We are in the midst of award season with this past weekend’s Grammy Awards as the latest edition. Awards shows always bring a great fashion spectacle, from gowns to makeup to glamorous hairstyles.

We all love to watch to see what the current trends are, and this year there is one particular trend that we are LOVING. You all know how much the Garnish team loves curls (as so many of us are curlies), and we were thrilled to see so many stars rocking their natural curls on the red carpet and the Grammy’s stage.

We’re all about hair health and loving your own curl pattern, and it’s great to see celebrities showing the world that every texture of curl can be glamorous and beautiful.
Check out some of our favorite curly looks from the red carpet.



Alessia Cara

Aleesia Cara



Erika Ender

Erika Ender

Kimberly Schlapman

Kim Schlapman

As, you know, we love Curls here at Garnish Hair Studio + Extension Bar! If you’re ready to rock your curls and need some help styling, revitalizing, or just want to know the best curl product for your particular curl pattern, give us a call! We can set you up for a consultation with one of our stylists, or walk you through a great curl regimen. Stay tuned for our upcoming Valentine’s Blog about the all new Davines “LOVE” Curl Line.


2018 Hair Trends

New Year, New 2018 Hair Trends!

The Garnish gang got together and talked about what we thought would be the upcoming #hairtrends in 2018 and here’s what we’re prettyyy sure you’re going to see a lot of in the upcoming year.

1. Lived in Top Knots

hair trends 2018
Did you catch our blog post on lived-in hair and why it’s one of our favorite hair trends? The lived-in look is not going anywhere, and top knots have officially joined braids and waves as an acceptable messy look. Top knots are super easy and cute while still being functional, so of course, we love them.

2. Rich Colors with Subtle Dimension

2018 hair trends
Highlighted hair and Dimensional hair CAN look very different, and we think subtle dimension is about to be all the rage. No more super light ‘lights… We’re anticipating that rich chocolates and beautiful auburns are going to take over the haircolor scene in 2018.

3. Middle Parts with Tousled Texture

Not everyone can pull off a middle part, and not everyone wants to, but for those that can and do… 2018 is going to be all about ‘em. Particularly when paired with tousled texture that makes the middle part look so effortless and amazing. We know it feels like late 90’s hair is back, and maybe it is.. There’s nothing wrong with a good throwback trend!

4. Haircuts that are Get-Up-&-Go

2018 hair trends
A great haircut cannot be understated, and going along with the lived-in hair look, we are loving the haircuts that are so perfect for your hair texture and style that you can just get up and do the quickest styling sesh ever (optional) and then run out the door. When the cute cut IS the style… you’re definitely winning the hair game.

5. A Focus on Healthy Hair

2018 hair trends
Over the past few months we’ve noticed a trend that we foresee continuing all the way through 2018. Women are ready to really focus on restoring the health of their hair if it’s been damaged, or to maintain their healthy hair. Healthy hair means committing to a healthy color process (even if that means it takes 6 months to go blonde), and using quality products (that won’t buildup or damage your hair further).

Healthy hair means more gorgeous, shiny, amazing hair in 2018!

Which trend are you most looking forward to in 2018?


#HAIRGOALS with Garnish Studio

It’s that time of year again: #HairGoals

You may have heard the saying, “Invest in your hair—it’s the accessory you wear every day.” And you’ve probably experienced that powerful feeling of “I can take on the world” when you’re having that better than ever kickass hair day. So what happens if it’s a crucial part of your daily look and can change your entire attitude? It only makes sense to invest in making your #hairgoals a reality.

Here at Garnish we specialize in transformations. Transformations, to us, encompass all the wonderful things! It can be as simple as the perfect haircut to enhance your face shape and revamp your style, or complete makeovers involving coloring, extensions, and more.

Have you ever seen a celeb on t.v. or in a magazine and thought, “Oh my gawd I love her hair”? What about the person you passed in the grocery store and thought, “Her hair looks amazing”? Then you already have #hairgoals whether you knew it or not.

Last year we created a Garnish Goal of helping as many women as possible discover their #hairgoals and begin down the path to achieving their hair dreams. This year we are reintroducing our #hairgoals worksheet so you can revamp last year’s goals, or create brand new ones. You will be able to download this fun and fast #hairgoals form and bring it in to share with your stylist or you can ask the front desk team for a copy when you arrive for your visit.

#hairgoals can encompass cut, color, length, style, and texture. Some of our most common transformational services include extensions, which come in a variety of methods to address varying hair needs—color services, including color corrections, balayage, blonding, and creative coloring—and treatments, such as our GK Keratin Smoothing Treatments, American Wave, and relaxers. Our artists also focus on providing you with the knowledge and ability to care for your hair at home (a vital part of making #hairgoals a reality), along with empowering you to be able to recreate the style component of your #hairgoals yourself. This includes prescribing the products that will best address your hair needs, along with educating you on the steps to take to achieve your ideal style.

