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Hello Garnish Guests,

After discussing everything with our team, and checking into local government regulations along with the state board of cosmetology, we are NOT able to offer house calls at this time.

We have just released the quarantine survival guide video for tips and tricks to get through this tricky time as your hair extensions are growing out past your scheduled maintenance.

However, we know that with a five week mandatory shut down, that some of you will not be able to safely push through without removing the extensions.

It breaks our heart to have to write this, but we will be working on a “safe removal of your extensions” video to send out for those that will not be able to make it SAFELY to their next appointment.

This video should be ready within the 5 days to walk you through safely removing your extensions.

Also, we have decided to pause on rescheduling everyone for the time being until we get more information. We would hate to reschedule everyone, only to find it necessary to reach back out if the mandate is lifted earlier, or if it is pushed out. Especially with thousands of guests, this could be a huge undertaking.

As soon as we are able to open up our doors, Garnish is committed to having extended hours to make sure that all of our guests are able to fit back in in a timely manner.

Please stay connected with us here via email, and also on our social media pages for the most up-to-date and current information as we weather the storm with you ladies.

Our commitment to you is to make sure that we are able to provide the same Garnish Experience through this time of uncertainty.

Thank you for your continued support through this time, it means the world to us!

The Garnish Team

PS: Our quarantine kits will be ready for purchase by the END OF THE WEEK.

We will have 2 different kits available

Quarantine Color Kit
A root touch up kit with the option of adding a glaze or toner to take care of your touch up in the comfort of your own home. Complete with all tools necessary to perform the service safely with video guidance.

Survival Kit
Hand selected products from our Oribe line, specific to your hair’s needs to help your extensions make it through the quarantine.

Taking care of your extensions during this time is key to protect your investment. We believe that focusing on maintaining a sense of normalcy will not only help inside of your hair routine but might bring a level of peace.

On behalf of garnish please enjoy and soak up the garnish goodness from the comfort of your own home💚



We wanted to take a moment to talk a little bit about one of our specialties within our specialty. It’s something we’re super passionate about and we have poured a lot of time and energy into being well-educated when it comes to this area.

Of course we’re talking about TEXTURED hair extensions.

We pride ourselves on being really well versed with a lot of different hair textures, and it goes far beyond just curly or straight. There’s curly, there’s fluffy, there’s coils, there’s silky straight, there’s just a hint of a wave… the list goes on.

NBR Extensions

NBR Extensions

NBR Extensions

NBR Extensions

NBR Extensions

The texture is also what shape the hair is in. There’s different “finishes” of hair aka how the hair actually feels. You can have a rough finish on curly hair or you can have a silky finish on curly hair, and so on and so forth for different curl patterns. You can also have fine hair or thick hair in all different textures. There are so many different combinations that make each person’s head of hair unique. Which means that creating the perfect blend between someone’s natural hair and extension hair requires a lot of expertise.

It takes significant training and experience to be able to match textures when it comes to all of these different variables. Especially when you add in matching and blending the color at the same time. It’s why we pride ourselves on having such a diverse clientele that chooses us.

When it comes to the world of hair, extensions are already a niche within the industry. Specializing in a lot of different textures is essentially our niche within the extension niche. Extensions are already highly specialized, but there are even fewer salons and stylists that are well-versed in working with and blending different textures.
You may have read that Garnish recently became the east coast’s first and only training salon inside of Natural Beaded Rows extensions.

At the most recent training event, Candice hosted a private break out session for stylists looking for extra education in this category. Some of your fave team member’s were a part of the training as models for some of our most popular textures. Check out the photos below!

If you’re interested in finding out more about hair extensions that curl and respond to the weather just like your natural hair, click the link below! If you’re a hairstylist and you’re interested in learning more about diversity inside of hair extensions, make sure to follow us on social because we have a curly class in the works and will be announcing all the details soon!

We love working with different textures and we love to share the knowledge so other stylists can do the same! It’s so important to us that women with all different hair types can experience the world of hair extensions.


