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The “Coolest” Hair Trends for Fall 2015

The “Coolest” Hair Trends for Fall 2015 Unveiled! It’s that time of year when we all long for cooler weather and embrace the beauty of the Autumn foliage. Time to say bye-bye to the beach hair and hello to richer fall hair colors and the trendiest hair styles. The Garnish team has put together some inspiration for just for you! What’s “Cool” for Color Fall always beckons deeper, warmer shades. So no matter what color you are now, you’ve got lots of great options to choose from to give your hair that Autumn flair. Blondes: Warmer blonde shades range from creamy vanilla blonde…

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Olapex: The Hair Miracle

I’m almost ashamed to admit the amount of time I spend on Instagram alone, double tapping hair photos and stalking my celebrity hair idols. In fact, everyone at Garnish is such a hair nerd, we all find ourselves randomly lost on our smartphones researching the latest and greatest technology and trends in hair. About a year ago a product called Olaplex popped up on our radar. Olaplex claims that it makes hair stronger, healthier, makes color last longer, and allows your stylist to push the envelope while processing your hair (used in conjunction with common sense or course!). It is…

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Goodbye Summer, Hellllllo Fall

Changing seasons means changing hairstyles—we’re adding some layers to our wardrobe, so why not to our hair as well? It’s a perfect time to start fresh with a new look. Whether an angled bob or a “lob” you’ll actually love, here are the top haircuts and colors for fall, along with styling tips from owner of Garnish Hair Salon Candice Motley This short, sassy pixie was cut by our favorite purple haired stylist Christine. If going for a short crop in the fall and winter months, make sure to leave some length along the sides and top to give a…

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