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If you’ve seen us post about a Color Revamp or perhaps even read our previous blog post breaking down all the deets here, you may be asking yourself if YOU need a Color Revamp. First up, if you missed our previous post you’re probably wondering what a Revamp even is. If you haven’t heard the term before in any other salons it’s probably because Candice came up with it when she felt like “Corrective Color” didn’t quite feel right for what we offer.

Corrective color suggests that there’s something “wrong” with the current color. What we’ve found most often is that when women come in for hair extensions there’s nothing “wrong” with their color, but they are also not completely in love with it either. We’re big believers that if you’re going to invest time, energy, and money to extend and volumize what you already have then it should be a color and texture that you absolutely love. You can’t extend or enhance anything that’s just…meh.

With that thought process in mind, the concept of a Revamp seemed the perfect solution. At Garnish we offer two different types of Revamp—a Mini and a Full. Both services are priced at a flat rate and encompass absolutely everything needed to get you from your current color to the color of your dreams.

First up, let’s talk Minis.

The Mini Revamp includes everything you need to take your color into a new direction without completely changing into a different color. For example, if you’re already blonde, but you’re a golden blonde that tends to turn brassy and your goal is an ashier blonde—you’re the perfect candidate for a mini. Oftentimes, particularly for blondes, a highlight/lowlight just isn’t quite enough to achieve your ideal look.

The tone is super important as well as the perfect blend with your hair extensions. We opted to create a flat rate for this service—$450—because a lot of different steps need to be taken and the individual pricing can add up. With a set price, you know up front exactly what you will be investing in this new color. Revamps can include color, highlights, lowlights, toning between foils, toning after, multiple toners, clear gloss, olaplex, root smudges, and more.

If your hair goals are a little more complex such as going from blonde to brunette or vice versa, you are probably in need of a Full Color Revamp. A full revamp is essentially any transformation that requires every strand to be colored in some way. The process can be pretty involved and you are usually spending most of your day (around 5 to 6 hours) in the salon. We also have a flat rate for this service—$600—because so many intricate steps need to take place to achieve your color the right way.

Color Revamps are such a vital aspect of our transformation process because we want to ensure you LOVE your color before extending it. We would always rather take the time up front to perfect your color before you invest into adding hair extensions. It’s even something of a superpower for our studio—how deeply we value the process of perfecting your hair prior to the actual extensions.

We consider everything from the color and texture to how it will bring out your eye color and complement your skin tone.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of our Color Revamps is the end goal of achieving a lower maintenance color. What this means is that while the revamp itself is an investment up front, the look we are creating will allow your color maintenance to be significantly less.

We’re all about “lived in color,” and while it may take a little more to achieve that desired look, it will completely change the way you see color maintenance.
So if you’ve been considering hair extensions, but you’re just “okay” with your haircolor. Or if you just haven’t quite been able to achieve your color goals—A Color Revamp is probably for you. We discuss your color in detail as well as extensions during your consultation. The first step is filling out an application here.

Let’s get started on achieving the hair of your dreams!


NBR Hair Extensions

What’s a Color Revamp?

You’ve seen us talking about it on Social Media, and you’ve seen the before and after photos of our beautiful transformations, but what are we actually talking about when we say “She got a Color Revamp.” We wanted to shine some light on what that means and why it’s such an integral part of our hair extensions process.

Essentially, a Color Revamp is the transformation from where your hair color currently is to where you want it to be. When you fill out an application to become a Garnish guest, we ask for two current photos of you along with two inspiration photos. Your inspo photos are what we look at to see if we can achieve your goals all in one shot. It’s absolutely vital that you LOVE your hair color prior to adding extensions, so we consider achieving your color goals to be the first step in your hair extensions journey.

Whether you end up needing a Full Color Revamp or a Mini Color Revamp (more on the distinction in a moment), we have two goals in mind. First-achieve as close to your color goals as possible while, Second-maintaining the health and integrity of your hair throughout the process. This may mean you need highlights, color all over, both highlights AND color, glazing, shadow rooting, and more.

