


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