Oribe’s Amazing…seriously!

Have you ever purchased a product, brought it home, tried it out, and it was just… a HUGE let down? It didn’t do what it was supposed to, it was basically a waste of money, and now it’s just going to sit on a shelf or in the cabinet underneath your sink and collect dust. As you already know, Garnish is committed to using exclusively the best that our industry has to offer. We believe that this is how we are able to provide the highest quality of service along with the best value to YOU. While we did love many aspects of our previous product lines, we knew there was something even better out there that we could bring to you that would really deliver for your hair needs.

Introducing… ORIBE

When we first tested out the Oribe line to bring into the studio, we fell immediately in love. Not just with the signature Cote d’Azur scent that is so heavenly, but in the feel of the product, and just how effective each individual product was. Once we got to know the line even more there were several different qualities that made the decision clear.

First, every Oribe product includes the Signature Complex. The Oribe Signature Complex consists of Watermelon, Lychee, and Edelweiss Flower Extracts which defend the hair from oxidative stress, photoaging, and the deterioration of natural keratin. It also protects the hair from drying, damaging, and color-depleting elements. Essentially this means that every product consists of a complex that protects your hair and keeps it healthy. Beyond that, Oribe sources only the highest quality ingredients and rigorously formulated and tested each product to create an exceptional end result.

Oribe Hair Supplies - Garnish Extension Studio

Next, we learned that each product can stand alone individually, which is amazing, but they can also be layered on top of one another for added benefits. This means the possibilities are limitless when it comes to meeting your hair needs and helping you achieve your ideal health and style. Oribe works its absolute best when it is used as a system. Beginning with shampoo and conditioner, a leave-in or styling product that goes in wet, and then a finishing product at the end. The entire line of styling products includes heat protectant so you don’t need to have a separate heat protectant product on your shelf.

Finally, the ultimate goal of haircare products is that they target specific hair problems or needs, and actually fulfill what they say they are going to do in terms of addressing those problems or needs. It’s easy to fall in love with Oribe because each product is designed for a specific purpose, and it actually DOES what it says it’s going to do. The reparative line actually has reparative effects, the moisture and control line leaves your curls the best they’ve ever been, and the beautiful color line will protect and preserve your hair color. The line is expansive, which can be overwhelming when you glance at the shelf, but it really means that no matter what your hair needs are, there is more than likely a product designed just for you to meet those needs.

Together with our new product prescription system, we are able to give you the perfect formula for your hair that will provide the most effective benefits and leave your hair looking and feeling amazing. If you don’t already have an appointment scheduled in the studio, give us a call or stop by and speak to one of our stylists about your haircare needs. We, and ORIBE, are here for you!


Summer Hair Is Here

It’s officially that time of year… whether you’re headed to the beach, pool, or lake, there’s definitely going to be sun and water involved. While all the Summer activities are a ton of fun, they can also take a toll on your hair, which is why we’ve created this guide to saving your locks throughout the season. The sun and water can affect your color, texture, and the health of your hair. We’ve gathered together a list of the must-haves to survive the Summer with your beautiful color maintained and your shine intact.

1. Leave-in Conditioner/Detangler

If there’s ONE action you take to help your hair this Summer it should be to invest in a leave-in spray. Whenver you know you are going to go swimming, you should dampen your hair and spray it thoroughly with a leave-in conditioner or detangler. This coats your hair strands and fills in the porosity, which keeps whatever type of water you jump into from soaking into your hair. Leave-in conditioners are also great to spritz into your hair post-shampooing out whatever body of water you chose to swim through. This will help keep your hair hydrated and soft throughout the Summer.

Faves: KM Un.Tangled, R+Co One or Pinstripe, Davines DeDe, O&M Know Knott

2. Detox Treatments

If you do choose to spend a lot of your Summer in the ocean or pool, you’re definitely going to want to detox your hair every once in a while. Detoxes can come in the form of shampoos or masks and they work by removing unwanted build up from your hair. This is particularly good for swimming because both salt water and chlorine like to cling to your hair, and if left in your hair will suck alllll of the moisture out of it. While detox shampoos are great for deep cleansing your hair—if you have a glaze or demi color, detox shampoos can fade it slightly, so just be cautious and talk to your stylist about which detox would work best for you.

