There’s one particular hair struggle that we hear about every single Summer. It comes with being out in the sun and elements, and it takes a little effort to counteract. Yep, we’re talking about keeping your ‘lites from turning brassy. Whether you’re the blondest blonde or a balayaged brunette, if you prefer to keep your […]

Happy Independence Day! If you’re not at the beach, you’re probably at the pool, and if you’re not at the pool you’re definitely attending a BBQ. No matter where you are, the temps are hot, it’s humid AF, and no one wants to mess with their hair right now. ESPECIALLY if you’ve got hair extensions, […]

A few weeks ago we shared our Summer Survival Guide directed at taking care of your hair and hair extensions during the Summer months. In case you missed it, you can check it out here. Today we wanted to share a few things to be on the look out for this Summer that aren’t extension […]

The Magic of Hair Primers Here at Garnish you know we LOVE to give you our favorite tips and tricks to make your hair look as amazing as it possibly can. While brainstorming fave tips to tell you about next, it hit us that there is a best kept secret in the beauty industry: PRIMERS. […]

Calling all Curlies! We’ve officially found your hair’s Valentine! And how perfect that her name is LOVE. The Davines LOVE Curl Line has been revamped, reformulated, and now includes even more options for your particular curl pattern. We wanted to introduce (or reintroduce) you to the different products that make up the line and how […]

Do you believe in magic? Meet Opalex. If you’re a beauty fiend or follow hair trends you have probably already heard of the magic that is Olaplex. Real talk: sometimes technology can be a pain, but sometimes it provides a much needed solution. Olaplex is one such solution. First and foremost, Olaplex is a bond […]

The Garnish Holiday Gift Guide With only two weeks left until Christmas, it’s crunch time for finding the perfect gift for your bestie, mom, and big sis. If you’re anything like us, we find any excuse to avoid the parking decks at the mall this time of year, so we thought we would help you […]

Alright ladies, by show of hands, who here has looked in the mirror and not felt 100% content with what they see?  It’s okay, you’re in good company.  And who has fallen victim to the wishful thinking that occurs when we see someone else and think, “Man, I wish I had her…. height, shape, hair, […]

updos for bbqs

Updos for BBQs

Jul 4, 2017

It’s that time of year… you know the one. It’s Cookout Season It begins with Memorial Day and vaguely ends at Labor Day with a huge influx on the fourth day of July. It’s COOKOUT season. Whether you call it a cookout or a barbecue, it probably involves standing around outside drinking beer or lemonade, […]

Keep your Summer Hair Color Vibrant Summertime can be a blast—beach trips, pool days, lake days, sun tanning, and cooking out. We tend to be outside way more in the summer, and that often means extra exposure to both the sun and water. While all of these activities are tons of fun, if you color […]

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