Having the right products are key to maintaining y and extending the wear time of your hair extensions. While there are TONS of great products available for you to use, we have narrowed it down to three MUST have products to always have on hand for detangling, styling and polishing. These products are always available here in the studio or to order though our Oribe website.

The Best Hair Extension Products


Detangling your hair and extensions is the first line of defense to taking care and maintaining your rows. Oribe Run Through is the perfect detangling product. Its a leave-in conditioner that makes combing through your hair virtually effortless. Make sure when you use this or any detangling product that you are sectioning off hair and combing through every single day, and a couple of times a day if you have a tangle prone texture like curls. Unaddressed tangles can not only shorten the life of your extension wefts, but can ultimately damage your own hair as well.
Click Here to purchase, use Code garnishextensionstudio

The Best Hair Extension Products

styling & restyling

Proper protection from heat and external elements is key to maintaining the health of both your natural hair and extensions. We love Oribe Mystify because it is a spray on product that can be used on either wet or dry hair. You can use this as a prep on day one, freshly washed hair to blowdry and style or to restyle or freshen up your curls on the days between washes. This product dries super fast on dry hair and provides heat protection for both blow drying and heat styling with a curling or flat iron.
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The Best Hair Extension Products


Our scalps produce oils that help moisturize our natural hair, but unfortunately those essential oils don’t always make it to the ends of your hair, and rarely make it to your extensions at all. But because your extensions are human hair, they definitely need that same TLC to keep from becoming dry, brittle, and damaged. This is where Oribe Gold Lust, the ABSOLUTE must have product, comes in. This product adds amazing shine to your extension and natural hair ends where most damage lives. Gold lust adds the polish to your hair and is the perfect finishing product. But go easy with this. A little goes a long way!
Click Here to purchase, use Code garnishextensionstudio

When you have amazing hair, you want to care for it with amazing products. Be sure to grab your Power Trio the next time you are in the salon for a service or anytime online!


Spring Hair Trends

Its officially Spring!

Typically we like to feature the season’s current trends, but this year is a little different than any other Spring, so we wanted to make our trends a little different than our typical list. We’re bringing a little Spring energy into the current sitch!

First up, our number one favorite thing to wear right now is hair accessories. ALL the different hair accessories. This is especially perfect for those of you working virtually with Zoom meetings and FaceTime calls. Adding an accessory to your hair can immediately make you look more chic and put together even if it only took you three seconds.

Our TOP accessory right now is a big ass scrunchie. Candice found some of the biggest scrunchies at and is currently rocking them ALL. THE. TIME. Anthro’s hair accessories are so bomb (and they’re pretty much having a sale every day right now).

Also found at Anthro (but also everywhere else, too) is our next favorite accessory—scarves! Scarves are amazing for covering things up (like your roots or the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in a week or possibly even that your rows are getting a bit saggy). There’s big scarves that you can fold up and wear like a bandana and then there’s skinny string-like scarves that you just tie around ponies and braids.

Finally, and this might surprise you, but we LOVE a good clear rubber band. That might not seem like an accessory, but it allows you to do so many different things with your hair. It’s also a more discreet and dainty way to mix things up. They never pull, are easy to cut out, and can be used on the ends of pigtails, in the center of braids to help fluff the braid, for faux braids, and more. Click here to get yours!

Our next favorite trend is something new we’ve just discovered. Admittedly, we were a little skeptical at first, but Candice recently acquired one and we’re obsessed. We’re talking about the amazing Madison braid headband. It’s a braided headband made of hair that you slide on that makes it look like you have a crown braid!

Madison Hair Braids

Madison Hair Braids

You can order it in your hair color (we recommend going with the color on your ends to give a beautiful contrast and more reaslistic look). It’s a little bit shiny when it arrives so just give it a quick spray with dry shampoo and a little fluff and it’ll blend right in with your hair. It’s the perfect way to feel cute and look like you did something to your hair, without ACTUALLY having to do anything to your hair.

Which brings us to our third quarantine trend—braids!

If you’ve never been able to braid your hair or can’t do it well, this is the perfect time to watch some YouTube tutorials and practice, practice, practice! Braids are so great with extensions because it keeps your hair tied back and out of your face without putting any tension on the beads, while also looking super cute. If you’ve been looking for a quick little something to learn or improve on while stuck at home, 10/10 we recommend braiding as one of those things.

Check out a few of our favorite braid tutorials linked below:



Finally, we’re calling this a trend, but it’s pretty much a year-round staple—yep, we’re talking about the TOP KNOT. Top knots are perfect for both Springtime weather (hot days and rainy ones) and the current situation. Sometimes when you’re at home you just want your hair up and out of the way.