Faves: KM Maxi Wash, Davines The Detox Circle Mask, O&M Original Detox Shampoo & Conditioner

3. Hydration

A bit vague, we know, but hydration can come in many forms. If your hair tends on the drier/coarser side to begin with, you’re probably already familiar with hydration products. If it’s the sun and waves that are drying you out and you need a replenishment of moisture, we’ve got you covered. You can use a leave-in moisturizer, a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, moisture masks, and even some styling products to reintroduce moisture into your locks. Hydration is so important during the Summer as the heat, sun, and water can all contribute to dried out and frizzy hair.

Faves: KM Hydrate-Me Wash & Rinse, R+Co High Dive, Davines Renaissance Circle Mask, and O&M’s Hydrate & Conquer Shampoo & Conditioner, and Seven Day Miracle Moisture Mask

We know how much fun the pool and the beach are whether you’re soaking up the sun or splashing in the water, but being the hair-health obsessed gang that we are, we’ve got to keep your hair looking great all Summer long. If you need help figuring out the best combo for your hair needs and Summer plans… just let us know and we’ll hook you up with a personalized prescription!


The Magic of Hair Primers

Here at Garnish you know we LOVE to give you our favorite tips and tricks to make your hair look as amazing as it possibly can. While brainstorming fave tips to tell you about next, it hit us that there is a best kept secret in the beauty industry: PRIMERS.

What are Hair Primers?

If you’re into makeup at all you probably know all about face primer. There are tons of different face primers that all offer different benefits, but their underlying purpose is still the same.

They improve your makeup application, and how your makeup works. Hair primers are the exact same. They can come in the form of shampoo and conditioner, masks, prep sprays, and heat protectants, but they all have the same purpose. Ensuring your hair is in the best possible condition to improve the efficacy of your other products. If this concept is new to you, then allow us to tell you all about how adding just one priming product into your hair care routine can completely change the game.

Hair Primer: The WASH

Prep shampoos and conditioners can come in different forms. Having a quality shampoo and conditioner that provides what your hair needs is a great foundation in general, however, there are certain ones designed specifically to prep your hair for styling. Davines’ Your Hair Assistant Prep Shampoo’s main purpose is gently removing residue from styling products and natural elements to provide a clean slate.

The Prep Conditioners that go along with it hydrate and detangle, to leave the hair in great condition for however you plan to style it. We also include co-washes in this category. Co-wash is a gentle cleanser that conditions while washing. It’s perfect in-between full shampoos and gets the hair to a great balance of clean and conditioned without having to do a full shampoo/conditioner process.

Some of our fave co-washes are Kevin Murphy’s Re.Store, Davines’ LOVE Curl Cleansing Cream, and R+Co’s Analog Foaming Cleanser. The final product we’ll mention in this section is R+Co’s Palm Springs Pre-Shampoo Treatment Mask.

It’s a super versatile product that provides a burst of nourishment and hydration for damaged, colored, or dry hair. It can be used on dry hair before shampooing, as a traditional mask between shampoo and conditioner, and as a super-hydrating co-wash. For hair that needs a little extra nourishment, this can be just what it needs to be properly “prepped” for styling.

Hair Primer: The SPRAYS

The great thing about prep sprays and primers is that they are lightweight enough to be used on every hair type and texture, and still provide amazing benefits. They add hydration (all hair can use a little bit of hydrating), even out porosity (which smooths the hair strands and allows a more even application of other products), reduce frizz, and add shine.

We love Davines’ DEDE Hair Mist because it’s such a delicate leave-in that it’s great for damaged or fine hair. R+Co’s One Prep spray is bomb because it can literally benefit every hair type and texture in some way because one of it’s main focuses is balancing out the hair’s moisture and porosity.

And Davines’ Your Hair Assistant Blowdry Primer works to smooth, add body, and speed up drying time. All three of these sprays help provide a great base for any other products you choose to use to style your hair whether you let it dry naturally or blow it out.

Also in the spray category is Davines’ Melu Heat Protectant. Melu is great because it pairs really well with another prep product. It is designed specifically to protect your hair from the heat of a blow dryer or hot tools, so added to one of the aforementioned prep sprays creates the perfect base for heat styling.

If you’re interested in knowing which primer will best assist your hair and the efficacy of your other hair products talk to your stylist next time you’re in the studio or give us a call. We love helping you find the perfect solution to your hair needs!


