Meet Niko Jones, Team Lead & Lead Stylist

Growth and Change are not easy.

In fact, sometimes they are up all night, tear-inducing, not sure if you’re still on the right path because it just feels so HARD kind of experiences. Over the last year, you have watched our salon change and grow as we have relentlessly chosen to follow our passion for hair extensions and how they are able to change womens’ lives. Seeing the end results make all of the difficult “growing pains” worth it, and we LOVE being able to pour into our passion, and the amazing women with which it connects us.

Hair Extensions

Through the transition of our studio, there has been a shining light of dedication to the vision and willingness to put in the work to really level up as an artist and leader. Today we wanted to reflect that light back on that person and give you all a little insight into our Lead Stylist, Niko Jones.

The Lead Stylist position came about with the newly transitioned Garnish Extension Studio. Our new team members were either in the Garnish Academy or new to extensions, and we knew there was an opportunity for them to have someone to support them in their growth. As the senior stylist and person with the most experience after Candice, Niko was the perfect fit for this role. Transitioning from being a team member to being a team leader can often be a challenge, but Niko took this new role in stride and has really poured into each of her new team members to help them thrive within Garnish.

Niko has dedicated her time and energy to becoming an integral part in the education of our Garnish Academy apprentices, along with helping guide our new stylists in their journey towards becoming extension specialists. She has also become one of the leading experts in curly hair extensions within the Natural Beaded Rows extension brand, and has been cultivating educational content specifically for curlies and how to wash, style, and maintain their curls with or without extensions.

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We are so thankful to have Niko’s bright light and passion for hair as a leading part of our studio, and we know that if you sit in her chair you will feel the same. To schedule a consultation with Niko, you can visit and request Niko Jones at the bottom of the application.


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