You’re working from home, chasing kiddos, cooking and cleaning, working out, binging your fave netflix show… and you just can’t deal with hair, too. Top knots can be paired with any of the accessories mentioned in our first trend, don’t ever go out of style, and are a cute way to discreetly hide your roots that may need to be done.

(And speaking of roots, if you’re currently distressed about your roots growing in or your glaze fading out we have Quarantine Color Kits available in our online shop. We’re shipping them out every Friday to ensure your hair is taken care of properly during this time even though we can’t have you in our chair).

Sending you all the Spring vibes and cute hair until we can see you again!

Make sure to tag us on instagram when you rock one of these trends!



We wanted to take a moment to talk a little bit about one of our specialties within our specialty. It’s something we’re super passionate about and we have poured a lot of time and energy into being well-educated when it comes to this area.

Of course we’re talking about TEXTURED hair extensions.

We pride ourselves on being really well versed with a lot of different hair textures, and it goes far beyond just curly or straight. There’s curly, there’s fluffy, there’s coils, there’s silky straight, there’s just a hint of a wave… the list goes on.

NBR Extensions

NBR Extensions

NBR Extensions

NBR Extensions

NBR Extensions

The texture is also what shape the hair is in. There’s different “finishes” of hair aka how the hair actually feels. You can have a rough finish on curly hair or you can have a silky finish on curly hair, and so on and so forth for different curl patterns. You can also have fine hair or thick hair in all different textures. There are so many different combinations that make each person’s head of hair unique. Which means that creating the perfect blend between someone’s natural hair and extension hair requires a lot of expertise.

It takes significant training and experience to be able to match textures when it comes to all of these different variables. Especially when you add in matching and blending the color at the same time. It’s why we pride ourselves on having such a diverse clientele that chooses us.

When it comes to the world of hair, extensions are already a niche within the industry. Specializing in a lot of different textures is essentially our niche within the extension niche. Extensions are already highly specialized, but there are even fewer salons and stylists that are well-versed in working with and blending different textures.
You may have read that Garnish recently became the east coast’s first and only training salon inside of Natural Beaded Rows extensions.

At the most recent training event, Candice hosted a private break out session for stylists looking for extra education in this category. Some of your fave team member’s were a part of the training as models for some of our most popular textures. Check out the photos below!

If you’re interested in finding out more about hair extensions that curl and respond to the weather just like your natural hair, click the link below! If you’re a hairstylist and you’re interested in learning more about diversity inside of hair extensions, make sure to follow us on social because we have a curly class in the works and will be announcing all the details soon!

We love working with different textures and we love to share the knowledge so other stylists can do the same! It’s so important to us that women with all different hair types can experience the world of hair extensions.


Hair Extensions

We want to say Happy Valentine’s Day to all of the beautiful ladies that continue to come into our studio along with all the ladies that have not been into our studio yet (but are on their way!) Let us explain what “love is in the hair” means to us.

Our team spends all day every day working with people’s hair and hair extensions. One of the things that we see, especially as an extension salon, is women falling in love with themselves through the art of hair. Being able to witness women fall in love with themselves through the magic of hair extensions makes us feel like we’re doing a service that really makes a difference.

For a lot of women, we really connect with our hair because it’s part of our self identity. A lot of women associate their hair with beauty and confidence. If something happens to our hair, something happens to us. You can tell if someone’s having an amazing hair day or not just by how she carries herself.

Lucky for us, we get to witness even more amazing hair days because extensions make it so easy to look so good in such a short amount of time. I call this “being high maintenance to be low maintenance.”

It’s always our hope that coming in for your hair services is an enjoyable part of your day. We work really hard to ensure that the Garnish experience is exceeded every time and that you truly find that love through the art of hair that reminds you of why you invested in yourself and your hair extensions in the first place.

So a humongous thank you to all of our supporters and all of the women that have made “falling in love with themselves through the art of hair” their mantra for this Valentine’s day and beyond. We are so happy you’re a part of the Garnish community.


NBR Hair Extensions

If you follow the hair industry at all you may have noticed that hair extensions are having a moment. As a salon that specializes exclusively in extensions, we’re obviously pretty passionate about their place in the industry. So on the one hand it’s exciting that our niche is experiencing the spotlight. On the other hand, as a salon who specializes in extensions, we know just how much time, energy, and experience is involved in offering a high-quality extension service. Which is the part about extensions gaining popularity that makes us feel a little cautious. Not all extension brands and trainings were created equally.

