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Extensions 101: Fusion Extensions

Extensions 101 Fusion

Class is in Session: Fusion Extensions

For this episode of Extensions 101 we are going to introduce you to the FUSION method of extensions. Fusion extensions are named as such because the bonds of extension hair are actively fused onto the natural hair, or, in the case of the unique nano gun, the extension hair is blended with the natural hair, quite literally fusing them together.

There are three distinct types of fusion extensions offered here at Garnish. 1. Great Lengths Cold Fusion 2. Balmain Fill-in Extensions 3. Hairdreams Extensions which includes both Nano extensions applied using their proprietary application gun, along with traditional fusion extensions applied using a hand-rolled method.

Best For:

Anyone with fine to medium weight hair looking to fill in skinny strands or ends. The bonds come in different sizes so can be customized to the hair thickness, however, ultra fine haired ladies and ultra thick haired gals would be better suited for a different extension method.

What They Are:

Small bundles of hair (called bonds) that are fused together with your hair to create a very natural look.

Lifespan: Fusion extensions can last up to 5 months with proper care and maintenance.

Maintenance: Tidy up cuts every 6-8 weeks (depending on how much you normally shed). Humans naturally shed hair every day. When your hair is in a bond, the hair cannot properly shed and can “clog” the bond. The tidy up is necessary to remove those hairs, ensuring the bond remains clear and healthy.


-The bonds are tiny and flat making the extension bonds very difficult to detect.
-Hair can be colored without removing the extensions so root touch ups can happen as normal.
-Extremely customizable in terms of amount, placement, and colors.


-Cannot be “moved up” like some other extension methods so as your hair grows, the bonds will become slightly lower on your head. (Approximately .25-.5” per month)
-Due to the bonds being flat, tiny, and nearly invisible, the extensions fill in skinny ends, but do not really add volume towards the root.

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