NBR Hair Extensions

We also utilize Olaplex in pretty much every Color Revamp service. Olaplex rebuilds the bonds of your hair and works to keep your hair healthy and strong—so necessary when undergoing the multi-level processes of a Color Revamp. We also take pride in ensuring that your end result will be one that you totally fall in love with. This means we take your inspiraton photos, but also consider your skin tone, eye color, and face shape to determine what color will best suit YOU. Our stylists will pinpoint the key elements of your inspiration photos and use that to design your perfect hair color.

A Full Color Revamp means every strand of hair on your head has something done to it. We most often work with blondes, brunettes, and somewhere in between (aka bronde) and all of these colors have the tendency to get brassy really quickly or become too blended together. A Full Revamp is typically going from one color to a completely different color or tone. We utilize intentionally placed color to achieve this, and it requires a lot of detail work to do so.

For this reason, we offer this service under a flat rate cost. Achieving a modern look (such as the Pinterest inspo photos we typically receive), means a lot more work than just your standard highlight. If you want your hair to look modern, lived-in, and intentional, a multi-step process is absolutely necessary. Our goal is to get you as close to your inspo photos as possible in one shot, while also providing longevity to your hair color. Typically a Full Color Revamp appointment takes 4-5 hours.

A Mini Color Revamp is typically just changing the tone and placement, while maintaining the same hair color. We’re still coloring the majority of the hair, but are working inside the same color family. Often this process is a little more subtle—adding money pieces, pops of color—and is ultimately working to make your color more beautiful, refreshed, shiny and intentional. Even a slight shift may require more work than meets the eye, so typically our Mini Revamp takes about 3 hours.

Color Revamps go hand-in-hand with hair extensions, because as we say so often, we cannot extend what you feel lukewarm about! If you come to us already loving your color and texture, then you’re in a good place to add hair extensions. However, we cannot guarantee that you’re going to fall in love with your extensions, if we’re extending something you’re already not in love with. We prioritize getting your color to exactly where you want it to be prior to adding extensions, so that once your additional hair is added, it’s your COMPLETE hair dream instead of just fuller and/or longer hair.

If you’re ready to get started on your hair extensions journey, apply here. We can’t wait to Revamp your color and give you the hair of your dreams!


Color Transformations
The world of hair color is multi-layered, blending artistry and science, and requiring exceptional attention to detail.  We have chosen to delve into the most challenging aspects of hair color—color corrections and transformational colors, committing to the ongoing education and deep knowledge of the chemistry of color that these services require.

Our stylist team shares a passion for being able to offer the types of color that require an eye for design and skill with painting, blending, and color balancing.  We believe that being able to provide women with a hair cut, style, and color that they love can play a role in self-confidence and how they feel when they look in the mirror.  Empowering women through beautification services—extensions and transformational colors—allows us to be a positive force in women’s lives through our expertise.

We wanted to share with you just a few of our recent transformations.

Hanna by Christine

Hair Color Transformations
Hanna came to Christine looking for first for an updated, edgier cut before adding in some new color.  Christine gave Hanna a slightly asymmetrical cut with a sassy fringe of baby bangs.  From there, they scheduled Hanna’s transformational color service.  Christine hand-painted Hanna’s hair to give it varying dimension before applying a custom red colormelt using Elumen color.  The result was this gorgeous blend of reds with brighter pieces for spice.

Heather by Niko

Hair Color Transformations
Heather had been seeing Niko for regular bleach outs for quite a while when she decided she was ready to return to a natural color.  When hair has been bleached out, the color molecules are removed from the hair leaving it more porous than natural hair.  This means that something needs to fill the empty spaces before the hair can hold the new color.  Color corrections often require a “fill” of some kind either to balance out a particular tone or the porosity of the hair.  Niko first filled Heather’s hair before applying the gorgeous neutral brown that was her goal color, blending it seamlessly with her roots.

