Amazing things are happening here at Garnish and we wanted to bring you up to speed on some exciting news! Beginning in just a few short months, Garnish Extension Studio will become the East Coast training location for Natural Beaded Rows Extensions and their partner company, Big Money Stylist. As 2020 kicks off, Garnish will begin hosting a variety of classes each month that will bring in students from all over the country to train with Candice and the Garnish team.

The studio will be hosting private training events that will consist of the studio being “closed” for three days as we train stylists on all things NBR Extensions. These will take place from Sunday through Tuesday, so that it minimally affects your normal scheduling with us.

We will also be hosting stylists twice a month for hands-on shadowing opportunities. These are extremely limited and only available to students enrolled in the BMS program. Even though we are still about four months out, a waitlist has already been created for these opportunities, and NBR is already in the process of promoting the national classes.

Garnish is honored to be one of only three salons in the country, and the only salon on the East Coast, to be chosen as an educational hub. Along with Carlos of Trade Secrets Salon and Amanda K Styling, both in Texas, Candice and Garnish were selected as the top NBR Specialists to teach the method and certify stylists through NBR. This opportunity will allow Candice and our stylist team to continue doing what they love and transforming lives through the art of hair extensions, while serving their fellow stylists as well.

Candice has always been a big believer in the idea that teaching something makes you even better at the skill you’re teaching. When you’re sharing your knowledge, you have to put a lot of thought and energy into how you’re teaching and training. We are so excited for this opportunity to spotlight Candice’s extensive experience and training with the method along with the quality of work produced by all of our stylists.

Our studio just continues to grow in our specialty, and we believe it’s because it’s all that we do every single day! We have poured our time, energy, and hearts into becoming the best extension specialists in the area, and our hard work has paid off. We can’t wait to become THE East Coast Education Hub for Natural Beaded Rows Extensions!


…it all started with an affirmation.

Hair Extensions are our passion!

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a couple of things that set our team apart. Our matching handles, our signature grey photo background, and our names—#1 East Coast Hair Extensions. Back in January when we transitioned to exclusively extensions, I had the entire team change their names to reflect this title. I had been writing this down as an affirmation and mantra for probably six months prior to the transition actually happening. My goal was simple—I wanted to be the #1 person on the East Coast for hair extensions.

I keep a piece of paper in a notebook of all of my thoughts, dreams, and aspirations. I originally wrote “#1 East Coast Extension Artist,” but as my goal to create an extensions exclusive salon grew closer, I found myself crossing out my initial dream, and writing something else in its place—“#1 East Coast Extension Salon.” Transforming my entire salon into this became my new focus. It’s a big title, and I took the goal of reaching it very seriously. We weren’t there yet—despite doing a TON of hair extensions—but we were definitely moving in that direction.

As we move towards the end of our first year of having made the pivotal switch into just focusing solely and exclusively on our extension guests, the growth and changes are incredible to witness. Our reach is getting stronger and stronger and we are having more and more women finding us from out of state, and traveling to our studio. Even crossing state lines and flying in!

We are growing at such a rapid pace, and I can’t help but feel like it comes from that affirmation I began right around a year ago.

Writing it down and making sure all of my movements within Garnish were taking me towards that goal has had a powerful impact on our path. I’ve been able to keep the mindset that if something is possibly going to derail me, I don’t do it. And if it doesn’t speak to me and bring me closer to my vision, then I let it go. I’ve found that having the mindset that if it’s in alignment with what I want, it’s for me, and if it’s not, then it’s not, has really helped shape the decisions I make and how I feel about them.

Garnish is well on its way and will be the #1 East Coast Hair Extension Studio. And it all started with me affirming it.


Guest Written by our amazing Niko Jones

hair extensions

While all of our extension transformations are dope, I wanted to take some time to shine some light on my favorite kind of transformation—the subtlety of one row. What I love about having one row is that it looks like it’s just your hair, but better. It’s a super natural look, and you may or may not know, but I’m all about a natural look. I love anything that’s low maintenance, and one row is the most low maintenance way to have extensions.

