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When Bethanne finished her chemo treatments for breast cancer, she knew that getting the confidence that the grueling treatments had taken from her. Namly she wanted beautiful hair back. Take a look at Bethanne’s story and join us in sending her all the love for continued health!

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions


Hair Extensions


birthday hair extensions


When you’ve realized that neglected yourself because of a global pandemic and it’s your 30th birthday, you reward yourself with a road trip from your home in Florida to North Carolina for some R&R with bae.

That’s exactly what Charlene did. And we are so thrilled that Garnish was on her list of places to go! Charlene’s hair extensions are a Mot fave! Check out her mega hair extensions transformation!

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions



Garnish Crowns Extensions for Thinning Hair

a thinning hair solution!

Marsha came to Garnish 3 years ago as a last ditch effort to find a solution to her thinning hair. She had tried everything from wigs, to pills to regrow her hair, to extensions that looked anything but natural. Feeling defeated, she reached out for a consultation with Mot, after seeing an Instagram post, to see if there was anything that the Garnish team could do.

Garnish Crowns Extensions for Thinning Hair

Garnish Crowns Extensions for Thinning Hair

Behind the curtain, Mot discussed all of the options to address Marsha’s thinning hair, which was especially thin on top, where regular hand tied extensions couldn’t help. At Candice’s suggestion, Marsha decided to go with a crown extension (to give her a full top of head look) in addition to two rows of NBR for fullness and volume.

The result is AMAZING and Marsha is a client for life. Why? Because our team took the time to listen and care about Marsha’s problem and make suggestions that would fit into her lifestyle.

Garnish Crowns Extensions for Thinning Hair

You can go anywhere for pretty hair, but the feeling that you get from sitting in one of the Garnish chairs, can’t be duplicated. We take the time to get to know about our clients’ lives, and routines so that the hair, color, and style we suggest not only looks amazing, but is attainable and MAINTAINABLE for each guest.

If your story sounds like Marsha’s and you are looking for a team that can help your exterior shine as brightly as your interior, schedule a consultation so we can give you the best options for your unique situation.

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Garnish Hair Extensions

If you’ve seen us post about a Color Revamp or perhaps even read our previous blog post breaking down all the deets here, you may be asking yourself if YOU need a Color Revamp. First up, if you missed our previous post you’re probably wondering what a Revamp even is. If you haven’t heard the term before in any other salons it’s probably because Candice came up with it when she felt like “Corrective Color” didn’t quite feel right for what we offer.

Corrective color suggests that there’s something “wrong” with the current color. What we’ve found most often is that when women come in for hair extensions there’s nothing “wrong” with their color, but they are also not completely in love with it either. We’re big believers that if you’re going to invest time, energy, and money to extend and volumize what you already have then it should be a color and texture that you absolutely love. You can’t extend or enhance anything that’s just…meh.

With that thought process in mind, the concept of a Revamp seemed the perfect solution. At Garnish we offer two different types of Revamp—a Mini and a Full. Both services are priced at a flat rate and encompass absolutely everything needed to get you from your current color to the color of your dreams.

First up, let’s talk Minis.

The Mini Revamp includes everything you need to take your color into a new direction without completely changing into a different color. For example, if you’re already blonde, but you’re a golden blonde that tends to turn brassy and your goal is an ashier blonde—you’re the perfect candidate for a mini. Oftentimes, particularly for blondes, a highlight/lowlight just isn’t quite enough to achieve your ideal look.

The tone is super important as well as the perfect blend with your hair extensions. We opted to create a flat rate for this service—$450—because a lot of different steps need to be taken and the individual pricing can add up. With a set price, you know up front exactly what you will be investing in this new color. Revamps can include color, highlights, lowlights, toning between foils, toning after, multiple toners, clear gloss, olaplex, root smudges, and more.

If your hair goals are a little more complex such as going from blonde to brunette or vice versa, you are probably in need of a Full Color Revamp. A full revamp is essentially any transformation that requires every strand to be colored in some way. The process can be pretty involved and you are usually spending most of your day (around 5 to 6 hours) in the salon. We also have a flat rate for this service—$600—because so many intricate steps need to take place to achieve your color the right way.