Calling all Curlies!

We’ve officially found your hair’s Valentine! And how perfect that her name is LOVE. The Davines LOVE Curl Line has been revamped, reformulated, and now includes even more options for your particular curl pattern. We wanted to introduce (or reintroduce) you to the different products that make up the line and how they can enhance your curls.

Let’s be real… curly hair is totally different than other hair textures, which is why we think it’s so cool that Davines created a line specifically designed to make curls happy. The line is designed to nourish, improve elasticity (which brings out the best in your natural curl pattern), and improve manageability and shine. Let’s meet the LOVE fam.

LOVE Shampoo

Getting your hair to behave the way you want requires a great foundation. Even if you have a bomb styling product, if it’s being layered atop a less than ideal shampoo and conditioner, your hair is likely not going to respond exactly how you want it to. The LOVE shampoo utilizes almond extract to hydrate without impacting the structure of your hair. Like the rest of the line, it enhances volume and shine while taming frizz.

LOVE Conditioner

If shampoo is the frame of a good foundation, the conditioner is what seals the frame together to create a solid base. The LOVE conditioner is designed to follow up the shampoo with a dose of vitamins and proteins. Vitamins B and E provide deep nourishment to the curls, along with having soothing effects. Healthy nourished hair means the best curls of your life.

LOVE Cleansing Cream

A Curl Line would be incomplete without a co-wash aka cleansing cream in its lineup. Co-wash is great for curlies because it cleanses and conditions at the same time, often providing intense hydration. Co-wash is great to use in between full shampoos.

LOVE Hair Mask

Most hair masks are designed for either hydration or repairing, and often both. The LOVE Curl Mask restores your hair’s natural hydration while softening and smoothing your curls. This means less tangles, less frizz, and improved workability.

LOVE Curl Primer

The first step post-shampoo. The Curl Primer works great paired alongside another curl product as it quite literally primes the hair to enhance the productivity of the next product. It works as a detangler, conditions, and de-frizzes, while also providing heat protection and anti-humidity qualities.

LOVE Curl Cream

The revamped original Curl styler from LOVE. Curl Cream is a lightweight cream that is worked into curls for definition. It leaves curls soft and shiny rather than crunchy or weighed down. It also includes heat protectant to protect your curls.

LOVE Curl Controller

A slightly stronger cream than the above curl cream, the Curl Controller utilizes Vitamins B and E for elasticity and smoothness. It provides Curl definition even in high-humidity (so necessary in NC), heat protection, and controlled volume.

LOVE Curl Revitalizer

Day two curls can be a whole different ballgame than fresh from the shower curls and that’s exactly what the Revitalizer was designed to solve. Misted onto dry curls, it re-invigorates your curl definition, providing hold and frizz-control. The hold and control are balanced out by vitamins and proteins for softness and elasticity.

Bonus LOVE

And last, while not a direct member of the LOVE crew, we can’t talk curls without mentioning, “This is a Curl Building Serum.” A salon favorite (of stylists and guests), the serum adds elasticity (which we know means enhancing your curls), improves shine, while de-frizzing and prepping for anti-humidity. Curl Building Serum pairs great with the Curl Primer and can also be used as a blowout serum for blowing curly or wavy hair out straight.

We LOVE that Davines created this line to solve the unique concerns of curlies everywhere. While moisturizing and smoothing products can be awesome for curls, they don’t always fill all of the needs of curly hair.

The Davines Line is designed exclusively for curls, making it extra fab at solving every curl concern you could imagine. If you need help figuring out the right combination for your particular curl or wave pattern, stop by the studio or give us a call. We love to talk curly hair and we really enjoy being able to help you revitalize, improve, and LOVE your curls.


Do you believe in magic?

Meet Opalex.

If you’re a beauty fiend or follow hair trends you have probably already heard of the magic that is Olaplex. Real talk: sometimes technology can be a pain, but sometimes it provides a much needed solution. Olaplex is one such solution. First and foremost, Olaplex is a bond rebuilder, which is game-changing in terms of hair health and hair color. Understanding exactly what Olaplex does requires getting a bit science-y so bear with me.

The strands of your hair are naturally made up of bonds. Imagine two links on a jewelry chain. The bonds can be damaged or broken via chemical such as color or lightener, thermal such as the blow dryer or curling iron, and mechanical such as ponytails and brushes. Imagine what a bracelet would look like if one of the links were bent or broken.