Natalie by Tish

Hair Color Transformations
Tish had previously lightened Natalie’s hair before glazing it to a medium orange, but at this visit Natalie was looking for a little more dimension and a new haircut style.  Tish reshaped Natalie’s hair into a trendy “bowl-cut” inspired pixie, before applying a custom Elumen colormelt to her previously lightened hair.  Natalie left the studio with a new easier to manage style, along with a fiery cherry red to burnt orange melt.

Sarah by Candice

Hair Color Transformations
Sarah’s transformation was a 2 part process, beginning with a color correction before adding in a layer of extensions.  At her color service, Candice used foilyage to adjust the brightness of Sarah’s hair along with balancing out previously ombred ends.  Candice then applied a modern glaze, cooling down Sarah’s overall color.  The following week Sarah returned for a row of NBR extensions.  She was looking for a fuller style, with just a slight bit of added length, making NBR a perfect fit for her medium-fine hair.  Sarah left the studio with an entirely new look—the hair of her dreams!

A Passion for Transformations

Our passion for transformational services has led us to develop a unique process unlike most other salon experiences.  We start all hair journeys with a thorough, in-depth consultation that allows the stylist to get to know your hair, your hair history, and to understand your goals.

The stylist will walk you through the color process, the products that will help you achieve your goal look, and explain in detail the steps that will be taken to achieve your goals along with any maintenance that will be needed.  We believe that taking the time up front to ensure we have a detailed hair plan in place allows us to ensure we are in sync with your goals and what’s possible with your hair.

We also believe that exceptional hair color requires patience and attention to detail.  Our transformational color services can sometimes be longer than your average salon visit to ensure our stylists will never rush through any aspect of your service.  We LOVE to talk about hair goals and how we can help you achieve them.

If you’re ready to start your transformational hair journey, give us a call.  It starts with a conversation, and ends with you feeling amazing.  What are you waiting for?


Preserve Your Summer Hair Color Garnish

Keep your Summer Hair Color Vibrant

Summertime can be a blast—beach trips, pool days, lake days, sun tanning, and cooking out. We tend to be outside way more in the summer, and that often means extra exposure to both the sun and water. While all of these activities are tons of fun, if you color your hair, they can be your hair’s biggest enemy. We already told you all about the super cool SU line from Davines, so to continue our Summer Survival Guide, we’re giving you our BEST hair tips and tricks for PRESERVING your summer hair color all season long.

Let’s talk about the SUN first.

You’ve heard the phrase, “sun-kissed highlights” before, right? There’s a reason that term came about. Sun will lighten your hair whether colored or not so if you’re out in the sun a LOT there are a couple of options.

1. Invest in a good UV-protectant hair product. Are you tired of hearing about SU yet? You shouldn’t be…we promised she would be your Summer BFF. SU milk along with the Davines Oi Milk are great UV-protectors. For curlies, Kevin Murphy’s Motion Lotion is an awesome curl-enhancing lotion that includes UV-protection, and their Smooth.Again and Young.Again lines will also do the trick. [[ R+Co products ]]

2. Buy a really cute hat. No, seriously. The best way to protect your hair from the sun is to prevent it from being exposed to the sun in the first place. Wrapping your hair up under a hat, or wearing a hat with a wide-enough brim to keep your hair shaded from the sun will prevent the sun from reaching (and bleaching) your lovely colored locks.

Let’s be real…if you’re not sitting in the sun, you’re probably soaking in the water.

Both the salty ocean and the chlorinated pool can be equally damaging to your hair, so no matter which water you choose to splash into, protecting your hair in advance is KEY to preserving your color. There’s a few options for protecting your hair from the salt and chlorine.