For us, hair extensions are about changing women’s lives. Candice has been specializing in extensions for almost two decades. She has poured countless hours and money into certifications, advanced education, and most importantly, hands on practice. The entire culture of Garnish is built around offering the highest quality of service. And no matter what, for every guest, our focus is on how we can offer a solution through hair extensions that will change the way our guest feels about herself.

The popularity of hair extensions has come about for several reasons—some good, some less so. There are those stylists, like all of us at Garnish, who truly connect to the service and how it changes women’s lives. Then there are those who just see it as a way to bring in additional income due to the higher cost of extensions. There are also those who just want to be a part of the trend and post “pretty” before and afters on social media. We’re big believers that there’s room for everyone who wants to be able to offer the service of extensions; however, offering hair extensions with integrity is super important to us.

You can technically get certified in some methods of hair extensions in just a day, but just because you have a certificate from a company doesn’t mean you should just start offering the service right away. No matter what the method or brand, they all take time and practice to truly master. Putting in the time and energy to practice is absolutely vital with hair extensions because if not done properly, they can really do damage to someone’s hair. Even when you are still learning, you never want to compromise the integrity of the hair you’re working on. This is why it’s our practice to only begin performing an extension method on clients (even as models) after extensive practice on mannequins.

Through our NBR training we learned a method called “power practice” that all of our team members employ. Power practice consists of 15 minutes of intensive practice every single day. Our employees do this for several months before ever working on an actual client. We’re not looking for perfection, but confidence that you will not damage someone’s hair while performing the service. This is why it’s important to find an educational experience that not only certifies you but offers you a consistent platform of advanced, ongoing education—so you can get over any hiccups in learning and continue pouring into your craft.

Whether you were initially attracted to learning hair extensions because they are currently popular or because you were already passionate about them, we encourage you to be passionate about learning your craft so much so that you’re willing to put in the work to uphold the service.

We believe if we all have that mindset, everyone can win.



We did some research, checked out all of our fave celebs, and have come up with some of this year’s biggest upcoming trends to share with all of you!

Big Bang Energy!


One of last year’s hottest trends was all about bangs. We hated to say goodbye to this trend because we were just falling in love, but after a little bit of research, we’re happy to see that they’re not going anywhere! There’s usually a particular style of fringe that is more on trend at a particular time. This year we’re so excited because bangs of all shapes, sizes and forms are going to show up. We’re seeing super blunt bangs, baby bangs, pixie bangs, bardot curtain bangs, and more. Adding fringe to your look makes it trendy and modern while also adding softness around the face. It’s also the perfect way to update your look or change up your style while keeping your length and fullness. And if you’re going for something a little more dainty, you can do a sideswept bang or curtain bang that almost looks already grown out when you get it cut. Your bangs can be as bold or as subtle as you like—either way you’re on trend in 2020!



The next trend of the year is what’s known as the “French Girl Bob.” We especially love this one because it works perfectly with hair extensions. A lot of women simply don’t have enough hair to create the thick, blunt lines of a bob haircut. Just one row can thicken up your hair enough to create that super modern, edgy look. We find that this is just a really cool look with one row of NBR extensions. The single row isn’t too thick, but allows for that super straight edge along the bottom. Our favorite aspect of this year’s “french girl bob” is that the length is customizable. It can be all the way from chin length all the way down to the collar bone.


Last year was all about a middle part, but this year you’ll be seeing a lot more deep, edgy, sideswept parts. This look is characterized by sweeping a lot of the hair to one side or the other. We’ve seen this look in the past, but typically with some puff and froth on top. The 2020 version of this look will be much sleeker and shinier.

We’re so excited that the trend for embracing texture is continuing into this new year. It’s a little bit more smooth than the wild boho looks that have been popular recently. Summer of 2019 texture was beach waves and messiness. This year’s texture is a little more structured, where you might still have curls in the hair, but instead of loose and boho and wild and free, there’s more form to it. Tightly coiled curls will appear with more structure, or they will be stretched out and loosened up a bit.
Our final observation for 2020’s hair trends is that the classic blowout is back!

But with a twist of course. The classic blowout features a sleek, full, rounded look. It’s full and big, with not a lot of curl, but also not bone straight. This year’s twist is almost a throwback to an 80’s look, but instead of having all the fullness on top, there’s more fullness on the bottom.

We’d love to know what you think about these new trends! Which ones are you going to try first? Drop a comment below and let us know.


Short Hair Extensions - Garnish Hair Extensions

When you think of hair extensions, you probably picture long, thick hair. Maybe even celebrity style mermaid hair. You may even think hair extensions aren’t for you because your hair is too short or too fine or long hair isn’t something you’re remotely interested in having. We wanted to shine some light on a few of our recent SHORT HAIR extension transformations to show you just how versatile they can be.