Broken bonds means your hair loses strength, making it more susceptible to damage aka allowing pieces to break off more easily. It can also mean that your hair doesn’t respond as well to product and styling tools as healthy hair would. Olaplex acts like your jeweler, seeking out the damaged and broken bonds and repairing them. It does this by finding two broken bonds and rejoining them together, creating once more a healthy disulfide bond.

This means your hair is literally being rebuilt and restrengthened. How cool is that?!

Healthy hair is much happier hair. The result of an Olaplex treatment is smoother, softer hair. When the bonds are rebuilt hair color applies more evenly, and when Olaplex is applied alongside color it can mitigate the damage that might be caused as it happens. It’s like taking vitamins when you start feeling sick. It strengthens and rebuilds as the breakdown occurs. While Olaplex is amazing for all types of hair, it has extra special benefits for curlies and wavies.

Curly hair has more disulfide bonds than straight hair (it has to do with the curves and angles allowing for more bonds to squish together), and when the bonds of curly hair are broken, the curl pattern changes. If you have curly or wavy hair and you’ve ever damaged your hair in ANY way then you’ve experienced a change in your curls. Olaplex revitalizes curls and restores your natural curl pattern.

Olaplex can be done as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with a haircut or color appointment. It is made up of a two step process with an optional third step that can be done at home instead of in-salon. Step one is particularly designed to work alongside color or lightener, preventing the damage as it would happen.

Step two is designed to follow back through and continue the rebuild process without having to work against anything else. Both steps are necessary to achieve maximum results from the treatment. Step three is like the mini-me to step two. It provides the same benefits at a slightly less potent formula. Olaplex is often mis-labeled as a conditioning treatment, but it’s actually a reparative treatment that has nothing to do with moisture (like most conditioning treatments).

All three steps are targeted at rebuilding the bonds of your hair and creating the best possible hair environment for everything else (color, products, styling, etc) to work.


New Product Alert

New Product R+Co Line at Garnish

At Garnish we are constantly committed to bringing you the best of the best—we stay educated on new trends and skills, we utilize leading industry techniques and methods, and we are always looking for the highest quality brands to partner with. We would like to introduce you to our newest product line, R+Co, and we promise, it will be love at first sight. The R+Co line is made up of some of the coolest packaging around, products that are functional for your daily life, and actually, do what they say they’re going to do, and at right around $30 or less per product, it’s got amazing bang for your buck.

Check it Out:

Brand: R+Co was created by a collective of hairstylists who wanted to change the idea that your hair can’t look “just left the salon” quality at home as well. With a combined century of hairdressing experience, they pooled their knowledge to collaborate on a line of products that could be used for the simplest style or the wildest editorial look. Their collection consists of a variety of stylists ranging from young new talents to legendary superstars. They believe in looking at the industry as a whole and catering to the needs of the stylists (which, by extension, means the stylists’ clients) to create a line that works for a variety of hair needs.

New Product R+Co Line at Garnish

Each Product is about an Experience!

Products: The packaging and fragrances were designed to enhance that experience and evoke a feeling, place, style, or attitude. You can tell just by looking at the bottle or tube what the product is meant to do. Everything is formulated without parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, and petrolatum. They are all vegetarian, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and color-safe. Many are also UV protective.

Each product is designed so that it can stand on its own providing incredible benefits or be layered with other products to create a multi-faceted look. The line also focuses on hair and scalp health, utilizing natural extracts, vitamins, and complexes to achieve beautiful results that are constantly improving and maintaining the health of your hair.

We are ecstatic that R+Co has joined Garnish, and we’re certain it will deliver the amazing styling ease and health benefits that all of our product lines are known for. Stay tuned for upcoming product reviews, tips and tricks, and more R+Co knowledge!

If you’re not already following us on Instagram, we post product knowledge every few days for ALL of our brands.

Next time you visit, don’t forget to ask your stylist all about R+Co!


The first stylist to introduce me to hair oil told me it was every curly/wavy girl’s best friend. Textured hair of all kinds tends to live on the dryer side, and be more prone to frizz. Hair oil moisturizes and smoothes, and thus counteracts two of the main curly girl concerns. When you add lightened hair into the mix, oil becomes even more important, as lightened hair is even more dry and less smooth than normal textured hair.