1. Use a leave-in conditioner before swimming. This works best on already damp hair, but it’s better to use it on dry hair than to not use it at all. Bare with me while we get the slightest bit sciencey. Okay, so, your hair is porous, which means it can absorb moisture. When you apply a product to your hair, it doesn’t just sit on top of the hair strands, your hair typically absorbs the product. When you wet your hair and coat it with a leave-in conditioner, you are filling the pores of your hair so that when they come in contact with salt water or chlorine, your already full hair strands will not absorb the salt or chlorine. Boom. Hair protection. If your hair is extremely porous (lightened hair), you may want to sub in a hair mask for a leave-in conditioner. The extra moisture and weight of the mask will help keep your hair full enough to avoid absorbing chlorine or salt.

2. This might sound silly, BUT, if your hair is long enough to pile atop your head, consider pinning your hair up and keeping your hair above the water. Maybe even under that cute hat you’re wearing to avoid the sun. It’s not the MOST fun solution, but it WILL keep your hair away from the damaging effects of the water.

Depending on your Summer routine, this one might be tough, but…

Avoid washing your hair every day. Shampooing your hair is pretty much guaranteed to fade your color, even when you’re doing everything right. Water (particularly hot water) opens the cuticle of your hair allowing the color molecules to slide on out. If you’re in the ocean or pool every day it might feel like you HAVE to wash your hair every day to get the buildup out (which is totally avoidable with the aforementioned tips), but the routine of shampooing daily is guaranteed to fade your color faster than usual. Like all of our tips, you’ve got a couple of options.

1. If you can manage to go a few days between shampoos, but feel like your hair is going to need an extra boost of shampoo to remove the buildup, try a color-safe gentle Clarifiying Shampoo. (Let me take a second to warn you that NOT ALL CLARIFYING SHAMPOOS ARE CREATED EQUAL.) Chances are, if you can buy it at your local drugstore, it’s the kind that WILL strip your color from your hair. We have four awesome clarifying shampoos here that are ALL color-safe. Kevin Murphy’s Maxi.Wash, R+Co’s Oblivion, O&M’s Detox, and Davines’ Solu. After using a Clarifyer you want to make sure to condition your hair to replenish the moisture and nutrients.

2. Invest in a bomb Dry Shampoo. Dry shampoo can absorb oils, refresh your roots, and give a little extra boost if your hair starts falling flat. Even if it just gets you through one extra day before shampooing again, dry shampoo can be a total lifesaver in terms of protecting your color. Our fave dry shampoos are Kevin Murphy’s Fresh.Hair and R+Co’s Death Valley or Badlands.

Since we’re on the topic, let’s go ahead and discuss Shampoo real quick.

Using a color-safe shampoo may be THE most important thing you can do to preserve your color year-round. When you invest in gorgeously colored hair, protecting it with a high-quality color-safe shampoo and conditioner seems like a no-brainer. All of our product lines include color-safe shampoos and conditioners that will maintain your color as you inevitably wash your hair. Salon quality shampoos and conditioners are designed to not just protect your color, but keep hair hydrated, reintroduce nutrients that can be lost through coloring, and target specific hair needs like rebuilding protein and offering smoothing effects. It’s important to have an awesome color-safe duo year round, but it becomes even MORE important as you subject your hair to extra wear and tear in the summertime.

Finally, let’s chat a little bit about rejuvenating hair that just hasn’t been able to escape the effects of sun or water.
If you forgot to toss your leave-in conditioner in your pool bag, or your hat flew off on the boat (hey, we’re giving you the benefit of the doubt here), you can rejuvenate your hair in (you guessed it) a few different ways.

1. Hair Masks are basically hair-resuscitaters. If your hair is in need of moisture and hydration, or reparation from damage, or protein rebuilding, masks are the heavy-hitters that really target these issues. Masks can be used for a variety of hair concerns, and there’s a mask for every hair texture. Using a hair mask once a week (or as prescribed by your stylist) can begin to undo the damage from sun and water. Try out Davines’ SU or NouNou hair masks, Kevin Murphy’s Young Again or Hydrate-Me Masques, or O&M’s Seven Day Miracle Masque.