Color Revamps are such a vital aspect of our transformation process because we want to ensure you LOVE your color before extending it. We would always rather take the time up front to perfect your color before you invest into adding hair extensions. It’s even something of a superpower for our studio—how deeply we value the process of perfecting your hair prior to the actual extensions.

We consider everything from the color and texture to how it will bring out your eye color and complement your skin tone.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of our Color Revamps is the end goal of achieving a lower maintenance color. What this means is that while the revamp itself is an investment up front, the look we are creating will allow your color maintenance to be significantly less.

We’re all about “lived in color,” and while it may take a little more to achieve that desired look, it will completely change the way you see color maintenance.
So if you’ve been considering hair extensions, but you’re just “okay” with your haircolor. Or if you just haven’t quite been able to achieve your color goals—A Color Revamp is probably for you. We discuss your color in detail as well as extensions during your consultation. The first step is filling out an application here.

Let’s get started on achieving the hair of your dreams!


Garnish Hair Extensions

We talk a lot about “The Garnish Experience” because it’s such a vital part of our business. It’s important to us to not only deliver on amazing hair, but to ensure the entire process is a great experience. From the moment you walk in the door (and honestly, even before that, when you find us online) to the moment you leave with your transformation complete we want you to be wowed by the experience.

Not only have we spent countless hours training to become highly skilled in our craft, but we have taken the time to perfect our business practices, create a welcoming environment, and have made a point to pay attention to even the smallest details.

It means the world to us when our guests feel so strongly about their experience that they tell their friends or write us a review. We know that hearing from a business about how they intend for an experience to be doesn’t always mean it feels that way to their clients. That’s why we wanted to share with you some recent reviews from our clients who loved their Garnish Experience. Don’t just take our word for it—take theirs!

Harlee Rowe

Have you ever had an idea of exactly what you wanted your hair to look like…but no one was ever able to achieve that full effect for you? Well, the team at Garnish will not only meet those expectations, but exceed them to the fullest. I have nothing but positive things to say about this place. The care, effort, training, and pure genuine happiness that radiates from this place is unbelievable. I had thought about getting extensions for years.

I was always hesitant, and then finally made the decision one day to go to a different salon and different stylist to receive keratin fused extensions. After 3 months I was very unhappy with my decision for a multitude of reasons that we wont get into… even down to the professionalism of the other salon and realized I should have done more research before pursuing this path. Then I came across Garnish, and had my consult with Candice. I quickly realized the level of knowledge that has poured into this place is drastically different from my prior experience. I had the NBR extensions placed, and they completely feel like my real hair.

It is just insane. My friend quoted the other day “You honestly have the texture and color of hair that every girl dreams of.” Invest in yourself. Invest in your confidence. Let the team at Garnish help you achieve that. Basically what I am saying is….Where is Tyra Banks at? Because I feel like a damn super model ever morning I wake up. *snaps* mic drop.

Connie Mish

Garnish Hair Extensions

I cannot say enough how impressed I am by the consultation I had with Candice. They got me in quickly to remove my tape in tabs that I previously had. I am beyond excited to experience this transformation!

UPDATE: Sept. ‘19 WOW. Hands down the absolute best color I have ever had in my life. I never thought I could find a stylist/visionary who could truly get the brass out. The water here is brutal too but everyone comments on how clean my color looks and how healthy my hair looks. I can easily (no mirror, on the fly) put my hair completely up without a worry.

Garnish Hair Extensions

My husband says that the color and extensions are hands down the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. I agree!

Jamie T

For the gals out there that are debating if this is for you…I consider myself fairly “low-maintenance”, like the kinda girl who gets her hair cut once a year and maybe dyed once a year. Two of my friends had gotten extensions at Garnish and looked fabulous. My hair has never been something I love about myself…just blah, so I decided to take the leap and try it.

The day before my consultation I almost cancelled, again “up-keep” was not in my personal routine vocabulary but I figured the consultation was minimal commitment so I kept it. Y’all…ohmygosh…this is not a hair salon it’s like a meditation room, therapist office, and good vibe tribe all in one. Garnish is filled with such positive energy, passionate people, striving to do their best work, using hair has their tool to instill confidence in all of their clients. The positive energy i soaked in during my consultation visit was worth the consultation fee alone.

