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It’s behind the scenes time!

This time we’re taking you with us through the experience of our Team Photoshoot day. Once a year we make a point to take a day, come together as a team, and take some dope photos for our website.

We update our headshots, take team photos, and gather content to be used for our website and social media. This has become a tradition inside of Garnish and we have the best time every time we get together. It’s silly, it’s genuine, it’s organic, and we’re just really excited that this is something that we get to do as part of our job inside of the beauty industry.

Something we’re super proud of at Garnish is the culture we have created. We put a lot of thought and energy into how we want the vibe of the studio to feel. It’s part of why we share so much on social media.

We feel like people should see the real us. What we do, how we do it, why we do it and the type of dynamic that they’re going to be walking into as a guest. Our photoshoot captures the essence of Garnish and we hope you can feel the good energy every time you see one of our photos.

Check out our behind the scenes video to experience the fun!

Photographer: Kassy Snyder
Videographer: Tony Veritas




There’s something we do in the studio every single week, and it dates back to almost the very beginning of Garnish. It’s a practice that means a lot to us so we wanted to share it with all of you. We call it our “Tuesday Gratefuls” aka “Gratituesday.”

When Garnish first opened, it didn’t take long for Candice to realize something different was needed to really create the environment she desired. Each week the salon would open up, the stylists would get to work, and there would never really be a chance to connect or talk to anyone else on the team.

Garnish Hair Extension Education

At the time, Candice was investing in a lot of personal coaching and therapy, and she noticed a theme in her coaching sessions. “What was she most grateful for?” She did some research on gratitude and realized that it helps in pretty much every possible way. It reminds people that there’s something they can be thankful for, and gratitude is at the center of living a fulfilled life. She thought it was a bomb ass philosophy and she wanted to adopt it into Garnish.

Candice started incorporating 30 minute meetings at the beginning of each week. She wanted to focus on something that would take the center stage as the week began and carry through over the course of the work week. As we enter our sixth year in business, our 30 minute gratitude session is still something we look forward to every Tuesday.

It’s our time to connect as a team, talk about our weekends, discuss upcoming events, and truly practice gratitude. It gives everyone a sense of calm and helps them feel grounded as they move throughout the week. Not only has it made a difference for each team member, but it’s also helped us support one another. Often our “gratefuls” are centered around what’s going on in our lives and sometimes we dive pretty deep. When we know what’s going on in the lives of our team members it helps us foster an even better salon environment.

If you have a small business, we highly encourage you to try this practice out. There’s something truly profound about waking up and giving gratitude for everything you’ve got going on in your life. It changes your perspective and impacts how you move through the world.

What are you grateful for today?


Hair Extensions

We want to say Happy Valentine’s Day to all of the beautiful ladies that continue to come into our studio along with all the ladies that have not been into our studio yet (but are on their way!) Let us explain what “love is in the hair” means to us.

Our team spends all day every day working with people’s hair and hair extensions. One of the things that we see, especially as an extension salon, is women falling in love with themselves through the art of hair. Being able to witness women fall in love with themselves through the magic of hair extensions makes us feel like we’re doing a service that really makes a difference.

For a lot of women, we really connect with our hair because it’s part of our self identity. A lot of women associate their hair with beauty and confidence. If something happens to our hair, something happens to us. You can tell if someone’s having an amazing hair day or not just by how she carries herself.

Lucky for us, we get to witness even more amazing hair days because extensions make it so easy to look so good in such a short amount of time. I call this “being high maintenance to be low maintenance.”

It’s always our hope that coming in for your hair services is an enjoyable part of your day. We work really hard to ensure that the Garnish experience is exceeded every time and that you truly find that love through the art of hair that reminds you of why you invested in yourself and your hair extensions in the first place.

So a humongous thank you to all of our supporters and all of the women that have made “falling in love with themselves through the art of hair” their mantra for this Valentine’s day and beyond. We are so happy you’re a part of the Garnish community.


NBR Hair Extensions

If you follow the hair industry at all you may have noticed that hair extensions are having a moment. As a salon that specializes exclusively in extensions, we’re obviously pretty passionate about their place in the industry. So on the one hand it’s exciting that our niche is experiencing the spotlight. On the other hand, as a salon who specializes in extensions, we know just how much time, energy, and experience is involved in offering a high-quality extension service. Which is the part about extensions gaining popularity that makes us feel a little cautious. Not all extension brands and trainings were created equally.

