Magic in the Maintenance

For most guests, the first time they see their completed transformation is a magical moment. For some, it may be the first time they have ever seen themselves through a lens that they love, and there is definitely magic in that. You are no longer the “before” version of you, but you are living as the “after” and loving it! But how do you keep that magical feeling? With hair maintenance!

The Magic is in the Maintenance

Maintaining that fresh hair feeling is as easy as following the maintenance plan created by your stylist.

The benefits of keeping up with your scheduled hair maintenance include:

  • extensively prolonging the wear time of your extension hair
  • protect your investment
  • your hair will look and feel like new
  • we can go lighter, darker, longer, or shorter based on the recommendation of your stylist
  • maintain the health and integrity of your natural hair and scalp.

We review a customized maintenance plan with every guest after their initial transformation based on their hair, lifestyle, color, length, and ultimate hair goals. We send each guest home with a comprehensive plan for keeping that magical feeling for the life of your hair! Bookmark this post so you can always have your maintenance routine handy for making your appointments!

Garnish Maintenance Journey


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