2. Use that leave-in conditioner post-shower as well. Most leave-in conditioners treat the hair with renewed moisture and reparative properties, and they typically promote softness. Kevin Murphy’s Leave-in Repair or Staying Alive and R+Co’s High Dive would be particularly great for summertime hair woes.

3. Leave out the heat styling and embrace your natural texture. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or full-on curls, using a product targeted at air drying your particular hair texture can save your hair from additional damage caused by heat styling with a blow dryer and hot tools. Ask your stylist which product will give you the desired air-dried look you would love, and fall back in love with your natural tresses.

Alright, SO. Let’s sum it all up.

PROTECTION is key from both the sun and water, but when you can’t protect, SHAMPOO less, using salon-quality products, treat with leave-in conditioners or masks, and let your hair air dry for minimal further damage. It IS possible to survive the Summer with your gorgeous color in tact so long as you take a little extra effort to care for your investment.

As always, if you need help figuring out what is the right prescription for YOUR hair and YOUR Summer activities, chat with your stylist at your next visit or give us a call.


Kevin.Murphy Shimmer Me

Blonde Bombshells NEED Shimmer.Me Blonde

Warm weather is officially here and that means it’s time to go lighter for the Summer! If lighter for you means blonde or blonder, Kevin Murphy has got your blonde locks covered with all kinds of BLONDES ONLY products (hey, BLONDE.ANGEL). The newest edition to this exclusive collection is called SHIMMER.ME BLONDE.

You may be familiar with her older sister, SHIMMER.SHINE, and while they have a lot of the same qualities (like literal glitter flakes in the formula) SHIMMER.ME BLONDE has some extra special features specifically for blonde babes.

Why is Shimmer.Me Blonde extra special?

First and foremost, SHIMMER.ME BLONDE is a shine treatment, however, it is also stock full of goodies for your hair’s health. The treatment is restorative, replacing moisture in your hair and increasing softness. If you’ve ever lightened your hair before you’re probably familiar with the way your hair feels a little different post-lightening process.

SHIMMER.ME BLONDE addresses this, replenishing what your hair has lost through a series of key natural ingredients. First, they use a combination of Australian fruit extracts which increase gloss and smoothness. Next, it includes Babassu Oil which provides nutrients essential to the shine and strength of your hair, along with offering protection against heat and other elements.

The next ingredient is Bamboo Extract, restoring shine and strength while increasing manageability. Finally, it utilizes Soy Bean Oil which also softens and smoothes the hair. Each of these ingredients fuse together to improve the strength, feel, and shine of your hair.

Shimmer.Me Blonde Best + Brightest

The best part is that SHIMMER. ME BLONDE not only makes your hair feel great, it also includes color enhancers and optical brighteners aka tinting your hair like a subtle purple shampoo would, keeping out yellow and gold tones, and brightening your blonde or silver hair. (Yes, that’s right silver-haired mamas, this treatment is great for your gorgeous greys, too!)

Shimmer.Me Blonde Bestis

If you’re not already convinced that SHIMMER.ME BLONDE is your summer hair’s BFF, consider this:

It’s SUPER simple to use.

Give it a twirl (not shake) to get the glitter swirling.
Apply to damp hair starting at the ends and working upwards.
Style as usual whether you air dry or dry and style.

Ta-da! Beautifully blonde locks that every chick on the beach will be jealous of. #winning


Balayage Hand Painting Garnish Hair Studio

Balayage, Hand Painted Artistry

Most hair trends come and go or at least fade in popularity year to year, but there’s one trend that has definitely proven it is here to stay. BALAYAGE. (Bah-lay-ahj) is the hand painted technique that originated in the 70s and began its reintroduction into popularity midway through the first decade of the 2000s.

