2020 Hottest Hair Trends 🔥

We did some research, checked out all of our fave celebs, and have come up with some of this year’s biggest upcoming trends to share with all of you!

Big Bang Energy!


One of last year’s hottest trends was all about bangs. We hated to say goodbye to this trend because we were just falling in love, but after a little bit of research, we’re happy to see that they’re not going anywhere! There’s usually a particular style of fringe that is more on trend at a particular time. This year we’re so excited because bangs of all shapes, sizes and forms are going to show up. We’re seeing super blunt bangs, baby bangs, pixie bangs, bardot curtain bangs, and more. Adding fringe to your look makes it trendy and modern while also adding softness around the face. It’s also the perfect way to update your look or change up your style while keeping your length and fullness. And if you’re going for something a little more dainty, you can do a sideswept bang or curtain bang that almost looks already grown out when you get it cut. Your bangs can be as bold or as subtle as you like—either way you’re on trend in 2020!



The next trend of the year is what’s known as the “French Girl Bob.” We especially love this one because it works perfectly with hair extensions. A lot of women simply don’t have enough hair to create the thick, blunt lines of a bob haircut. Just one row can thicken up your hair enough to create that super modern, edgy look. We find that this is just a really cool look with one row of NBR extensions. The single row isn’t too thick, but allows for that super straight edge along the bottom. Our favorite aspect of this year’s “french girl bob” is that the length is customizable. It can be all the way from chin length all the way down to the collar bone.


Last year was all about a middle part, but this year you’ll be seeing a lot more deep, edgy, sideswept parts. This look is characterized by sweeping a lot of the hair to one side or the other. We’ve seen this look in the past, but typically with some puff and froth on top. The 2020 version of this look will be much sleeker and shinier.

We’re so excited that the trend for embracing texture is continuing into this new year. It’s a little bit more smooth than the wild boho looks that have been popular recently. Summer of 2019 texture was beach waves and messiness. This year’s texture is a little more structured, where you might still have curls in the hair, but instead of loose and boho and wild and free, there’s more form to it. Tightly coiled curls will appear with more structure, or they will be stretched out and loosened up a bit.
Our final observation for 2020’s hair trends is that the classic blowout is back!

But with a twist of course. The classic blowout features a sleek, full, rounded look. It’s full and big, with not a lot of curl, but also not bone straight. This year’s twist is almost a throwback to an 80’s look, but instead of having all the fullness on top, there’s more fullness on the bottom.

We’d love to know what you think about these new trends! Which ones are you going to try first? Drop a comment below and let us know.


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