I recently tested out the entire Oi line on my hair for three weeks and am here to give you my thoughts on all four products.

My hair: Wavy, Lightened, styled with heat often
Length of time using Oi products: 3 consecutive weeks

Oi Shampoo:

My favorite thing about using Oi Shampoo is that it lathers really nicely. As a member of the Dirty Hair Club, and someone who typically uses sulfate-free shampoos, using a shampoo that lathers in dirty hair on the first scrub is pretty cool. The scent has a bit of citrus mixed into a very natural vanilla (as opposed to a sweet vanilla), and it’s light enough that you only really smell it while shampooing (as opposed to some shampoos that linger in your hair throughout the day). It’s highly concentrated, so you really only need a quarter size of shampoo, and because it lathers, if you’re a double cleanser, you can skip the second shampoo with no problem.

Oi Conditioner:

If you have ever used a hair mask before, Oi Conditioner feels more like the density of a mask than your average conditioner. It’s thick, but it spreads easily enough and really coats your hair. Like I do with all conditioner, I left this on for approximately 2-5 minutes before rinsing. Towel dried hair felt silky smooth, as if a silkening product had already been applied. I must admit, despite being a product junkie, a shampoo/conditioner that has some styling effects built in is one of my favorite things. I love a multi-tasking product.

Oi All in One Milk:

This product is a blend of all of my favorite things, so I had high hopes for it. It’s essentially a blend of oil, detangler, and leave-in conditioner, WITH heat protectant qualities as well. It silkens the hair (as the entire Oi line does), and has the same natural smell as the Oi Shampoo. It doesn’t feel like it would add weight to your hair (indeed it’s intended not to), and spreads in your hair fairly well, but when I diffused my waves after using the Shampoo, Conditioner, and Milk, it weighed them down a little. The entire line contains Roucou oil, and thus each of the products was adding the same oil to my hair. My hair is still pretty short (just longer than chin length) and I have larger beachy waves. The weight from all three oil products would probably have been amazing in my hair when it was much longer, or in heavier curls that need that extra weight and conditioning, but it was just a little too much altogether for my current hair situation.

Oi Oil:

As someone who has used oil in wet hair, dry hair, as a blowout product, to reduce frizz on day two diffused hair, etc… I really love hair oil. My favorite thing about the Oi is that it feels light and silky and has a very soft scent. I used it alongside my normal blow out balm to blow out my hair and it worked just as well as my usual oil (which, admittedly, is rather an expensive one). I think for my particular wave pattern, the Oi Oil is a better fit than the Oi Milk.

Overall, I enjoyed the Oi line of products. It’s great for anyone in need of smoothing and frizz reduction, particularly curlies. If you use the entire line together, there is a possibility of your hair getting weighed down if it’s a more delicate wave or curl pattern, but sometimes, that might be what you’re looking for anyway.

After using the line for a few weeks I already plan to recommend it to my mom who has the same big waves as I do, but even coarser texture.

Final conclusion: The Oi Line is definitely “Worth the Splurge.” For more details about what makes Oi work the way it does, check out our blog post about the Oi Family here.<


Blonde Bombshells NEED Shimmer.Me Blonde

Warm weather is officially here and that means it’s time to go lighter for the Summer! If lighter for you means blonde or blonder, Kevin Murphy has got your blonde locks covered with all kinds of BLONDES ONLY products (hey, BLONDE.ANGEL). The newest edition to this exclusive collection is called SHIMMER.ME BLONDE.

You may be familiar with her older sister, SHIMMER.SHINE, and while they have a lot of the same qualities (like literal glitter flakes in the formula) SHIMMER.ME BLONDE has some extra special features specifically for blonde babes.

Why is Shimmer.Me Blonde extra special?

First and foremost, SHIMMER.ME BLONDE is a shine treatment, however, it is also stock full of goodies for your hair’s health. The treatment is restorative, replacing moisture in your hair and increasing softness. If you’ve ever lightened your hair before you’re probably familiar with the way your hair feels a little different post-lightening process.

SHIMMER.ME BLONDE addresses this, replenishing what your hair has lost through a series of key natural ingredients. First, they use a combination of Australian fruit extracts which increase gloss and smoothness. Next, it includes Babassu Oil which provides nutrients essential to the shine and strength of your hair, along with offering protection against heat and other elements.

