The Oribe Difference

Oribe’s Amazing…seriously!

Have you ever purchased a product, brought it home, tried it out, and it was just… a HUGE let down? It didn’t do what it was supposed to, it was basically a waste of money, and now it’s just going to sit on a shelf or in the cabinet underneath your sink and collect dust. As you already know, Garnish is committed to using exclusively the best that our industry has to offer. We believe that this is how we are able to provide the highest quality of service along with the best value to YOU. While we did love many aspects of our previous product lines, we knew there was something even better out there that we could bring to you that would really deliver for your hair needs.

Introducing… ORIBE

When we first tested out the Oribe line to bring into the studio, we fell immediately in love. Not just with the signature Cote d’Azur scent that is so heavenly, but in the feel of the product, and just how effective each individual product was. Once we got to know the line even more there were several different qualities that made the decision clear.

First, every Oribe product includes the Signature Complex. The Oribe Signature Complex consists of Watermelon, Lychee, and Edelweiss Flower Extracts which defend the hair from oxidative stress, photoaging, and the deterioration of natural keratin. It also protects the hair from drying, damaging, and color-depleting elements. Essentially this means that every product consists of a complex that protects your hair and keeps it healthy. Beyond that, Oribe sources only the highest quality ingredients and rigorously formulated and tested each product to create an exceptional end result.

Oribe Hair Supplies - Garnish Extension Studio

Next, we learned that each product can stand alone individually, which is amazing, but they can also be layered on top of one another for added benefits. This means the possibilities are limitless when it comes to meeting your hair needs and helping you achieve your ideal health and style. Oribe works its absolute best when it is used as a system. Beginning with shampoo and conditioner, a leave-in or styling product that goes in wet, and then a finishing product at the end. The entire line of styling products includes heat protectant so you don’t need to have a separate heat protectant product on your shelf.

Finally, the ultimate goal of haircare products is that they target specific hair problems or needs, and actually fulfill what they say they are going to do in terms of addressing those problems or needs. It’s easy to fall in love with Oribe because each product is designed for a specific purpose, and it actually DOES what it says it’s going to do. The reparative line actually has reparative effects, the moisture and control line leaves your curls the best they’ve ever been, and the beautiful color line will protect and preserve your hair color. The line is expansive, which can be overwhelming when you glance at the shelf, but it really means that no matter what your hair needs are, there is more than likely a product designed just for you to meet those needs.

Together with our new product prescription system, we are able to give you the perfect formula for your hair that will provide the most effective benefits and leave your hair looking and feeling amazing. If you don’t already have an appointment scheduled in the studio, give us a call or stop by and speak to one of our stylists about your haircare needs. We, and ORIBE, are here for you!


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