The reality is—you can do almost anything with hair extensions at almost any length—with the right artist and realistic expectations. Here at Garnish we have been able to turn a carefully selected pixie into a bob, fill in and give volume to a bob with very fragile sides, and create a really beautiful short modern shag style. If you’ve ever doubted that extensions can be added to your short hair, chances are they can be! Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean a long length can be achieved—it’s still all about the blend—but volume and some length can completely change your look even and especially with shorter hair.

Through our personal experience at Garnish, we’ve found that adding volume through hair extensions can almost be like an instant fountain of youth. If you have a hair style or haircut that you really like, making it a little fuller and adding more volume in specific places can make all the difference and really transform the end result. It may even be something that you don’t realize how much of a difference it will make until you experience it. (Make sure to check out our transformation photos to see what we mean!)
We wanted to share a couple of personal short hair stories with you in case you’re a short-haired babe wondering if hair extensions are possible for you.

Our first guest came into the studio just looking for something different. Her hair was super dark and fine and she pretty much ignored it other than to just keeping slapping on the same dark color. This badass business babe owns a major construction and roofing company and had fallen into the same habit so many entrepreneurs and business owners do—ignoring her own needs as she hustled for her business. She told us that one day she looked up and realized she didn’t love what she sees in the mirror.

First up was a Color Revamp to lighten everything up. Candice formulated her new look to be a beautiful almost bronde that would complement her skin tone. Next up was the extension transformation. Candice added a Crown extension on the top for volume, and 2 shorter rows of NBR Extensions underneath. The two aspects (color and extensions) came together to create a more youthful, soft, and vibrant look. You could see the change just pouring out of her as she saw her new look.

The second client spotlight is someone who came to Garnish not really knowing what she needed, just knowing she wanted to look amazing for her wedding. She was in the process of trying to return her hair to it’s natural color from being lightened, and it was overall “fine,” but she just knew something needed to change. She didn’t have enough for an updo, but still wanted it to look sexy and amazing for her wedding day.

Hair Extensions

After evaluating her hair, Candice knew that despite the fact that it was pretty short and some of the layers were a little choppy, she could create something really beautiful. They started by updating her color to look subtle and natural. Then they added three rows that had been customized for her specific curl/body wave. Just looking at her before photo, you may have thought she wouldn’t have been a great candidate for extensions, but her before and after photos are breathtaking.

She left absolutely ecstatic about her new look. Stay tuned for wedding pictures coming soon…

If you’re a short-haired gal and you actually LOVE having short hair, but wish it would be fuller, or hold a style better, or there’s a specific cut you’ve always wished for, but could never achieve (such as a blunt bob that requires a certain amount of thickness to really work), hair extensions may be the solution you didn’t even know you needed.

Head on over to our application page to get started. Your dream hair is just a click away.


Even though the temperatures have yet to drop here in North Carolina, we are still eagerly awaiting the upcoming season change. Our love for Fall runs deep and we particularly love the different ways we can style our extensions in the cooler weather. We wanted to share with you some of our favorite Fall inspo—from cuts to styles to accessories—that you can rock this upcoming Autumn.

If you follow us on social media you may have seen our “Fringe Feature” from a few weeks ago. We’re kind of obsessed with adding fringe to your haircut, but we particularly love it because it’s a small change that make you feel a big difference. If you’ve been rocking the same style for a while, but you’re ready to do something a little different, adding bangs to your look is the perfect way to mix things up.

NBR Hair Extensions Fall Hair Trends 2019

There are so many different variations of fringe from side swept bangs to micro fringe aka baby bangs to one of our faves—that parted in the middle, intentionally grown out, brushing your cheekbones fringe. While we love a good fringe on anyone, we think it’s the perfect addition to hair extensions for a couple of different reasons. For one thing, when you’re wearing this really big beautiful ponytail, having fringe adds style to your look. It also shows off your color and gives you some face framing without having to wear your hair completely down. If you’ve been wearing extensions for a while, now is definitely the time to consider a fringe!

Next up on our list of fall inspo is almost the opposite of our typical Summer look (those messy, beachy waves). This Fall we expect to see a whole lot of satiny, sleek looks. Especially for our longgg extension wearing ladies. From the long sleek ponies to wearing it parted down the center, straight hair is in for the upcoming season. We’re going to be seeing that 70s inspired center-parted look in an updated way this Fall. You know the one—blown out with a little bit of natural volume, but still sleek and shiny ends. We love this look because even though there’s no movement from texture, the hair still moves so beautifully! If you need assistance with styling your hair extensions straight, let us know!