For us, hair extensions are about changing women’s lives. Candice has been specializing in extensions for almost two decades. She has poured countless hours and money into certifications, advanced education, and most importantly, hands on practice. The entire culture of Garnish is built around offering the highest quality of service. And no matter what, for every guest, our focus is on how we can offer a solution through hair extensions that will change the way our guest feels about herself.

The popularity of hair extensions has come about for several reasons—some good, some less so. There are those stylists, like all of us at Garnish, who truly connect to the service and how it changes women’s lives. Then there are those who just see it as a way to bring in additional income due to the higher cost of extensions. There are also those who just want to be a part of the trend and post “pretty” before and afters on social media. We’re big believers that there’s room for everyone who wants to be able to offer the service of extensions; however, offering hair extensions with integrity is super important to us.

You can technically get certified in some methods of hair extensions in just a day, but just because you have a certificate from a company doesn’t mean you should just start offering the service right away. No matter what the method or brand, they all take time and practice to truly master. Putting in the time and energy to practice is absolutely vital with hair extensions because if not done properly, they can really do damage to someone’s hair. Even when you are still learning, you never want to compromise the integrity of the hair you’re working on. This is why it’s our practice to only begin performing an extension method on clients (even as models) after extensive practice on mannequins.

Through our NBR training we learned a method called “power practice” that all of our team members employ. Power practice consists of 15 minutes of intensive practice every single day. Our employees do this for several months before ever working on an actual client. We’re not looking for perfection, but confidence that you will not damage someone’s hair while performing the service. This is why it’s important to find an educational experience that not only certifies you but offers you a consistent platform of advanced, ongoing education—so you can get over any hiccups in learning and continue pouring into your craft.

Whether you were initially attracted to learning hair extensions because they are currently popular or because you were already passionate about them, we encourage you to be passionate about learning your craft so much so that you’re willing to put in the work to uphold the service.

We believe if we all have that mindset, everyone can win.



You may or may not know that in addition to being obsessed with transforming womens’ lives through the art of hair extensions, the Garnish team is also pretty obsessed with growth and goal setting.

It’s one of Candice’s passions and she’s cultivated an environment focused around growth. For the last three years Candice has chosen a word of the year to focus her next year around. At the end of each year as she reflects on the year to come, there’s always something that shows up. Once it appears, she recognizes that that’s where she should be focusing her energy.

Candice has found that if she puts all of her energy into making sure that every step that she takes is focused around this particular word for the year, that at the end of the year it really does show up that her life wrapped around it. Because this practice has been so significant for her individually, this year she decided to introduce the concept to the Garnish team. She asked the entire staff to dedicate the next year to a particular word.

Here’s what they each chose:

Candice – Manifest.

Niko – Fearless.

Amank – Disciplined.

Reece – Prepared.

Susan – Centered.

Sahar – Balanced.

Stephanie – Limitless.

Jennifer – Aligned.

If you’re noticing a couple of new names on the list, allow us to introduce you to our two newest team members. Stephanie is our lovely new part-time guest service team member who takes care of the front desk all day on Saturdays. Jennifer is our amazing helping hand. She manages our inventory, puts hair away, and pretty much just makes sure everything is flowing smoothly.

For everyone reading this, we encourage you to pick a word to represent your 2020.

Don’t put too much pressure on it or stress yourself out about it. Just choose a word that means something to you that you want to focus on this year. Manifestation doesn’t work under pressure, so you don’t want it to feel forceful. It’s just a simple reminder as you’re walking through your life that you should be focused on “X” because that’s what you want the outcome of the next year to be. If you want to talk more about your word (or ours!) we would love to chat during your next visit.

We love sharing about our goal setting practices and spreading our manifestation vibes!



We love to kick the year off with something special for both new friends and current friends.

This year we are launching the new year with “A Gift from Garnish: #ConfidenceOnTheGo.” If you saw our most recent YouTube video, we featured our Lead Stylist, Niko Jones, along with Jennifer Freeman, who started out as a guest, and has now become a part of our studio as our extra set of hands, so-to-speak. We wanted to give you some insight into these two women’s lives because of the impact wearing hair extensions has had on them and their day to day.

While yes, hair extensions give you length or volume, and transforms your hair—they also do so much more. Wearing extensions does something to the inside as well, bringing more confidence, and just making everything feel a little different. We wanted to shine some light on that aspect of hair extensions. In the video, both Niko and Jennifer share their stories.

We particularly wanted to feature Jennifer because as she transitioned from a guest into one of our team members we’ve gotten to know her on a deeper level and really see what hair extensions have done for her. As a single mom of four boys who manages a coffeeshop, Jennifer has pretty much always put herself last.