January is always a month of reflecting on what you hope to achieve in the next year. Make your #hairgoals a priority and allow Garnish to help you become the best version of you in 2018.

Download here!


Garnish Hair Studio Top 5

Welcome to the Garnish 2017 TOP FIVE.

The end of the year is inevitably a time of reflection, and this year we wanted to share with you all what YOUR top 5 favorite blog posts of the year were.

Garnish presents…Pink Gloves Spotlight: Today, we honor Lisa

We LOVE that this was your favorite post of the year, because we totally understand—Lisa is one of our favorites, too. In this blog post Lisa shared with us her personal journey with Candice and extensions after having lost her hair through chemotherapy for breast cancer. Lisa allowed us to document her process from her very first color last January all the way through to her crown extension application in August. It was so incredibly special to Candice and all of us to be a part of Lisa’s journey, and we are so happy that you all enjoyed sharing in the journey through this post. If you haven’t yet had a chance to read all about Lisa’s story and extension process with Candice, you can do so here.

A Special Thank You from Garnish Hair Studio Owner, Candice Motley

This just gives us one more opportunity to thank YOU ALL for your support. Considering that our message thanking you was one of your favorites just makes us feel all the more warm fuzzies. We are constantly blown away by the support and encouragement you all provide for us by choosing Garnish as your hair home. Candice wrote this thank you message to express her gratitude for all of you who have followed her throughout the years, those of you who have given us your flexibility with studio changes, and all of you who continue choosing us, and who share your experience with your friends and family, bringing them to us as well. Your presence is a gift, and we are thankful for it. If you’d like to read Candice’s message, you can do so here.

Garnish bids Fare Thee Well to Ray

As beloved as Ray was to all of you, it’s no surprise that his farewell blog post ranked third on the top five posts of the year. It’s never easy to lose a team member who has been there from the beginning, who had such an integral part in the formation of the business, and we definitely felt Ray’s loss. We definitely miss his humor lighting up the studio, but are so thankful for the incredible impact he had in the five years he was with Candice, and on Garnish’s first three years in business. If you would like to read Ray’s farewell post, please visit here.

Garnish class is now in session: Hair Psychology 101

In this blog post we talked all about how acquiring the hair of your dreams can make you feel more self-confident and help you love what you see in the mirror. This message really seemed to resonate with a lot of you, and we GET IT. We are all about helping you truly love your look through your hair because we feel the impact that great hair can have on a person. To read more about the effect beautiful hair can have on how you feel, check out our Hair Psychology 101 blog post here.

Niko of Garnish Hair Studio loves Dirty Hair

This one went way back to the beginning of the year, but you all LOVED Niko’s Hair tip about joining the Dirty Hair Club. In this blog post Niko shared all the reasons why she loves to skip a shampoo and the benefits it can have on your hair. To check out what she had to say, visit her blog post here.

Thank you all for spending the year with us reading our informational articles, product reviews, hair tips, and salon updates. We appreciate all of your continued support, and look forward to sharing even more amazing hair things with you all next year!


Balayage Color

Balayage has been in the epicenter of hair trends for a while now, but what you may not know it’s actually been around since the 1970’s. Balayage was born in France and is a technique where the hair color is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting. Balayage gives you a soft natural sun-kissed look that can be custom tailored to your hair color and style.

So why the resurgence of Balayage now? Most women love this hair trend because it is low maintenance and it gives you a gorgeous, healthy finish that looks nature-enhanced, glossy, and expensive. The Balayage highlights are typically not as drastic and only go a few shades lighter than your base color. Balayage is fantastic because it’s suited for all types of hair. The look can be personalized just for your cut, style, and shade – it’s all about the application technique. Lately, some ladies are opting for a bolder, and more adventurous balayage look too, by weaving in brighter and more vivid colors to create customized funky look.

One of the appealing aspects of balayage is that it grows out beautifully and more naturally, and you don’t get an obvious regrowth line so you can enjoy your color a bit longer between appointments. Remember when it used to be embarrassing when your roots were growing out? You had to rush to your stylist to get them touched up every four weeks? Well, that’s not the case with Balayage. The look embraces the darker roots, and the strategically placed highlights make the look more natural.