Starting to become popular with a subtle sun-kissed look, balayage has evolved into an incredibly versatile art form—a favorite of both stylists and clients alike. The customizable nature of balayage broadens its appeal making it accessible to essentially all hair types, textures, and colors. Everyone from fine-haired blondes to brunette curly girls are digging this color style.

Schedule Your Balayage Consultation

Like most art forms, balayage techniques vary by stylist. The key to achieving your ideal balayage look is finding a stylist whose style you love, and having a thorough consultation with your stylist. At Garnish we pride ourselves on our unique color consultation process that ensures our guests leave absolutely in love with their hair color. Because balayage can vary so drastically, the consultation allows you and your stylist to talk about your #hairgoals, look at photos of balayage you love, and put a game plan in place for your new look.

If you’re still unsure if balayage is the color style for you, consider the following features:

  • Balayage can be as subtle or as bold as YOU want.
  • It can be blonde, brunette, red, or a fashion color!
  • The technique is meant to be rooty and almost “grown out” so you can, in fact, grow it out for as long as you still enjoy the way it looks. (Low-maintenance ladies, I’m looking at you.)
  • Once the balayage is in place, you can change up the tone with a different glaze every 4-6 weeks. (My gals who like to change their color frequently, this is KEY for you).
  • No one else’s hair will ever look quite like yours because no two pieces of art look exactly the same. Your hair is literally a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. How COOL is that?!
  • “Trendy” can sometimes get a bad rap, but a) balayage has proven it’s more than just another hair trend, and b) who DOESN’T like to share the look of their fave celeb #haircrush?!

Check out some of our favorite balayage looks from The Garnish Team below, and even more in our Handpainted Gallery!




Many of our guests come to Garnish seeking a new look or hair transformation. With so many fantastic and beautiful hair color options today, women love to try new things and often come to us wanting a major color change. What some people do not know is that a major color change isn’t an easy, one-step process. We’ve asked our Senior Stylist, Andrayah Poncé to give you the skinny on what to expect when you are considering and preparing for a significant color change.

“You have thought that you’d like a new look, and a hair color change is just the ticket. Maybe you’ve considered going darker, lighter, adding contrasting highlights, or maybe something more dramatic like bright blue or pastel pink. Whatever your heart’s desire may be, there are a lot of things to consider before you get ready for a major color change.

Regardless of what you may want, some color changes may be a bit more complex to achieve than others. That’s why it is crucial for you to schedule a consultation with your stylist to go over your ideas and discuss all of your options.

Before your consultation, gather some ideas of the color you like. Pinterest is always a great place to see the latest trends and find inspiration. Save the ideas to your Pinterest board, or take a screen shot to show your stylist.

It’s important to know that not everyone can have that funky lavender or gray hair that looks super fun and trendy. It all depends on your current hair color and the condition of your hair. When you meet with your stylist, be sure to let her know what you have done to your hair previously. Even if it was years ago your stylist would need to know, so always be honest!

Your stylist may suggest doing a strand test on your hair before you commit to your color change. This helps the stylist create a plan on how to attain the results you desire. It’s also important to understand that a major color change is probably not going to be done in one appointment. We want to make sure you sustain healthy hair as you undergo the color change process. So, you may need multiple and longer appointments. Your stylist will be able to tell you what you can expect at the time of your consultation.

To maintain healthy locks, you will most likely need a haircut to trim off dead and frayed ends. We also highly recommend regular conditioning treatments. Olaplex is a remarkable deep conditioning product that is applied in the salon during your color appointment. Olaplex is considered to be a miracle worker for colored hair! This treatment stops color-related damage and heals existing damage from previous color sessions. All hair color products cause some form of stress, even if you’re not using bleach. So, anyone who gets their hair colored will benefit from Olaplex.

Remember. Maintaining a stunning head of hair is an investment and commitment. You will need to schedule regular appointments to freshen up your color and to get conditioning treatments. Also, using suggested salon styling products and a high quality, sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner are critical to maintaining the health and longevity of your healthy and beautiful hair.