Choosing to come in and carve out time just for her was huge! Candice said, “She walks in the door with all this confidence and cute styles, and it’s clear she really just got lit up by adding hair extensions to her fine hair.”

A Free Extension Consultation, Our Gift to You!

We decided to offer free consultation vouchers to our current guests to inspire you to invite your friends to come in and experience Garnish. If you’re a current guest, we have tickets up at our front desk that can be personalized just for you. The voucher is good for a complimentary consultation that you can give out to someone you think would really benefit from wearing hair extensions.

The person in your life who really needs that extra dose of confidence on the go. We want to make it easy for you to give that gift to them. In exchange for bringing your friends into the Garnish family, we are offering $100 off your next full set of hair extensions for each friend who ends up actually getting hair extensions following their complimentary consultation.

This promotion will be going on through the end of February to really kick off 2020 right!

As always, we truly appreciate the support and love that we get from all of our guests. We couldn’t follow our dreams without you! Thank you all for everything that made up our 2019 and we can’t wait for more amazing hair and #ConfidenceOnTheGo in 2020!


Candice's Garnish Hair Extensions

All month we’ve been featuring each of our team members and their Garnish Love Story. We’ve shared their perspective on how they fell in love with Garnish alongside Candice’s perspective of how she knew they were the right fit to be a part of our space. To close out our love stories we wanted to share a little bit about how Garnish came to be and how Candice really fell in love with Garnish and how that love has shaped everything Garnish has become since its birth.

The root of Garnish began long before it actually had a space of its own. Candice never set out to own a salon, but when she found herself continuously experiencing hard times at other salons, it made her start to consider the possibility. After experiencing salons where the culture just wasn’t quite right, salons where she felt there was a lack of integrity, salons that just weren’t progressive, and then finally finding what she thought would be her salon home only for it to be unexpectedly closed, she realized she would have to create her own culture and environment in order to have a space where she could really feel comfortable.

The 2016 Garnish Recap

When that first began it was just a single salon suite of “one.” Candice was the only stylist and ran her salon suite with one other person—the assistant from the previous salon that had shut down. He helped her create a really great experience for her guests, and that’s what first started to establish the Garnish Experience. As she continued building her studio, she found that she had a knack for organization and creating processes. Then she hired a business coach and that’s when she really started to see that creating a salon of her own could become something great.

If you know anything about Candice you know that once she has a vision, she goes after it. As she began to cultivate the concept of a salon that could be a positive influence bringing stylists motivation, direction, and so much more, she began to look for actual spaces. As soon as she found the space Garnish is in now, she saw so much potential for what it could be. The natural light beaming in and filling the space gave her all the feels. She just knew that Garnish was going to be something really big.

The build out process took the next 6-8 months. Over that time period Candice emptied her 401k, took everything she had and poured it into this dream… and also at the same time found out she was having a baby. She was going through hiring and first trimester woes, but through it all felt like she had never felt about anything else before. When Garnish opened in August of 2014, it began with Candice and two other stylists who had said they wanted to work with her. And it has just continued to grow and evolve since. Now, she can’t imagine her life without Garnish beign a part of it.

Garnish has become not just a successful extensions salon, but it has also been a place of opportunity and growth for stylists. Candice has expanded from being exclusively behind the chair into training and education. Garnish is now becoming one of only 3 national host salons for Natural Beaded Rows Extension Education. She has shifted all of her energy into her true passion for changing the lives of women through the art of extensions, and creating amazing experiences. It is a hair salon, yes, but as so many people have found something inside of the space, it has become so much more than that.

Everyone that has come through the space, even those who are no longer in the space, have found something there. Whether they’ve discovered something new in themselves, found a path, or found alignment that has spun off into something amazing, it has been a place of change, growth, opportunity, and vision for everyone. When we asked Candice how she felt about everything Garnish has become, she said, “I am so honored to have been the founder and establisher of this kind of space.” The kind of space that positively impacts everyone who walks through its doors. The kind of space that has truly changed lives.

The love Candice has poured into Garnish has truly made it was it is today.


As the weather cools and dries out, your hair may start to look and feel a little different. No matter the season, having the right haircare products makes all the difference in the health of your hair and how it behaves. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite products for this time of year. Often as the weather transitions towards winter your hair will start to feel more dry, lose its shine, and feel less soft. All of the products on our list focus on hydration, softening, protection, and shine.