Now let’s talk hair…

I asked Candice to make me an ashy blonde. I had asked others to attempt this on before and they never came close (part of why I gave up on dying my hair). Candice came up with a plan for my hair and when I came back and had my row put in I felt the most confident I have in years. I sometimes feel guilty about spending $ on myself, this was no different, but I knew when I got home and my boyfriend who knew the investment this was and is more frugal than Dave Ramsey only had one comment “Damn baby, you look good” I knew that it was totally worth it!

As for being “high-maintenance” I had it all wrong. My hair is actually lower maintenance with the extensions in than without because I’m no longer having to wake up and figure out what to do with my limp thin, hair. You wash your hair less with extensions, therefore less drying. Basically wake up..a few wraps around the curling wand and you are off. So if you are on the fence about this…girl, jump off that thing, your best hair and the best team is waiting for you at Garnish.


Hair Extensions

There’s one question we get asked far more than any other questions when it comes to hair extensions.

The number one thing everyone wants (and needs) to know is what exactly is the ACTUAL investment of hair extensions.

We’ve found that there’s not a lot of information out there that really breaks down the cost of quality hair extensions, so we wanted to go ahead and lay it all out there for you. We never want anyone to feel like they don’t understand what’s involved or they aren’t prepared for both the time and cost commitment of hair extensions.

Before we break down the numbers, we wanted to talk a little bit about investment. Like so many things, hair extensions can range in quality in many ways. The quality of the hair itself, the quality of the method, along with the quality of the actual installment can all make a huge difference in both your experience and the cost of extensions. Here at Garnish, we have chosen to only work with the top brands within the industry of hair extensions.

Each brand that we work with guarantees the premium quality of their hair and is one of a few methods we consider to be the safest, most comfortable, and most natural looking. When it comes to the installment of extensions, the experience of your stylist is extremely important.

Hair Extension Investment

Our owner, Candice, has spent over a decade devoting countless hours and thousands of dollars into education for every method, honing her skills, and becoming truly expert level. Each of our stylists is committed to learning and growing in the same way, both from Candice in the studio and from external classes. Continuing education is vital within the hair industry in general, but especially in the growing world of hair extensions.

Hand-tied Hair Extensions

Hand-tied Hair Extensions

In addition to the quality of extensions, an important aspect of your investment in hair extensions is the time involved. For our studio, that means beginning with an in-person consultation, the time of your extension application, along with the time for your maintenance appointments. Our consultations are typically around 45 minutes. In addition to answering some questions that help us guide the rest of your consult, this time allows you to understand the details of extensions, really figure out what’s going to be the right fit for you, and answer any questions you might have. We consider this an absolutely vital step to your extension experience.

When you come in for your extensions application, there are typically one of two things happening. Either you have a color you already love and you’re just receiving extensions, or you’re getting a color revamp prior to your extension application. The color portion takes on average 2-3 hours, but if you are receiving a corrective color it could take longer. Your initial extension application averages between 1-3 hours depending on the method, amount of hair, and the stylist applying your extensions.

To ensure a great experience with hair extensions, you absolutely must commit to properly maintaining your extensions. Most methods require maintenance at around 6-8 weeks, give or take a week depending on your hair needs and hair growth. Each maintenance appointment takes on average 1-3 hours depending on the method, amount of hair, and the stylist performing your maintenance service. During your consultation, you can get a more accurate estimate of time for your particular services.
Alright, let’s dive in to the part you’re really here for—the financial investment of hair extensions.

curly hair extensions

When it comes to estimating the cost, it can be difficult to provide an accurate range due to how many factors can influence the price. The method of extensions, amount of hair, length of hair, texture of hair, and even color of the hair can alter the cost of the extensions. This is why extension stylists are so hesitant to give a quote or even ballpark prior to having an in-person consultation.

Here’s our best summary of the cost of extensions based on some general assumptions.

1. Looking to add volume, but not length, with average length of hair. For most methods that we offer, this is going to be somewhere around $1,200-$2,000. For example, this would be one row of NBR extensions.