Extension Slip NBR Hair Extensions

A couple of weeks ago we broke down what to expect when wearing hair extensions for the very first time (link). Our belief is that the more you know, and the better prepared you are, the smoother your experience will be. That’s why we decided to shine some light on a fairly common problem for women wearing hand-tied hair extensions. We call it “a slip,” and it pretty much happens to everyone at some point during their hair extensions journey.

So what is this “slip” we’re talking about? If you’ve experienced it, then you already know. Essentially, each bead is attached to about 100 strands of hair, and each bead is also connected to the next bead using thread. A slip occurs when one bead slides out of place. This can be just a little bit, or it can be enough that your row suddenly feels pretty loose.

The most important thing to remember is that each bead is secured to its own foundation of hair, so a slip of one bead most likely will not affect any of the other beads. Each bead has its very own foundation and security. Most often slips occur to the front bead, and it can make it feel like your entire row is about to come off, but don’t panic! The rest of your row is still completely secure.

It’s important to know that slips happen, and you didn’t do anything wrong. Women with finer hair and more active lifestyles are more likely to experience slips, but they can happen to any hair texture. As you go about life, throwing on hats, wearing high ponies, working out, playing with your kids, pressure is applied to your beads and may result in one sliding down a bit. If this happens, it’s super easy to fix.

The first step is to secure your row with a bobby pin to minimize it pulling on the next bead. (Note: make sure to stick the bobby pin in horizontally, not vertically!) The second step is to text or call us to let us know. We’ll ask you to send a photo, if possible, so we know what we’re working with, and then schedule a time for you to stop by the studio. “Quick fixes” as we call them, only take about 15 minutes max.

If you believe something more than just a slip has occurred, please give us a call immediately. It’s very rare that something more serious happens, but we will always be super transparent with you about what’s happened with your hair extensions. Generally speaking, hand-tied beaded row extensions still pose the least potential for damage from any other method of extensions. Using a flat iron on too high of heat could cause more damage to your hair. As long as you are following the guidelines on your maintenance sheet, your experience with extensions should go smoothly.

For any of our out of town guests: please be aware that the need for a quick fix is always possible. When choosing to travel to our studio for your hair extensions, you are either committing to coming back should a slip occur, or we recommend finding a local artist who could assist you in such an instance.

While we wanted to give you all the deets about what a slip is and how to take care of it, it’s possible you could never experience one. They are a normal occurrence, but most women don’t experience them more than once unless their hair is particularly prone (super soft and fine), they live a very active lifestyle, or they are not properly following the maintenance guide. If you ever have any questions about your hair extensions, please give us a call or text us! We’re here to support you in your hair extensions experience just as much after you’ve left the salon as when you are in our space.


Even though the temperatures have yet to drop here in North Carolina, we are still eagerly awaiting the upcoming season change. Our love for Fall runs deep and we particularly love the different ways we can style our extensions in the cooler weather. We wanted to share with you some of our favorite Fall inspo—from cuts to styles to accessories—that you can rock this upcoming Autumn.

If you follow us on social media you may have seen our “Fringe Feature” from a few weeks ago. We’re kind of obsessed with adding fringe to your haircut, but we particularly love it because it’s a small change that make you feel a big difference. If you’ve been rocking the same style for a while, but you’re ready to do something a little different, adding bangs to your look is the perfect way to mix things up.

NBR Hair Extensions Fall Hair Trends 2019

There are so many different variations of fringe from side swept bangs to micro fringe aka baby bangs to one of our faves—that parted in the middle, intentionally grown out, brushing your cheekbones fringe. While we love a good fringe on anyone, we think it’s the perfect addition to hair extensions for a couple of different reasons. For one thing, when you’re wearing this really big beautiful ponytail, having fringe adds style to your look. It also shows off your color and gives you some face framing without having to wear your hair completely down. If you’ve been wearing extensions for a while, now is definitely the time to consider a fringe!

