Tangle Free Fashion As we get into fall, many of us are excited to be pulling out our comfy, cozy cold-weather wear. Chunky sweaters with big cowl necks, hats, beanies, and toboggans, and eventually our warmest wool coats and scarves to keep us fashionable and warm. You’ve already been in to get your fall color […]

Bye Bye Summer

Sep 17, 2021

Each year, towards the end of fall, the Garnish Gang has what we call Garnish Game Day. Traditionally, we take the day to play games, hang out and bond with one another in a non-work atmosphere, and of course…. day drink. But with all that the last 12 months have thrown us, we wanted to […]

Grab your Extensions & #2 Pencils! Class is in session… As students across the country head back to school this month, our Garnish team is also taking some time to think about and focus on extension education. You may already know that Garnish is an education hub for stylists all over the US. Extension stylists […]

Pull out your bathing suits we are diving deep into our digital overhaul. We are committed to our paperless project and completing a comprehensive digital file for each of our guests. While we get each client file updated, we may ask you to come in for your appointment a little early to fill out digital […]

Beach Please

Jul 2, 2021

It is OFFICIALLY beach season, and while we love salt air and sand between our toes as much as the next basic chic, the difference between what we pack in our beach bag and what’s inside the beach bag of most might surprise you. Make room in your Bog Bag (right next to your White […]

Meet Liz… Our June Bombshell You could never tell by this photo, but our June bombshell, Liz was one of the hundreds of thousands of women whose confidence has been affected by hair loss. When Candice was consulting with her, she said that she has waited 18 years to do this for herself. A significant […]

Process, Journey, and Trust Alexis’ journey from surviving during a California lockdown to thriving in a market 2,500 miles away No one could have planned for a global pandemic. That kind of thing isn’t in the Hair Dresser Handbook (although, maybe it should be). So when Covid-19 shut down the US and all non-essential businesses […]

Summer Survival Guide: Hair Extensions Caring for summer hair is just as important as caring for summer skin, so In the midst of the summer heat, we wanted to bring you a quick Summer hair care guide for your hair extensions throughout the summer months. The sun, chlorine, ocean, and more can impact the health, […]

A Few Fresh Faces

May 14, 2021

You may have seen a few fresh faces in the studio recently! We are growing and have 3 new people in our space and would love your help rolling out the red carpet for Yael, Lilly, and Amanda! We are so excited to welcome them into the Garnish Family!! Be sure to join us over […]

Hello Gorgeous! We hope you all are safe and well. We wanted to peek in and share some super exciting news with you all. Candice Motley, owner of Garnish + Extension Educator, has been busy creating a very special 1:1 Immersive Shadowing experience called… This experience was designed for The Stylist or Salon Owner who […]

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