Halo Angels ✨

Calling all Angels…

Here at Garnish, we LOVE extensions. We love being able to give women the hair they have been dreaming of, and using extensions to do so. And while we specialize in semi-permanent methods of extensions, we also recognize that for some lifestyles that’s just not feasible. We also know that sometimes women want extensions for a particular event, or for special occasions, but not for an every day look.

Temporary Solutions with Versatility

Traditionally, the solution for those ladies is clip-in extensions, but we wanted to shed some light on our personal favorite temporary extension method—HALO Extensions.
Halos are bomb because they can be custom colored, custom cut, and are super easy to put on and take off. This means they work well for a lot of different women with many different looks. Longer halos can even be added into a low pony or braided, making them ideal for special events and wedding hair.

The versatility of halos is one of our favorite aspects. They come in several different lengths, layered, and balayaged, and they can also be custom colored in a variety of ways to perfectly blend with your hair.

The Best Part?

The best thing about Halo Extensions is that if they are well-cared for they can last for years. Depending on the frequency of wear (some women choose to wear them daily, while others choose to just wear them on special occasions), and the wash and style care taken, halos can last for quite a while making them definitely worth the investment. Halos can be washed and styled just like your natural hair, and often hold a style well enough to be worn up to
several times between washes.

Garnish Hair Extension Artist have got you covered!

If you’re interested in extensions, but aren’t ready for the commitment of semi-permanent methods, Halo Extensions are an amazing alternative. If you’re looking to add length, but your hair is already relatively thick, it’s even possible to wear two halos to achieve your hair goals. Garnish owner, Candice, wore two halos for months before she transitioned to NBR Extensions!

If you have any questions regarding Halo Extensions, if they are the right fit for you, and how they can help you achieve your goal look—give us a call or fill out an extension application. We would love to introduce you to this amazing temporary extension method.


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