Check out our Garnish Balayage and Handpainting Gallery for some of our Balayage work as well as our Pinterest board for inspiration. Ready for your custom Balayage makeover? Contact us today to make your appointment!


bang hair styles

At some point in our lives we’ve all asked ourselves the question “should I get bangs?” Though bangs have never been out of style, we are seeing a renewed insurgence on the runways and streets in 2016 of the almighty bang! The face framing fringe, whether bold and blunt, super short and edgy, side-swept, or wispy can be a major hair game changer for any style or face shape. Bangs are great to drawn attention to the eyes and creating a more youthful look (bangs have long been touted to make women look younger).

When paired with the right face shape, bangs can help balance out your features, improve the look of your style, and give a little panache to the length of your hair if you’re hesitant to go shorter. Depending on your face shape and type of hair you have you have some super fun options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular bang styles this year that you can consider based on your particular face shape.

Round Shaped Faces:
Side-swept bangs are the way to go with a round face. Curly hair gals who want bangs should consider thicker bangs that hit just above the eyebrows.

Square Shaped Faces:
Side-swept set or blunt fringe are great for women with square shaped faces. For curly hair, heavier bangs are quit popular.

Oval Shaped Faces:
Women with oval face shapes tend to be the luckiest, because nearly every style of bangs will work. Long and blunt, thick, wispy, and side-swept are all great options.

Heart Shaped Faces:
Gals with the unique heart shaped face are most suited for swept to the side, thin, and wispy bangs. A set of blended fringe complemented by multiple layers can be very flattering indeed.

For ideas and inspiration on the latest looks and styles for bangs, hop over to our Pinterest “Bang, Bang” board and also take a look at our Style Gallery!

Talk to your stylist to determine the right look for your face, your lifestyle and hair type when considering bangs.

Contact us today for your consultation and appointment.


2016 Blue Hair Color Trend

You’ve seen the celebs like Kylie Jenner, Hilary Duff, Nicole Richie, Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Keyshia Cole, and even Barbie sportin’ some pretty cool blue locks! Turns out that blue could be the new black for women with darker hair color! Last year we saw lots of pastels and powdery blue fairy hair on blondes, but ladies with darker hair are now diving into the big blue trend!

On the fashion runways and on the streets we are seeing an assorted array of blue shades – from denim blue, pastel blue, baby blue, royal blue, teal, and the list goes on! Interestingly, fashion forward men are getting into the blue hair color too! Now that’s pretty awesome! We love it when guys try something new!

So if you’re digging the blue hair trend just as much as we are, then we’ve got you covered! Whether you are a blonde, brunette, or a jet-black beauty, there are a few different ways to achieve the blue color and style that’s perfect for you.

Achieving a unique blue color can be done with color techniques such as balayage, ombre, and color melting, but coloring your hair is not the best solution for everyone. Depending on the shade of blue you want and your current hair color, your hair may need additional processes to achieve the most vibrant shades of blue. So ask your stylist if coloring your hair is recommended for you or not. However, the good news is that you can get those cool blue locks with blue with hair extensions. Extensions are the ideal, non-damaging way to add that awesome pop of blue you want!

For more fun and inspiration, check out our Blue is the New Black Pinterest Board!

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2016 hair trend report

Just barely into 2016 the Garnish team wants to make sure you start your year off right with the latest in hair trends! We know all of you hair addicts and trendsetters like your news hot off the press, so here it is …. your 2016 hair trend report!

2016 is the year of the bold haircut. Vintage-inspired, cheekbone length bobs reminiscent of the 1920’s looks like Coco Chanel. These classy vintage styles can be worn in modern ways with a natural wavy texture. Blunt fringy bangs that hit close to the brows are also hot. These bangs can be worn on any texture—straight or curly. Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration.

We will see more natural color in 2016. Color techniques to create dimensions such as balayage, flamboyage, babylights, and color melting will give you these more natural looks. These techniques are used across the board to create customized looks for any hair color. Dark brown and brunettes can have some fun with oil slick hair, pops of vivid color with extensions for non-damaging fun pops of color.

Pastels: Pantone declared 2016’s colors of the year as “Rose Quartz” (light pink) and “Serenity” (light blue/lavender) and with fashion trends comes hair and makeup trends. Expect these two colors to be super COOL! We will also continue to see lavender and silver. The Opal hair color trend seems to be taking off this year too. Cool skin tones can make silver or pale blue look natural. If you are pale with yellow tones, a pastel pink adds a little blush to your skin. Take a peek at our Pastel Hair Pinterest board for more ideas.

Platinum: Platinum hair is super popular this year, but with softer, and unorganized highlights. It’s a little more worn-looking, more natural and sultry. Here’s the latest looks on our Blonde’s Pinterest board.

Bronde: Still a runway and celeb favorite, bronde (blonde/brown) is perfect for blondes who want to go a little darker but as well as for brunettes who want to go a bit lighter. Check out our Bronde Pinterest board.