Next up on our list of fall inspo is almost the opposite of our typical Summer look (those messy, beachy waves). This Fall we expect to see a whole lot of satiny, sleek looks. Especially for our longgg extension wearing ladies. From the long sleek ponies to wearing it parted down the center, straight hair is in for the upcoming season. We’re going to be seeing that 70s inspired center-parted look in an updated way this Fall. You know the one—blown out with a little bit of natural volume, but still sleek and shiny ends. We love this look because even though there’s no movement from texture, the hair still moves so beautifully! If you need assistance with styling your hair extensions straight, let us know!

NBR Hair Extensions Fall Hair Trends 2019

Finally, the third upcoming Fall trend that we are so excited for is HAIR ACCESSORIES! You’re going to be seeing barettes of all kinds, scarves of all colors, and fall-inspired big brimmed hats. We’ve seen a ton of hats with feathers in the currently debuting fashion, and can’t wait for alll the fall hat days. We’ve also been seeing head scarves worn in different ways and are so ready to incorporate the look in with our hair extensions.

NBR Hair Extensions Fall Hair Trends 2019

Our new fave is definitely winding a scarf into our extensions braid. This makes your big fluffy NBR braid even fuller and adds such a cute, trendy look to it. We’re also in love with the idea of combining the two—scarves with hats. Wearing a scarf in your hair peeking out from under your fave felt fall hat—we’re all heart eyes over here. Can we also have a moment for how far barettes have come since when we were small?? If you haven’t seen the latest in fall hair accessories, definitely check out Anthro, free people, and even Etsy for some of the cutest barrettes, scarves, and headbands you’ve ever seen.

If you can’t tell—we’re anxiously awaiting the temperature drops so we can get in on all of these Fall trends! And if you’re interested in the fashion side of the upcoming season, check out today’s post on as she shares her personal obsession with the season and her recent scouting of what’s gonna be HOT this Autumn.


hair extension transformation

Wearing hair extensions for the first time can be quite the experience. It feels different, you look different, and there’s a definite learning curve. We wanted to let you in on some things to expect when you receive your first set of NBR hair extensions—both the great things and the challenging ones. We want you to have an incredible experience with your hair extensions, and we’ve found that being prepared always makes things smoother.

First up is the BEST unexpected result of new hair. We’re talking about that incredible natural hair high. Whenever our guests come into their 2 week follow up appointment, they seem to be floating on a cloud. We hear everything from, “Omg I see why these are so addictive,” to “I thought I would like it, but more than that, I actually feel like a new person!” This completely euphoric experience happens for about 80-90% of our guests.

For the other 10-20%, the euphoria is followed by a bit of a crash. The just walked out of the salon feeling like a million bucks lasts all the way up until their first shampoo/style. All of a sudden it’s a “holy shit it took so much longer to dry and I have no idea what I’m doing with all this hair,” sort of feeling. We often have women who come into their 2 week follow up expressing that they styled their hair themselves for the first time and couldn’t make it look how it did when they left the salon. THIS IS TOTALLY NORMAL. There is definitely a learning curve with extensions, and it’s crucial to give yourself time, space, and grace when it comes to shampooing and getting reacquainted with your new self.

Our best advice for adapting to your new hair is to give yourself PLENTY of time for the first several shampoo and styles. We recommend setting aside about twice the amount of time as you would typically spend. You definitely do not want to try to squeeze in a wash and style of your brand new set of extensions in the same amount of time as your natural hair.

Once you’ve had your extensions for a little while, this process will get easier and the time will shorten back up a bit. You’ll learn exactly what works best for you and your hair and everything will get smoother. Expecting the learning curve is half the battle. You should never feel bad if the first time you wash and dry your new extensions it feels like a bit of a disaster. You are not alone!

Next up is the physical experience of your brand new set of extensions. If you are not used to having something attached to your scalp, aka if you’ve never worn extensions before, your head might be a little bit tender for the first few days. If this is you—don’t panic! It won’t stay like that for long. While nothing should be hurting or pulling, it will be a little snug and tender. The snugness is a totally separate feeling that takes a moment to get used to. It almost feels like you’re wearing a really tight headband (or headbands depending on your number of rows).