First up is Oribe’s Supershine leave-in moisturizer. As the name suggests, Supershine is ALL about adding shine to your hair. It achieves this by providing hydration, softening the hair, and sealing split ends. It can be used on wet hair (combed through for maximum moisture) or dry hair (as a smoothing finishing lotion), and is amazing for calming frizz, taming flyaways, and enhancing shine. It is amazing for extensions and also includes both UV and heat protectant.

Next up is a product that may seem a bit unusual. Oribe created a line of “power drops;” highly concentrated treatment serums that amp up certain effects when added to other styling products, while also being able to stand on their own. For the current autumn weather we recommend the Hydration & Anti-pollutant booster power drops.

They are deeply hydrating, seal in moisture, and protect against free radicals and moisture loss. Using these drops can also shield your hair from oxidation and damage caused by air pollutants. It includes hyaluronic acid, which if you’re familiar with skin care, is key for retaining moisture. They also enhance softness while restoring manageability. The best way to use them is either 5 drops in wet hair by itself or 2-3 drops mixed in with your favorite Oribe product.

When it comes to hydration, there is no better savior than Oribe’s Signature Moisture Mask. It can work well with any Oribe shampoo, but we love to pair it with the Signature Shampoo for super rich deep conditioning effects. We’ve chosen this product because it’s the perfect solution for the drier air outside. It restores moisture and softness leaving it super touchable.

It is also weightless so it can be used on all hair types and textures. In addition to the ultra rich hydration, the Signature Moisture Masque has reparative effects and preserves both your haircolor & keratin treatment. You use it as often as once a week in place of conditioner and should leave it on for at least 10 minutes, but it can really stay on as long as you’d like!

Don’t let the name of this one scare you away. Oribe’s Gel Serum is pure magic and nothing like a typical gel. It’s considered a “gel for flexible hold,” but it’s really more of a serum. You may be noticing a trend on this list—this product is also all about moisture and shine. It even has gold sparkles in it that illuminates the hair.

It provides a gorgeous, sophisticated hold with shine and absolutely none of the stiffness typically associated with gel. It’s both conditioning along with having styling agents. Altogether it’s pretty much liquid gold—anti-aging, moisturizing, reparative, provides great hold, great shine, and doesn’t weigh the hair down. Blown into the hair it leaves you with super shiny and very healthy looking locks.

Oribe - Garnish Hair Extensions

No Garnish product list would be complete without a curl-specific product. We’re pretty much obsessed with Oribe’s lightweight glossing gel, Curl Gloss, and it works amazing for both curly and straight hair. It can be used when you air dry your hair or it can be blow dried into the hair.

Either way it provides definition, memory, and hold. Like everything else on this list, Curl Gloss hydrates and softens, leaving your hair defined, but still touchable. It has anti-humidity agents, UV protection, and it protects both your color and keratin as well. In addition to all of these effects, it also adds shine and controls frizz—both super important for curly hair, especially in this weather.

If you haven’t already gathered from reading this list, the most important factor when choosing you fall haircare products is moisture! Your hair may still be recovering from damage from the Summer elements and paired with the current drier air it’s super easy for your hair to become dried out and brittle.

Focus on moisturizing, repairing, and protecting your hair and the health and shine will quickly return! If you ever need a personal recommendation for haircare products, be sure to ask your stylist!

Special thanks to our Oribe guru, Reece, for curating this list for you!


Hair Extensions

If you’ve been into the studio, or even perused our website, you know that we have an application process in order to become an extension guest at Garnish. It might seem crazy to have to apply to a hair salon to have hair extensions put in, but there’s actually a pretty thorough reasoning behind our process. We wanted to break this down for you so you could have a full picture view of why this is so important inside of our industry. Our application not only garners information from the applicant, but we’ve set it up to provide a ton of important preliminary information as well.

One of the most important aspects of having a great hair extension experience is understanding the investment. With both the financial investment and time investment being significant, we want to make sure that everyone is knowledgable about what it takes to get and maintain extensions.

We also want to ensure that they are a great candidate for the type of extensions that we offer, and that we are able to meet all of their expectations. It’s important to us that we’re all on the same page, and that we are a good fit for one another. As an extension guest, you will be spending a lot of time in our studio. We are in the business of building relationships and changing lives through the art of hair, and we want the entire process to go smoothly all around.

You don’t want to devote an hour of time to come in for a consultation if we can tell right away that you’re not a good candidate or we are not a good fit for what you’re looking to have done.