2. Looking to add volume, and some length. This category can range a little more and will typically fall into the $1,800-$3,000 range. Most often when looking for volume and length, even if it’s not a signficant length difference, more hair is needed. Typically, this would be two rows of NBR extensions.

3. Looking for major volume and all the length aka bombshell hair. When long, luscious hair is your goal, the cost of investment is typically going to start around $3,000 and go up from there. This would be three rows of NBR extensions.

4. When you’re looking to address thinning, hair loss, or an area of concern, typically you will be in need of a Crown Extension. The cost of a crown extension can range quite a bit based on how customized it needs to be, but the average cost is going to be somewhere between $2,000-$3,500.

From our studio, every extension quote includes the actual extension hair, application of your extensions, custom color of the extensions, the blending cut, style, and 2 week follow up appointment. Any color to your natural hair is not included in your extensions quote.

The cost of maintenance varies based on the method of extensions, amount of hair, and the stylist’s level. Most methods start around $100. NBR extensions begin at $150 and go up from there based on the number of rows and stylist’s certification level. The quote you receive during your consultation will also include the cost of maintenance for your particular hair extensions. There’s also a feature of NBR Extensions worth mentioning in relation to investment.

Typically with hair extensions you invest in a full set, wear it for 3-6 months, and then get a whole new set. With NBR we have the ability to replace wefts of hair without replacing the entire set. What this looks like is at your maintenance appointment, you would add new hair (replacing the pieces in the worst condition), which revitalizes your set of extensions and extends the longevity of your full set. We have had guests go 9 months to up to a year before having to purchase a full new set just by strategically adding new pieces of hair along the way.

nbr hair extensions

nbr hair extensions

One last thing to note when it comes to the cost of hair extensions. Each of our stylists brings a different level of experience, expertise, and style to their extension services. We have a level system that differentiates these aspects, which also means each of our stylists has slightly different pricing. As the owner and extension expert, Candice’s pricing is going to be the most investment. We know that everyone has a different beauty budget and we want them to feel confident in choosing one of our other stylists for their transformation.

Our Creative Director, Niko, brings incredible artistry and attention to detail to her extension transformations. Our New Talent Stylist, Reece, does amazing extension maintenance services, and is currently completing his full transformation training. No matter whose chair you sit in, the Garnish Experience remains the same—our commitment to the highest quality of service and artistry is a studio standard.

If you have ANY questions about hair extensions, the investments required, or our process, please give us a call at (919)793-4008 or shoot us an email at


NBR Hair Extensions

What’s a Color Revamp?

You’ve seen us talking about it on Social Media, and you’ve seen the before and after photos of our beautiful transformations, but what are we actually talking about when we say “She got a Color Revamp.” We wanted to shine some light on what that means and why it’s such an integral part of our hair extensions process.

Essentially, a Color Revamp is the transformation from where your hair color currently is to where you want it to be. When you fill out an application to become a Garnish guest, we ask for two current photos of you along with two inspiration photos. Your inspo photos are what we look at to see if we can achieve your goals all in one shot. It’s absolutely vital that you LOVE your hair color prior to adding extensions, so we consider achieving your color goals to be the first step in your hair extensions journey.

Whether you end up needing a Full Color Revamp or a Mini Color Revamp (more on the distinction in a moment), we have two goals in mind. First-achieve as close to your color goals as possible while, Second-maintaining the health and integrity of your hair throughout the process. This may mean you need highlights, color all over, both highlights AND color, glazing, shadow rooting, and more.

NBR Hair Extensions

We also utilize Olaplex in pretty much every Color Revamp service. Olaplex rebuilds the bonds of your hair and works to keep your hair healthy and strong—so necessary when undergoing the multi-level processes of a Color Revamp. We also take pride in ensuring that your end result will be one that you totally fall in love with. This means we take your inspiraton photos, but also consider your skin tone, eye color, and face shape to determine what color will best suit YOU. Our stylists will pinpoint the key elements of your inspiration photos and use that to design your perfect hair color.

A Full Color Revamp means every strand of hair on your head has something done to it. We most often work with blondes, brunettes, and somewhere in between (aka bronde) and all of these colors have the tendency to get brassy really quickly or become too blended together. A Full Revamp is typically going from one color to a completely different color or tone. We utilize intentionally placed color to achieve this, and it requires a lot of detail work to do so.