Blue: Yep, blue is expected to take off in a big way this year. Bright blue, indigo, baby blue and soft pastel blues offer a blue shade for everyone! We’ve created a Blue Hair Pinterest board – so check it out!

So have some fun in 2016 whether you decide to go with a classic Chanel hair style, fringy bangs, or play with your color choosing natural shades, pastels or bright blue. Express yourself in 2016!

Get your 2016 look! Make your appointment with us today!


Holiday Hair


Holiday party hair should always exude festivity. Of course, you want to make sure you have the latest and greatest trends to be “that gal” at the party who is turning everyone’s head with your gorgeous hair! The Garnish team has put together some great ideas for you, whether you are looking for a new color, style or complete hair transformation, we have got you covered on what’s trending for holiday hair.

Dark Hair: Brunette shades are warming up, and we see more “chocolatey” tones. But both brunettes and ladies with jet black hair are opting to add subtle highlights to their hair too. Take a look at our Brunette Pinterest and our Jet Black Pinterest Boards for more ideas.

brunette hair colors

Blondes: Many blondes are opting for darker blonde roots, closer to their natural color. Platinum blonde is still very cool and sultry too! See more on our Blondes Pinterest Board.

blonde hair colors

Reds: Bright copper reds or deep dark auburn colors are always inspiring for the holiday season. Nothing says warmth like a beautiful shade of red. See more on our Redheads Pinterest Board.


Silvery Whites: This color is perfect for different seasons but is especially awesome for winter with its rain and snow. This is now a multi-generational color trend, so embrace your gray ladies! Check Out Our Silver + White Hair Inspiration Board on Pinterest.

Pastel, Pinks, And Lavender Hair Colors: Still all the rage, pastels can be fun for adding some funky color to your holiday season. For some, these colors can be hard to achieve and maintain, depending on your natural hair color. However, we’ve got the perfection alternative for everyone who wants to try pastel! Add in some pastel extensions! This is much less damaging to your hair and super fun! Pop Over to Our Pinterest Pastel Hair Color Board for Inspiration.

Balayage, Flamboyage, Hand Painting, And Color Melting: These color techniques are all still hot, hot, hot!  Highlighted looks work for brunettes, blondes, and red heads alike and are great because your stylist can create a unique and amazing look just for you! Pop over to our Balayage, Flamboyage Pinterest Board for more ideas.

Balayage, color melt, hand painting hair colors

What’s Next In Color: Want to be ahead of the curve going into 2016? Then check out Oil Slick color and Opal Hair colors!  Oil slick gives ladies with dark hair the opportunity to have fun with a rainbow of colors. The name Oil Slick came about because the look resembles an oil spill. For gals with much lighter hair, check out Opal hair colors. This is the latest take on rainbow hair, which includes multiple dreamy shades reminiscent of gemstones, painted throughout the head. Again, for those who want a fun look without the dye, talk to your stylist about hair extensions! Visit Our Pinterest Oil Slick Board and Our Opal Color Board for Inspiration.

Curls and Waves: The feminine, wavy mermaid hair is one of the hottest hairstyles for Winter 2016. The mermaid hair, bohemian waves for long hair with a focus on thick texture.

Ponytails: Whether they are messy or sleek, the ponytail is hot this season! Try a side pony, or a sleek and low pony.

Knots, Buns, Ties and Twists: The classic French twist has loosened up for a younger, cooler look, so you will see more fun styles embracing the messy look. Celebs are sporting messy twists, ties, knots, and buns this winter.  But if that messy updo isn’t for you – don’t fret! Try a classic, sleek bun with a braid added in.


Deep Side Parts: Short and longhair gals can all try this subtle and easy style.  The runways are filled with deep side parts, whether the hair is down or up.

Braids: If you have not noticed, braids have graced the runways a lot this season. Some of the hot braid styles are the side braids, braided headband, the braided hairline, and braided buns. Visit our Pinterest Hair 101: Styles, Tips + Tricks board for great ideas and tutorials.

Every great style requires the right product to achieve the look you want. Garnish Hair Studio has the best of the best when it comes to products. So make sure to ask your stylist about the best products to achieve the look you want.

Want to get the perfect look at home? Kevin Murphy offers kits for you to get the latest look. Screen Siren Kit, Mermaid Hair Kit, and Surfer Girl Kit. Garnish carries all three of these products. Each kit contains all the products and tools you need to achieve each look and a video tutorial.

We hope we’ve given you some great inspiration for holiday hair! So whether you need a cut, color, styling, extensions, or a full holiday transformation, Garnish has you covered. As the holiday season begins, appointments go quickly, so make sure you book your appointment before your special occasion!

Happy Holidays from the entire Garnish Team!


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