The next ingredient is Bamboo Extract, restoring shine and strength while increasing manageability. Finally, it utilizes Soy Bean Oil which also softens and smoothes the hair. Each of these ingredients fuse together to improve the strength, feel, and shine of your hair.

Shimmer.Me Blonde Best + Brightest

The best part is that SHIMMER. ME BLONDE not only makes your hair feel great, it also includes color enhancers and optical brighteners aka tinting your hair like a subtle purple shampoo would, keeping out yellow and gold tones, and brightening your blonde or silver hair. (Yes, that’s right silver-haired mamas, this treatment is great for your gorgeous greys, too!)

Shimmer.Me Blonde Bestis

If you’re not already convinced that SHIMMER.ME BLONDE is your summer hair’s BFF, consider this:

It’s SUPER simple to use.

Give it a twirl (not shake) to get the glitter swirling.
Apply to damp hair starting at the ends and working upwards.
Style as usual whether you air dry or dry and style.

Ta-da! Beautifully blonde locks that every chick on the beach will be jealous of. #winning


Despite the fact that we live in North Carolina where “winter weather” can mean anything from actually cold enough for a coat and boots to t-shirt weather… the winter months means drier air, (mostly) cooler temps, and the dreaded static increase. All of these affect your hair, which is why you might notice your hair getting drier, frizzier, and more split ends appearing.

For some folks, just switching to a more hydrating conditioner can solve the problem, but for any hair that is thicker, textured, or tends towards the drier side already a hair MASQUE might be required. Hair masques (or masks) can target various hair needs, and can be used to increase hydration, rebuild proteins, and reintroduce vitamins and nutrients to damaged and over processed hair.

If the winter weather curse of dullness has struck your hair, here are a few masks you can check out that might break the spell and revitalize your locks!

1. KEVIN.MURPHY — Hydrate-Me.Masque
This masque is specifically designed to improve moisture in your hair which in turn will reduce frizz. This masque is best for coarse and/or colored hair.

2. KEVIN.MURPHY — Angel.Masque
This masque was created for all of the fine-haired ladies whose hair needs strengthening and thickening. It is exceptionally good for fine colored hair.

3. Original Mineral — Seven Day Miracle Masque
This unique blend of Australian oils is designed to deeply nourish and reduce frizz, while strengthening the hair. It also softens and silkens the hair. Amaze!

4. Davines — NouNou Hair Mask
NouNou specifically targets highly processed or brittle hair, replenishing the needed moisture along with softening without weighing the hair down.

5. Davines — Minu Hair Mask
Minu replenishes moisture for colored hair, while also increasing silkiness. It is designed to be lightweight and preserve color.

If you’re not sure if your hair needs a masque, or you can’t decide which would work best for your hair type—ask your stylist! They would love to suggest a treatment for you, along with how frequently to use the masque for best results. Goodbye DRY, Hello SILK.


Meet all your Hair Needs with Oi

Finding a versatile hair product that meets multiple needs can be quite the challenge. Falling for Oi was super easy because of the variability of the line by Davines. We have fallen head over heels with this product family. Oi basically specializes in #hairgoals. It focuses on softness, shine, and body. The main ingredient is Roucou oil—an oil derived from the seeds of an Amazonian fruit. Roucou stimulates the production of melanin (essentially your hair’s natural color so AKA keeps the grey away) along with lending antioxidant properties that protect against UV radiation (sun can damage your hair just like it damages your skin). This main ingredient double tasks as well as the product line itself, also minimizing frizz, detangling, and smoothing. Oi also works to accelerate the drying process of hair while simultaneously protecting from heat damage. Whew, this stuff is working HARD. Check out our Curly Girls Gallery to see it at work!

Spotlighting Oi Milk—This is basically the best leave in conditioner with which you have ever blessed your hair. Softness. Shine. Detangling. Frizz control. Body without weight. Moisture. Heat protection. Memory (aka longer lasting style). This stuff is EVERYTHING.

The final piece of the Oi fam is the Oi Beautifying Potion. Calling all curly girls and textured hair ladies: this is the dream oil. Worked into damp hair it defrizzes as you dry. Applied to the lengths and ends of already dry hair it adds shine and promotes softness.



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