The next aspect of having a whole lot more hair that we receive tons of questions about is how to wear your hair up in a ponytail. One of our favorite qualities of NBR Extensions is how versatile they are in terms of style. But just like there is a learning curve for washing and drying them, there is definitely a learning curve for wearing them up as well. We’ve found that when you’re receiving a ton of new information like you are on the day you get your new hair, it’s not the best time to also talk ponies.

That’s why we designate a few minutes at the 2 week follow up appointment to walk you through wearing your hair up in a ponytail or topknot. We will walk you through the process, explain how to secure it, and talk about the different options. We also explain what’s better for working out vs just hanging around town and how to avoid unnecessary tension on your scalp when your hair is tied back.

The last thing that women aren’t always prepared for may seem a bit obvious, but is often still a surprise. When you change your hair you typically expect a comment or two, but depending on how large your transformation is you can actually expect for people’s jaws to drop. It’s pretty common for a transformation to include a color revamp along with hair extensions, which means you’re going to look pretty different in a pretty short amount of time. Expect for people to come up and ask you all about it.

Hair Extensions

There’s a fairly common taboo when it comes to not asking people about their hair extensions, but our philosophy is the total opposite. We fully encourage you to embrace your new look and when people ask if you’re wearing hair extensions for your answer to be, “Girllll, hell yes!” Be proud that you’ve made an investment in yourself—you will probably inspire someone else to do the same. We also encourage you to train your brain to accept the compliment! You’re probably going to get an influx of compliments on your hair and your new glow—embrace it! Eat it up! You look amazing and you deserve to feel that way as well.

If you’re considering hair extensions, we hope that this helps you prepare for what experiences to expect. And if you ever have any questions before, during, or after you receive your new set of hair extensions, just give us a call or shoot us an email! We’ve got your back and are here to talk you through whatever you need! Our goal is always for you to have the best and smoothest extensions experience possible!


Brassy Blondes NBR Hair Extensions

There’s one particular hair struggle that we hear about every single Summer. It comes with being out in the sun and elements, and it takes a little effort to counteract. Yep, we’re talking about keeping your ‘lites from turning brassy. Whether you’re the blondest blonde or a balayaged brunette, if you prefer to keep your hair cool or even neutral, it’s going to take a little extra work in the Summer. Lucky for you, we’re here to talk you through it.

Let’s spend just a minute talking about what brass is and how it happens. Everyone has warmth in their hair naturally. As hair is exposed to lightener and color, the warmth shows up in your balayage and highlights. Glazes, or toners, are what hairstylists use to combat the natural warmth when your preferred tone is cooler or more neutral than the level to which your hair naturally lifts. Which brings us to our tips for banishing brass through the summertime.

First up, don’t even THINK about skipping out on glazes during the summer months. The number one way to combat brassy tones throughout the warmer months is by coming in regularly for toning services. Glazes last an average of 4-6 weeks, but could be even less if you swim or spend a lot of time in the sun. We highly recommend scheduling out your glaze services if you want to keep your color the tone that you love.

Brassy Blonde NBR Hair Extensions

We also recommend keeping your hair OUT of the sun and water as much as possible. Hats are your best friend, and the less you expose your hair to the summer elements, the better for your hair color.
If you can’t make it into the studio for your glazes, or if you want to maintain your color in between appointments, we highly recommend a purple or blue toned shampoo.

Color toned shampoo does not typically have the capacity to correct your color, but it will contribute to maintaining the tone of your hair. If you’re wondering what the heck blue shampoo is (we know purple is pretty well known), blue toned shampoos are typically for cancelling brass in either brunettes or natural silver hair.

Brass in the Summer may be inevitable, but there are definitely ways to counteract it and maintain the tones you love. Schedule your regular glazes, invest in an awesome color-toned shampoo, and keep your hair out of the sun! And if you have any questions about your hair tone and how to maintain it, ask your stylist at your next visit!


July Summer Hair

Happy Independence Day!