For this reason, we offer this service under a flat rate cost. Achieving a modern look (such as the Pinterest inspo photos we typically receive), means a lot more work than just your standard highlight. If you want your hair to look modern, lived-in, and intentional, a multi-step process is absolutely necessary. Our goal is to get you as close to your inspo photos as possible in one shot, while also providing longevity to your hair color. Typically a Full Color Revamp appointment takes 4-5 hours.

A Mini Color Revamp is typically just changing the tone and placement, while maintaining the same hair color. We’re still coloring the majority of the hair, but are working inside the same color family. Often this process is a little more subtle—adding money pieces, pops of color—and is ultimately working to make your color more beautiful, refreshed, shiny and intentional. Even a slight shift may require more work than meets the eye, so typically our Mini Revamp takes about 3 hours.

Color Revamps go hand-in-hand with hair extensions, because as we say so often, we cannot extend what you feel lukewarm about! If you come to us already loving your color and texture, then you’re in a good place to add hair extensions. However, we cannot guarantee that you’re going to fall in love with your extensions, if we’re extending something you’re already not in love with. We prioritize getting your color to exactly where you want it to be prior to adding extensions, so that once your additional hair is added, it’s your COMPLETE hair dream instead of just fuller and/or longer hair.

If you’re ready to get started on your hair extensions journey, apply here. We can’t wait to Revamp your color and give you the hair of your dreams!


Hair Extensions

We love bringing you behind the scenes and shedding some light on the important aspects of our business. Particularly ones that are not talked about often. Today we wanted to introduce you to the hair that makes up hair extensions and talk a little bit about the particular lines of hair that we work with and why we’ve chosen them.

You already know that we take great care in choosing only the best of the best for every brand we work with. From our haircare products to our color lines to the extension methods we utilize, we ensure that we can guarantee the quality of everything we offer to our guests. The hair that we use for our hair extensions is no exception.

When we first began offering NBR Extensions as a method, there was only one main distributor for hand-tied hair extensions—Bohyme. (If you would like to read more about hand-tied hair extensions, check out this blog post (link to hand-tied extension post).) As extension methods that utilized hand-tied hair have become increasingly popular, some challenges arose with Bohyme’s distribution. Other stylists experienced problems with the quality of the hair.

Thankfully, we never experienced the same things at Garnish, but it made us aware that there were potential concerns. They also began running out of certain colors. While this definitely made us up our custom hair color game, it also made ordering the correct hair more difficult.

Some Major Players in the Hair Extension World

Luckily, there were some major players in the extension world who were taking note of the need for more high-quality hand-tied hair. These new lines have been under development for quite some time and we are honored to have played a role in their creation. The first new hand-tied hair brand that we have recently brought into the studio is none other than ISLA, created by Natural Beaded Rows themselves.

NBR realized that if it wanted to stay at the top of the extension game, they would need to be able to always guarantee the quality of the hair associated with their brand. The best way to ensure quality control is to offer the product personally, so that’s what they did. During the development of ISLA, NBR reached out to select salons such as Garnish to receive feedback about colors, textures, and more. We are proud to offer the entire line of ISLA hair. ISLA is also an exclusive brand, meaning you have to be a part of the BMS program with NBR to be able to order ISLA hair. The exclusivity helps guarantee that every color and texture will remain in stock at all times.

The second new hand-tied hair line that we’ve brought into the studio is Covet & Mane. We absolutely love Covet & Mane because they focused on something super important to us—different textures and curl patterns. Covet & Mane also included Garnish in the testing process of their brand, receiving feedback from Candice and Niko regarding the wearability of their curly extensions, how their extension hair received color, and other details regarding the quality of the hair. Having such a personal relationship with these brands has allowed us to truly know where our hair is coming from and guarantee that it is ethically sourced and of the highest possible quality.

Utilizing three different brands of hand-tied hair has provided a vast collection of options for our guests. No matter what hair color, texture, curl pattern or length you might be looking for, we are able to create your dream hair.

