Bayou St. Blonde with Garnish

Garnish takes Bayou St. Blonde

If you visited the salon during January, you more than likely heard about the stylist team’s trip to New Orleans for a 2-day educational event called Bayou St. Blonde. This consisted of two days full of classes, cut and color demonstrations, and inspiration for the stylists. The event was hosted by the Left Brain Group, an agency focused on customized salon education, salon support, and connecting artists in the hair industry.

The team had an amazing time together, and learned a ton. Each of the stylists, along with our CFO, Sahar, sat down to talk about the experience and here’s what each team member had to say.


As someone who lives in the world of numbers and deadlines, Sahar felt like her eyes were opened to the artist world during this New Orleans experience. She realized that artists are driven by feeling, and inspired by running with those feelings to create their art. It’s part of what makes hair an art form—the translation of inspiration connected with the emotional feeling of getting your hair done. Sahar most enjoyed the culture of fun and creativity that contrasts with her very linear line of work.


For Niko, she took inspiration from how the stylists utilized their products to create the style. Enhancing natural texture, or using product to induce a response from the hair, the educators really focused more on the purpose of the product in the hair rather than using hot tools. This was a unique approach that she hopes to work into her own styles at the salon.


As a stylist who already works in a very creative sort of way, Andrayah loved the freeform cutting and styling that the artists demonstrated during classes. For anyone not familiar with the hair world, stylists are often taught in school very precise methods of cutting hair. This technical method of cutting is amazing, producing beautiful balanced looks. The creative approach is visual cutting such as the stylists used in New Orleans, which looks at the hair as more of an artistic canvas. This think outside of the box mentality connected with Andrayah, inspiring her to want to utilize this method herself.


Tish fell in love with the balayage techniques presented in New Orleans. One particular class included a balayage that started at the front of the model’s hair, which is contrary to how balayage painting is often placed. This particular educator also focused in depth on the timing and placement of balayage as a way to really enhance the art form of hand painted hair.


That class was also the favorite of Balayage Queen Christine. Balayage is such a customizable art form that learning different painting techniques is just like learning different techniques for a visual artist. She loved watching the various placements and how the educator painted each different section of hair to achieve the look he wanted. We see blonde and brunette balayage quite often, but this class also taught balayage specifically for redheads and that was a fabulous addition as well.


In between hair specific education, the stylists attended a meditation class that focused on the health of the mind and how that impacts your business. Donyata connected with this, soaking in the information they received about aromatherapy and essential oils. In fact, she has already started applying these techniques utilizing peppermint oil.


With a constant focus on balance between body mind and spirit, Candice loved that this event really promoted the importance of having this balance in your life and business. Taking care of yourself allows you to be in the best possible place to take care of your clients. Being around many other salons and stylists Candice also noted how proud she was that the Garnish team consists of such diverse training and balance, allowing the team to grow together into incredibly well-rounded stylists.

Bayou St. Blonde Fun

Next time you visit, make sure you to ask your stylist for even more details about their incredible learning experience in the Bayou.


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