If you’re not at the beach, you’re probably at the pool, and if you’re not at the pool you’re definitely attending a BBQ. No matter where you are, the temps are hot, it’s humid AF, and no one wants to mess with their hair right now. ESPECIALLY if you’ve got hair extensions, which let’s be real can be kind of like a blanket on your neck. That’s why we wanted to take a moment to share some different ways to wear your hair today (and for the rest of this blistering hot Summer).

First up…Bandanas + other hair accessories

…may just be your best friend. We love bandanas because they serve a dual purpose. They’re super cute and fashionable, but they also absorb sweat from your scalp, which TBH we all need right now. They also hide the fact that you probably need to wash your hair, but you’ve just decided to throw it up in a pony or a braid, because it’s too hot for freshly washed hair anyway.

Next up… Braids

We love a braid all year long, but in the Summer it’s just about the cutest way to get your hair off your neck while still looking like you put some effort into your hairstyle. (This is not us hating on a messy top knot.. that’s coming up next). Braids can be done in so many different ways… it allows you some flexibility and creativity with your hair while still guaranteeing that you’re not going to have to worry about it while you’re out in the hot Summer sun.

Yep, you knew it was coming…

that messy topknot life is EVERYTHING

in the summertime, and it’s also one of our favorite NBR styles. NBR Extensions are one of the only methods of hair extensions that allow you to wear your hair up, and we think this is a total gamechanger. You can definitely put that bandana to good use with this style, which is a super easy way to make your topknot that much more chic.

If you REALLY want to wear your hair down, but you’re still looking for a way to keep it off your face and make it not quite so hot, we recommend a half up-half down style. The seamless nature of NBR Extensions makes this style a breeze, and you can change it up. A half pony, half top knot, or even braiding back the front are great ways to get your hair off your face while still wearing it down.

No matter what you’re doing this 4th of July or how you choose to style your hair, we wish you fun, safety, and tons of good food & drinks. We also wanted to take a moment to shout out our NBR Tribe—the amazing nationwide group of hairstylists who specialize in Natural Beaded Rows Extensions. One of Candice’s fellow platform artists, Amanda, posted the photo at the beginning of this post that inspired us writing this, and graciously allowed us to share it. We are so blessed to be a part of such a great network of creatives.

Happy 4th of July, friends!


Garnish Hair Extensions

A few weeks ago we shared our Summer Survival Guide directed at taking care of your hair and hair extensions during the Summer months. In case you missed it, you can check it out here.

Today we wanted to share a few things to be on the look out for this Summer that aren’t extension specific, but are still super important to keep in mind for the wellbeing of your hair.

First up, we wanted to dive a little deeper into the pool queen’s nightmare… Chlorine. Chlorine strips the natural oils out of your hair, which is why your hair feels so rough when you climb out of the pool. There are a couple of things that you can do to protect the integrity of your hair before swimming or submerging your hair in any chlorinated water.

The first step may sound familiar if you read our Survival Guide. You should soak your hair with tap water (either shower before you go or use the showers at your pool), then use a leave-in conditioner on your hair. The water and leave-in combine to fill the cuticles of your hair, preventing the chlorine from being able to seep in and leach out the natural oils.

The next step is using a detoxifying or clarifying shampoo following your swim. This will ensure any chlorine will be removed from your hair. It’s important to note that you should use a high quality clarifying shampoo, as some clarifying shampoos can also be extremely drying to your hair. Brands such as Oribe, Kevin Murphy, and R+Co have created clarifying shampoos that are gentle and soothing even as they detox your hair. The final step to avoiding the effects of chlorine on your hair is to regularly use a mask on your hair.

A reparative or moisture mask will help restore what the chlorine has removed, keeping your hair hydrated and soft regardless of how much you swim. We recommend using a mask as often as once a week based on your individual hair needs.

Next up, are you aware that your scalp can actually get sunburned? The absolute best way to prevent this is to always wear a hat when you’re out in the sun. Wearing a hat is the most effective and complete way to prevent sun from reaching your scalp, however, if you know you will be out in the sun and will not be wearing a hat, you can also use sunscreen on any exposed areas. If your hair is thinning, or you wear your hair in a part, be cognizant of that skin being exposed to the sun and take care to protect it with sunscreen.