As stylists, our job is to guide and educate you through this process so that you can make the best decisions when it comes to changing your color.

Contact Garnish today to schedule your color transformation consultation.”

Much love,




As a part of our ongoing effort to deliver the most superior products and services to our clients, I am excited to introduce you to Davines’s brand new amazing hair color collection … MASK WITH VIBRACHROM. The choice to make this investment as a salon to bring in this new technology allows us to stay up to date with the latest trends, but also ahead of the curve in the performance values of our color lines. This not just a color, but a brand new system that will change the traditional view of color. Mask with Vibrachrom is a permanent color line and is designed not to fade, but there are lots more reasons that this color collection is by far the best on the market. After extensive testing over a 2-year period on over 7,000 people of all ethnicities and hair types – Mask with Vibrachrom has proven to be the most innovative line of color to come along in years!

The Key Benefits of Mask with Vibrachrom:

  • Rich color palette
  • Vibrant colors
  • Longer lasting color
  • Uniform color penetration
  • High-conditioning
  • Extra shine
  • Increased coverage of gray hair
  • Fantastic lightening capacity
  • PPD free (paraphenylenediamine: a toxic contact allergen found in hair color that can result in dermatitis)
  • Naturally derived ingredient percentage increased from 81 to 86%.
  • New sustainable packaging
  • Less ammonia (as compared to other salon brands such as Redken, Rusk, Schwarzkopf Igora, and others.

What makes Mask with Vibrachrom so special are its three key ingredients:

Quinoa Protein Extract:

The protein extract of Quinoa increases the absorption of color and allows it to be retained for longer periods of time. It also offers better protection to hair since Quinoa is full of amino acids, which are free radical scavengers that minimize damage to hair.

Conditioning Agent Rich In Omega-9:
Davines uses Omega-9 as a conditioning agent. The rich, fatty acids nourish and smooth hair, while creating extra shine.

Phospholipid Carrier:
Phospholipid carriers allow for high penetration of the pigment into the hair. It breaks down the surface tension, distributing the pigment evenly.

Davines has made it their mission to bring the absolute best color line to the world, and Mask with Vibrachrom’s does just that! We also recommend using Davines’ Minu hair care line as your post-color treatment, at home products. Minu will help maintain the integrity of the hair as well as the color. Learn more about Minu here.

To learn more about Mask with Vibrachrom visit the Davines site. For more information and to schedule your hair color appointment contact us at 919-793-4008 or book online.

We look forward to making your next “Garnish Experience” amazing!

Candice Motley


Box Color vs. Salon Color

Box Color Beware!

So you’re strolling through the aisles of the drug store and you find yourself standing in front of the box hair color section. All of the boxes are adorned with beautiful models with glamorously styled hair and pretty colors. Suddenly you feel inspired to change up your color or do a little routine maintenance or touch up. You begin picking up the boxes and comparing colors and brands. Each one promises long lasting results, excellent gray coverage, and amazingly sleek and shiny hair. Maybe you feel like going a little lighter even though you are a brunette, you’re drawn to the dark golden blonde shades. After you’ve spent 30 minutes reviewing all of your choices and narrowed down your selection to 5 different boxes you finally make your decision and off to the check out you go.

Merrily skipping out of the store, confident with your purchase you arrive at home ready to apply your color and you can’t wait to look just like the model on the front of the box. Well guess what girly – you could be in for a rude awakening when you wash that freshly applied color out of your hair. Generally attempting to color your own hair with box color will have two outcomes – 1.) you will inadvertently end up with orange hair, or 2.) you will end up having to make an emergency appointment at a salon to fix your mistakes.