We are so excited to be able to introduce you to both ISLA and Covet & Mane and can’t wait to turn their hair extensions into your hair goals. What are you waiting for? Apply now to experience your own Garnish Extension Transformation.


Hair Extension Training - Levels Up

Here at Garnish, we value education as one of the most important aspects of being an industry leading stylist and salon. This means we dedicate time to our education in a variety of different ways throughout the week and month. Each week we have our Academy, and each of our Academy members sets aside time to learn and practice. Every team member participates in “power practice” which is 15 minutes of dedicated hands-on practice every single day.

And we set aside time as a team each month for either business/personal growth education or skills-specific education. Well, guess what? Starting in the new year, we’ve added one more weekly training to our schedules.

Introducing… Level Up Wednesdays

If you’ve been following Garnish’s evolution into an extension-focused salon, you know that we have added a few new team members over the past several months. With new team members alongside our academy, we decided to create a program to help elevate our entire team and get everyone on the same page in terms of extension services. Every single one of our team members has committed to setting aside this time to train as a team and focus on becoming elite extension specialists.

Our goal is to ensure that whenever you come into Garnish, you will be able to receive a service with any of our stylists and will experience the same level of training and skill no matter whose chair you sit in. As we have chosen to delve deeper into our specialty, we truly believe that every one of our stylists should be able to provide each of our services. This facilitates not only our team based environment, but also allows you, our guests, more flexibility in terms of scheduling and budget (as our stylists continue to work on a level-based system).

While our services may have shifted slightly, it’s important to us that the Garnish Experience never waver. We have chosen to dedicate this time on Wednesdays to ensure that every team member is up to speed on the different methods that we offer, removals for each method, applications for each method, and even what we call “quick fixes” for each method as extensions have a way of occasionally needing a little tweak between tidy-up appointments.

We will be sharing some behind the scenes peeks into our trainings through our Instagram Stories every Wednesday, so if you’re not already following us on Instagram, hit us up. We look forward to sharing our Level Up Experience with you!


Hair Extensions

There’s something inherently refreshing about the New Year, and new hair for that matter!

Even if you don’t subscribe to the traditional “Resolutions” we often find ourselves wanting to start fresh, set new goals, and move forward differently.

Here at Garnish we believe that goals are a year-long thing, but we still take time to write down a whole new set at the new year. This desire to start fresh can manifest itself in different ways—cleaning and reorganizing the whole house, starting new health practices, or even changing your whole look.

We love this innate connection between the beginning of a year and setting yourself on the path to looking and feeling your best. Psychologically, hair plays a huge role in how we see ourselves. It’s why we change our hair throughout our lives, trying on different colors, cuts, and styles.

It’s why it’s so painful to us when our hair doesn’t look the way we wish it did, or when it changes due to health issues, aging, or pregnancy. This connection is also why we all here at Garnish feel so passionate about hair extensions. It’s an unfortunate truth that we don’t all automatically love our hair as is. In fact, most of us would change something about it if we could, whether it’s the length, texture, or volume.

As we each are on our own journey towards self-love and self-confidence, we have discovered that if there’s something you know will make you feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror—then you should go for it. Feeling good about yourself is something so powerful that it can create a positive ripple effect throughout your entire life.

It contributes to your confidence, to how you communicate, and even to how you interact with others. And if your hair is your thing… the one that your eyes go to every time you look in the mirror… the one you’ve been aching to change for so long… then know that there is a solution for you. We have been blessed to be a part of transforming so many women through the art of hair extensions, and it’s because we’ve seen it work so many times that we know it’s a possibility for you, too.

If you’ve been considering your 2019 goals, and feeling better about yourself, feeling more confident, and truly loving the woman in the mirror are at the top of your list, then what are you waiting for?

We have a simple process for beginning your hair journey here at Garnish, and it begins with applying here.

Once we receive your application, our guest service team will reach out to invite you into the studio for an in-depth consultation so we can help you find the best possible solution to create your ideal vision for your hair. We would love the opportunity to facilitate your 2019 self-love goals, and can’t wait to meet you soon.

Much love,
The Garnish Team


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Hang Out with Us on Instagram


monthly hair affirmation

repeat after me: I am worthy of the very best in life, and I now lovingly allow myself to accept it.