If you do experience sunburn on your scalp there are a few things you can do to minimize your discomfort while it heals. First, you can apply aloe or lotion to your scalp for soothing, just know it’s going to probably make your hair look a little greasy!

If your scalp is sunburned you should shower in cooler water, avoid further exposure to the sun, and avoid heat styling your hair. You should also make sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo as the sulfates could irritate your scalp further, and minimize the use of hair products that might also come in contact with your scalp. Typically, a sunburned scalp will heal in about a week.

The last summer hair tip we wanted to offer is in regards to a pesky problem we ALL face in the summertime. Our roots being ruined by sweat! Summer can be plagued by roots that look and feel greasy due to our scalp sweating in the heat. Instead of washing your hair every day, we highly recommend investing in a bomb dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo, particularly when combined with a cool blow dryer, will absorb the oils, dry up the sweat, and revitalize your roots. We recommend also grabbing a travel size dry shampoo next time you’re in the salon so you can keep it in your purse for whenever you might need it.

If you have any questions about Summer haircare or need advice on the best products to keep your locks looking and feeling great this Summer, shoot us an email at, or ask your stylist at your next visit.


The Magic of Hair Primers

Here at Garnish you know we LOVE to give you our favorite tips and tricks to make your hair look as amazing as it possibly can. While brainstorming fave tips to tell you about next, it hit us that there is a best kept secret in the beauty industry: PRIMERS.

What are Hair Primers?

If you’re into makeup at all you probably know all about face primer. There are tons of different face primers that all offer different benefits, but their underlying purpose is still the same.

They improve your makeup application, and how your makeup works. Hair primers are the exact same. They can come in the form of shampoo and conditioner, masks, prep sprays, and heat protectants, but they all have the same purpose. Ensuring your hair is in the best possible condition to improve the efficacy of your other products. If this concept is new to you, then allow us to tell you all about how adding just one priming product into your hair care routine can completely change the game.

Hair Primer: The WASH

Prep shampoos and conditioners can come in different forms. Having a quality shampoo and conditioner that provides what your hair needs is a great foundation in general, however, there are certain ones designed specifically to prep your hair for styling. Davines’ Your Hair Assistant Prep Shampoo’s main purpose is gently removing residue from styling products and natural elements to provide a clean slate.

The Prep Conditioners that go along with it hydrate and detangle, to leave the hair in great condition for however you plan to style it. We also include co-washes in this category. Co-wash is a gentle cleanser that conditions while washing. It’s perfect in-between full shampoos and gets the hair to a great balance of clean and conditioned without having to do a full shampoo/conditioner process.

Some of our fave co-washes are Kevin Murphy’s Re.Store, Davines’ LOVE Curl Cleansing Cream, and R+Co’s Analog Foaming Cleanser. The final product we’ll mention in this section is R+Co’s Palm Springs Pre-Shampoo Treatment Mask.

It’s a super versatile product that provides a burst of nourishment and hydration for damaged, colored, or dry hair. It can be used on dry hair before shampooing, as a traditional mask between shampoo and conditioner, and as a super-hydrating co-wash. For hair that needs a little extra nourishment, this can be just what it needs to be properly “prepped” for styling.

Hair Primer: The SPRAYS

The great thing about prep sprays and primers is that they are lightweight enough to be used on every hair type and texture, and still provide amazing benefits. They add hydration (all hair can use a little bit of hydrating), even out porosity (which smooths the hair strands and allows a more even application of other products), reduce frizz, and add shine.

We love Davines’ DEDE Hair Mist because it’s such a delicate leave-in that it’s great for damaged or fine hair. R+Co’s One Prep spray is bomb because it can literally benefit every hair type and texture in some way because one of it’s main focuses is balancing out the hair’s moisture and porosity.

And Davines’ Your Hair Assistant Blowdry Primer works to smooth, add body, and speed up drying time. All three of these sprays help provide a great base for any other products you choose to use to style your hair whether you let it dry naturally or blow it out.