Realizing you’ve just made a huge mistake and your hair is closer to the color of a carrot than the golden blonde the box promised. YIKES! What’s a girl to do? Run back to the store and buy a darker color and try to reverse the damage you’ve done? That seems a bit like playing Russian roulette at this point. Well, you certainly can’t run around looking like Carrot Top so you hastily ring up your salon to explain that you have a “HAIR EMERGENCY” and you MUST get in immediately! If you’re fortunate enough to get an appointment before anyone sees you with your new orange hair, lady luck is on your side.

As you await your scheduled appointment you start scratching your orange colored head asking yourself “what in the world went wrong here?”

Why You Didn’t Get That Color You Were Promised From The Box.

Sure drug store hair color costs you pennies, and your salon’s color prices are significantly higher – but as they say, “you get what you pay for!”

Drug store hair colors must be formulated to deliver the color on the front of the box to literally anyone’s hair. That means each person who purchases that box will get the same formulation, despite each of them having completely different types of hair texture, tones, and varying degrees of color resistance. Because of this, box colors are developed with extremely strong chemicals, which causes damage to your hair’s integrity making it dry, brittle, and porous. This also means you end up with split ends, hair loss, and breakage.

In addition, these super strong color’s chemical make up is much harder to remove when you are ready for a change. So if you are the type of person who likes to transform your hair color frequently the use of box color will cause extreme damage to your hair and, your color may not yield the look you want to achieve. So in the instance of box hair colors, the “one size fits all” approach isn’t a good idea – but that’s what you get!

As tempting as the savings and ease may seem, you could end up paying more than double the cost of the initial salon coloring to fix whatever disaster you and the box color have created. There’s also a good chance you will loose some length in salvaging process.

Professionally Applied Salon Hair Color Could Not Be More Opposite.

In-salon color is customized by your stylist, and the color is formulated specifically for you to achieve the look you want. It requires a bit of science and understanding of the color wheel. Stylists not only know the in’s and out’s of your specific hair type, but they know how to work with the underlying pigments of your hair and how to manipulate the color to be perfect for you. Think of it this way. If you mixed red and blue paint together you get purple. If you mix yellow and red you get orange. The same idea applies to hair color. If your hair is an ash or cool tone and you want to change your color to a warm shade of brown for example, your stylist knows exactly which colors to mix and when applied to your current color the end result will be the color you want. Everyone’s hair is different, and what works for one person doesn’t mean it works for everyone.

So in summary, the chance for error when you use drug store box hair color is high, and in the end may turn out to be much more expensive if you have to go to the salon to have it corrected.

Your hair is precious and can easily be damaged by box color. So heed our advice and skip the drug store and make an appointment with your stylist for your next color. In the end you will be glad that you did.

Contact Garnish Hair Studio + Extension Bar for your next color appointment.


Balayage Color

Balayage has been in the epicenter of hair trends for a while now, but what you may not know it’s actually been around since the 1970’s. Balayage was born in France and is a technique where the hair color is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting. Balayage gives you a soft natural sun-kissed look that can be custom tailored to your hair color and style.

So why the resurgence of Balayage now? Most women love this hair trend because it is low maintenance and it gives you a gorgeous, healthy finish that looks nature-enhanced, glossy, and expensive. The Balayage highlights are typically not as drastic and only go a few shades lighter than your base color. Balayage is fantastic because it’s suited for all types of hair. The look can be personalized just for your cut, style, and shade – it’s all about the application technique. Lately, some ladies are opting for a bolder, and more adventurous balayage look too, by weaving in brighter and more vivid colors to create customized funky look.

One of the appealing aspects of balayage is that it grows out beautifully and more naturally, and you don’t get an obvious regrowth line so you can enjoy your color a bit longer between appointments. Remember when it used to be embarrassing when your roots were growing out? You had to rush to your stylist to get them touched up every four weeks? Well, that’s not the case with Balayage. The look embraces the darker roots, and the strategically placed highlights make the look more natural.

Check out our Garnish Balayage and Handpainting Gallery for some of our Balayage work as well as our Pinterest board for inspiration. Ready for your custom Balayage makeover? Contact us today to make your appointment!


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