NBR Hair Extensions Fall Hair Trends 2019

Finally, the third upcoming Fall trend that we are so excited for is HAIR ACCESSORIES! You’re going to be seeing barettes of all kinds, scarves of all colors, and fall-inspired big brimmed hats. We’ve seen a ton of hats with feathers in the currently debuting fashion, and can’t wait for alll the fall hat days. We’ve also been seeing head scarves worn in different ways and are so ready to incorporate the look in with our hair extensions.

NBR Hair Extensions Fall Hair Trends 2019

Our new fave is definitely winding a scarf into our extensions braid. This makes your big fluffy NBR braid even fuller and adds such a cute, trendy look to it. We’re also in love with the idea of combining the two—scarves with hats. Wearing a scarf in your hair peeking out from under your fave felt fall hat—we’re all heart eyes over here. Can we also have a moment for how far barettes have come since when we were small?? If you haven’t seen the latest in fall hair accessories, definitely check out Anthro, free people, and even Etsy for some of the cutest barrettes, scarves, and headbands you’ve ever seen.

If you can’t tell—we’re anxiously awaiting the temperature drops so we can get in on all of these Fall trends! And if you’re interested in the fashion side of the upcoming season, check out today’s post on as she shares her personal obsession with the season and her recent scouting of what’s gonna be HOT this Autumn.



We are in the midst of award season with this past weekend’s Grammy Awards as the latest edition. Awards shows always bring a great fashion spectacle, from gowns to makeup to glamorous hairstyles.

We all love to watch to see what the current trends are, and this year there is one particular trend that we are LOVING. You all know how much the Garnish team loves curls (as so many of us are curlies), and we were thrilled to see so many stars rocking their natural curls on the red carpet and the Grammy’s stage.

We’re all about hair health and loving your own curl pattern, and it’s great to see celebrities showing the world that every texture of curl can be glamorous and beautiful.
Check out some of our favorite curly looks from the red carpet.



Alessia Cara

Aleesia Cara



Erika Ender

Erika Ender

Kimberly Schlapman

Kim Schlapman

As, you know, we love Curls here at Garnish Hair Studio + Extension Bar! If you’re ready to rock your curls and need some help styling, revitalizing, or just want to know the best curl product for your particular curl pattern, give us a call! We can set you up for a consultation with one of our stylists, or walk you through a great curl regimen. Stay tuned for our upcoming Valentine’s Blog about the all new Davines “LOVE” Curl Line.


2018 Hair Trends

New Year, New 2018 Hair Trends!

The Garnish gang got together and talked about what we thought would be the upcoming #hairtrends in 2018 and here’s what we’re prettyyy sure you’re going to see a lot of in the upcoming year.

1. Lived in Top Knots

hair trends 2018
Did you catch our blog post on lived-in hair and why it’s one of our favorite hair trends? The lived-in look is not going anywhere, and top knots have officially joined braids and waves as an acceptable messy look. Top knots are super easy and cute while still being functional, so of course, we love them.

2. Rich Colors with Subtle Dimension

2018 hair trends
Highlighted hair and Dimensional hair CAN look very different, and we think subtle dimension is about to be all the rage. No more super light ‘lights… We’re anticipating that rich chocolates and beautiful auburns are going to take over the haircolor scene in 2018.

3. Middle Parts with Tousled Texture

Not everyone can pull off a middle part, and not everyone wants to, but for those that can and do… 2018 is going to be all about ‘em. Particularly when paired with tousled texture that makes the middle part look so effortless and amazing. We know it feels like late 90’s hair is back, and maybe it is.. There’s nothing wrong with a good throwback trend!

4. Haircuts that are Get-Up-&-Go

2018 hair trends
A great haircut cannot be understated, and going along with the lived-in hair look, we are loving the haircuts that are so perfect for your hair texture and style that you can just get up and do the quickest styling sesh ever (optional) and then run out the door. When the cute cut IS the style… you’re definitely winning the hair game.

5. A Focus on Healthy Hair

2018 hair trends
Over the past few months we’ve noticed a trend that we foresee continuing all the way through 2018. Women are ready to really focus on restoring the health of their hair if it’s been damaged, or to maintain their healthy hair. Healthy hair means committing to a healthy color process (even if that means it takes 6 months to go blonde), and using quality products (that won’t buildup or damage your hair further).

Healthy hair means more gorgeous, shiny, amazing hair in 2018!

Which trend are you most looking forward to in 2018?


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