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When Plan B Bombs 💣

What happens when your Plan B gets completely axed? You get up and keep going. With the recent extension of the stay at home order along with the news

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BTS: Garnish Photoshoot

It’s behind the scenes time! This time we’re taking you with us through the experience of our Team Photoshoot day. Once a year we make a point to take

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Popularity vs Passion

If you follow the hair industry at all you may have noticed that hair extensions are having a moment. As a salon that specializes exclusively in extensions, we’re obviously

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Garnish Masters Manifestation

You may or may not know that in addition to being obsessed with transforming womens’ lives through the art of hair extensions, the Garnish team is also pretty obsessed

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Why Apply?

If you’ve been into the studio, or even perused our website, you know that we have an application process in order to become an extension guest at Garnish. It

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