What makes you a good candidate for hair extensions?

A lot of women have unfortunately experienced hair loss brought on by various things—hormones, stress, vitamin/nutrient deficiencies, etc. Before we put extensions in we want to make sure the hair is in good condition. If you’re currently shedding hair, one of the worst things you can do is add semi-permanent extensions to your hair.

It’s important to us that before you invest both money and time, we understand if your hair loss has been diagnosed yet and if it’s still occuring so we can properly guide you to the best hair solution for you and your hair. We also ask a variety of other questions that help us determine if you’re a good candidate for hair extensions. We need to know if you’ve experienced any hair trauma, a bad hair color or haircut, or anything else that might pose a problem to you having a seamless blend with hair extensions.

Other important questions are if you’ve worn extensions before and what feedback you can provide from your past experience. We also ask about medication because some medications can contribute to hair loss. And finally, one of the most significant questions we ask is about your lifestyle. There’s a lot of activities that people engage in such as rock climbing, hot yoga, etc. that may not be the best fit for some of the methods that we offer. Learning about you helps us really sift through and make a well-informed decision on what will be the best fit for you as our professional recommendation.

It’s also absolutely vital to us that every guest is well-informed about the investment for every aspect of hair extensions. We want to make sure that you know everything that goes along with wearing extensions. The application helps us learn what’s important to you for your hair extensions experience, and allows us to manage expectations on both sides. Learning these details is something we can’t know just from looking at a photo. If we see something that is a red flag, we will reach out and let you know before you consider coming into the studio because we want you to be well-informed.

The final aspect of our application process is the photos. We ask you to upload a few pictures of yourself currently and your biggest inspirations. Together, these show us how much of a hair extension journey we are going to be on and how much hair we are going to have to apply. We can gain so much insight based on the photos you provide such as is your end goal realistic, or is it at least something we can grow into?

It also helps us determine if your hair needs will fit into something that we offer here in the studio.

From start to finish the application only takes about 10-15 minutes to fill out, and consultations are typically set up within the next week or so. We’ve cultivated this thorough process to ensure you have a great experience. We have such a high satisfaction rate inside of our studio and we believe it’s because of this application helping us and our clients sift through information and really set up the process to go smoothly.

If you’ve been considering hair extensions and have been wondering if you should fill out an application, we’d love to hear from you. Just click here to apply and we’ll be in touch soon!


NBR Hair Extensions

Spoiler Alert!

You may remember that last month we announced our upcoming YouTube Channel. It is now fully underway and our first videos will be launching in the next few weeks, so we wanted to take a moment to give you a more in-depth look at what content you can expect to see coming from our channel. There will be two separate series of videos debuting on our channel that address two completely different aspects of our business.
The first will be a series called, “Garnish Your Growth.”

These will be 10-15 minute long videos featuring a conversation between Candice and Niko encompassing a variety of topics related to both personal and business growth. Within these videos you can expect honesty, humor, and vulnerability as they speak with transparency about personal challenges along with difficulties that Garnish has encountered along our journey to becoming an extension-exclusive salon. These videos will be accessible to everyone, meaning you don’t need to be in the beauty industry to find them completely relatable.

The second series will be a tutorial-based collection. As a visual learner herself, Candice wanted to create a visual way to communicate how to make life with extensions a little smoother. We know that there are tons of hair tutorials on YouTube, which is why we are doing things a little differently. All of our videos will be catered directly to our extension guests and women who wear hair extensions. They will showcase what can show up for you when wearing hair extensions, particularly hand tied hair extensions. Hair extensions require everything from styling to shampooing to wearing up to be done a little differently than normal, so we wanted to be able to communicate these differences in a visual, easy to learn from way.

Our tutorials will be debuting twice per month, and we really want to ensure that we are creating content that best services you, our guests. We would love to hear from you about what topics you would like to see, and what you could use some help with when it comes to wearing hair extensions. As we create videos that address different topics, we hope to make the learning curve of hair extensions, particularly more intricate ones such as Crown Extensions, a little less steep. We truly hope for our YouTube channel to become an interactive space for you to communicate with us regarding how we can best serve you and your extensions experience.

In the meantime, make sure you are following us on social media and subscribed to our newsletter to ensure you get the most up-to-date information regarding the launch of our channel and the very first videos! If you haven’t already checked it out, we also invite you to watch our studio update where Candice and Niko dive deep into the behind-the-scenes of our transition over the past year. We look forward to hearing from you with all of your ideas, and creating amazing customized content just for you!


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