Also in the spray category is Davines’ Melu Heat Protectant. Melu is great because it pairs really well with another prep product. It is designed specifically to protect your hair from the heat of a blow dryer or hot tools, so added to one of the aforementioned prep sprays creates the perfect base for heat styling.

If you’re interested in knowing which primer will best assist your hair and the efficacy of your other hair products talk to your stylist next time you’re in the studio or give us a call. We love helping you find the perfect solution to your hair needs!


davines love curls

Calling all Curlies!

We’ve officially found your hair’s Valentine! And how perfect that her name is LOVE. The Davines LOVE Curl Line has been revamped, reformulated, and now includes even more options for your particular curl pattern. We wanted to introduce (or reintroduce) you to the different products that make up the line and how they can enhance your curls.

Let’s be real… curly hair is totally different than other hair textures, which is why we think it’s so cool that Davines created a line specifically designed to make curls happy. The line is designed to nourish, improve elasticity (which brings out the best in your natural curl pattern), and improve manageability and shine. Let’s meet the LOVE fam.

LOVE Shampoo

Getting your hair to behave the way you want requires a great foundation. Even if you have a bomb styling product, if it’s being layered atop a less than ideal shampoo and conditioner, your hair is likely not going to respond exactly how you want it to. The LOVE shampoo utilizes almond extract to hydrate without impacting the structure of your hair. Like the rest of the line, it enhances volume and shine while taming frizz.

LOVE Conditioner

If shampoo is the frame of a good foundation, the conditioner is what seals the frame together to create a solid base. The LOVE conditioner is designed to follow up the shampoo with a dose of vitamins and proteins. Vitamins B and E provide deep nourishment to the curls, along with having soothing effects. Healthy nourished hair means the best curls of your life.

LOVE Cleansing Cream

A Curl Line would be incomplete without a co-wash aka cleansing cream in its lineup. Co-wash is great for curlies because it cleanses and conditions at the same time, often providing intense hydration. Co-wash is great to use in between full shampoos.

LOVE Hair Mask

Most hair masks are designed for either hydration or repairing, and often both. The LOVE Curl Mask restores your hair’s natural hydration while softening and smoothing your curls. This means less tangles, less frizz, and improved workability.

LOVE Curl Primer

The first step post-shampoo. The Curl Primer works great paired alongside another curl product as it quite literally primes the hair to enhance the productivity of the next product. It works as a detangler, conditions, and de-frizzes, while also providing heat protection and anti-humidity qualities.

LOVE Curl Cream

The revamped original Curl styler from LOVE. Curl Cream is a lightweight cream that is worked into curls for definition. It leaves curls soft and shiny rather than crunchy or weighed down. It also includes heat protectant to protect your curls.

LOVE Curl Controller

A slightly stronger cream than the above curl cream, the Curl Controller utilizes Vitamins B and E for elasticity and smoothness. It provides Curl definition even in high-humidity (so necessary in NC), heat protection, and controlled volume.

LOVE Curl Revitalizer

Day two curls can be a whole different ballgame than fresh from the shower curls and that’s exactly what the Revitalizer was designed to solve. Misted onto dry curls, it re-invigorates your curl definition, providing hold and frizz-control. The hold and control are balanced out by vitamins and proteins for softness and elasticity.

Bonus LOVE

And last, while not a direct member of the LOVE crew, we can’t talk curls without mentioning, “This is a Curl Building Serum.” A salon favorite (of stylists and guests), the serum adds elasticity (which we know means enhancing your curls), improves shine, while de-frizzing and prepping for anti-humidity. Curl Building Serum pairs great with the Curl Primer and can also be used as a blowout serum for blowing curly or wavy hair out straight.

We LOVE that Davines created this line to solve the unique concerns of curlies everywhere. While moisturizing and smoothing products can be awesome for curls, they don’t always fill all of the needs of curly hair.

The Davines Line is designed exclusively for curls, making it extra fab at solving every curl concern you could imagine. If you need help figuring out the right combination for your particular curl or wave pattern, stop by the studio or give us a call. We love to talk curly hair and we really enjoy being able to help you revitalize, improve, and LOVE your curls.


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