Collaboration Over Competition, Two teams of stylists working together



Collaboration Over Competition : Goldie X Garnish

We pride ourselves here at Garnish in living the Collaboration Over Competition mindset. We wholehartedly believe that we can all learn from one another and that having a space to collaborate inside of the industry is key to growth, 

So when Texas extension salon Goldie & Co owner, Sassy Medchill reached out wanting to fly in her team to experience first hand the services they perform day in and day out for their guests, Mot jumped at the opportunity to roll out the red carpet for them. 

We spent the entire day with the Goldie Gang immersed in the Garnish Experience. There were transformations for the entire Goldie team, lots of Q&A, some educational tidbits, and of course a dance party

If you’re a salon owner looking for an opportunity to collaborate with another salon on training, education, or guest experience, reach out! We would love to chat! Collaboration Over Competition!


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