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We love bringing you behind the scenes and shedding some light on the important aspects of our business. Particularly ones that are not talked about often. Today we wanted to introduce you to the hair that makes up hair extensions and talk a little bit about the particular lines of hair that we work with and why we’ve chosen them.

You already know that we take great care in choosing only the best of the best for every brand we work with. From our haircare products to our color lines to the extension methods we utilize, we ensure that we can guarantee the quality of everything we offer to our guests. The hair that we use for our hair extensions is no exception.

When we first began offering NBR Extensions as a method, there was only one main distributor for hand-tied hair extensions—Bohyme. (If you would like to read more about hand-tied hair extensions, check out this blog post (link to hand-tied extension post).) As extension methods that utilized hand-tied hair have become increasingly popular, some challenges arose with Bohyme’s distribution. Other stylists experienced problems with the quality of the hair.

Thankfully, we never experienced the same things at Garnish, but it made us aware that there were potential concerns. They also began running out of certain colors. While this definitely made us up our custom hair color game, it also made ordering the correct hair more difficult.

Some Major Players in the Hair Extension World

Luckily, there were some major players in the extension world who were taking note of the need for more high-quality hand-tied hair. These new lines have been under development for quite some time and we are honored to have played a role in their creation. The first new hand-tied hair brand that we have recently brought into the studio is none other than ISLA, created by Natural Beaded Rows themselves.

NBR realized that if it wanted to stay at the top of the extension game, they would need to be able to always guarantee the quality of the hair associated with their brand. The best way to ensure quality control is to offer the product personally, so that’s what they did. During the development of ISLA, NBR reached out to select salons such as Garnish to receive feedback about colors, textures, and more. We are proud to offer the entire line of ISLA hair. ISLA is also an exclusive brand, meaning you have to be a part of the BMS program with NBR to be able to order ISLA hair. The exclusivity helps guarantee that every color and texture will remain in stock at all times.

The second new hand-tied hair line that we’ve brought into the studio is Covet & Mane. We absolutely love Covet & Mane because they focused on something super important to us—different textures and curl patterns. Covet & Mane also included Garnish in the testing process of their brand, receiving feedback from Candice and Niko regarding the wearability of their curly extensions, how their extension hair received color, and other details regarding the quality of the hair. Having such a personal relationship with these brands has allowed us to truly know where our hair is coming from and guarantee that it is ethically sourced and of the highest possible quality.

Utilizing three different brands of hand-tied hair has provided a vast collection of options for our guests. No matter what hair color, texture, curl pattern or length you might be looking for, we are able to create your dream hair.

We are so excited to be able to introduce you to both ISLA and Covet & Mane and can’t wait to turn their hair extensions into your hair goals. What are you waiting for? Apply now to experience your own Garnish Extension Transformation.


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