The Look.

Having wispy ends is more common than you’d think, and one row gives you fullness and fills in the gaps at your ends. If you don’t really want more length, but have always wished your hair was just a little fuller, one row is the perfect solution. It also makes certain styles possible for women with finer hair, such as a blunt bob. If you love the look of a blunt cut, but your hair just isn’t quite thick enough, adding one row will give you that clean line. Long haired girls, this applies to you, too. If you have longer hair, but it gets thin on the ends as it grows longer, one row will give you the perfect fullness and style.

hair extensions


When it comes to both time and financial investment, having just one row is the most cost effective way to have NBR. Hair extensions are an investment in both time and cost, and the more extensions you have the higher the cost and the longer the appointment. One row is super chill. Tidy up appointments are typically even less than an hour.

The Ease.

Overall one row is just easier to manage. Having just one row means your extensions feel really light; you can barely feel that they’re there. Once you get used to it you don’t even feel it anymore. You can still pull it up or wear it half up half down, or really any style you’d like. Starting off with one row is also a great way to start wearing hair extensions. It allows you to get used to a new routine, and you can always add on for length and more volume when you’re ready. If you’re worried about extensions being too much, this is the way to go to get the extension experience, but not be overwhelmed by it.


When it comes to curls, a lot of women struggle with their hair having different curl patterns. For me, with having curly hair, my curl patterns are different so I have shorter curls in certain spots. Wearing one row of NBR evens everything out. And if you have kind of flat curls, it will add so much volume to your look.

A lot of people start their journey needing at least two rows to achieve a beautiful blend. After one rotation of extensions their hair grows enough so they can transition to one row. Wearing hair extensions can help you meet your length goals and then you can just enhance your natural hair with the one row of NBR.

As an artist who works with a lot of women trying to grow out their hair, that’s honestly my goal—to get everyone to a happy place with their hair and then have them wear just one row for volume and style. I also love when someone grows out of their one row and has to get longer hair. It shows that your hair does still grow when you have extensions, and we are able to help you achieve your growth goals.

If you relate to having skinny ends, or just want to try out hair extensions with the lowest maintenance possible, wearing just one row might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Check out our application, and let’s get started on making your hair goals a reality!


Mixing two different extension methods is not unheard of, but it’s also not super common.

Most of the time an artist is looking for one solution to apply to someone’s hair needs. While this might work in the majority of cases, there are just some hair situations that go beyond one method being the perfect fit. Candice has specialized in Crown Extensions for years, and when she learned Natural Beaded Rows a couple of years ago, she realized that an opportunity existed to combine the two in order to provide options for women who were not a candidate for just one method or the other.

Crown NBR Hair Extensions

This combination has become a favorite extension cocktail in our studio because the Crown Hair Extension provides coverage on top where NBR can’t reach, and the NBR provides length and volume support that the Crown cannot accommodate. For women in need of both coverage on top and who are seeking length and volume, utilizing both methods together allows us to offer a solution that would not otherwise be possible. Women experiencing loss or thinning around the crown, top, or front of the head would not typically be able to wear NBR because the coverage on top is needed to cover the row. Adding the Crown Extension allows the guest to wear NBR Extensions for length and volume.

Another aspect to this combination is how incredibly customizable NBR Hair Extensions can be. For women with thinning or fragile hair, the weight of traditional beaded row extensions may be too much for their hair to handle. With NBR, the same 12 wefts that traditionally make up two rows of extensions can be split into 3 lighter rows containing just 4 wefts each. This makes the extensions healthier, lighter, and more comfortable for women with thinner hair to wear.

Crown NBR Hair Extensions

In addition to being able to provide a solution for women with thinning hair, this combination of extensions is also great for women regrowing their hair. We have been able to utilize this combination to help cancer survivors who are just looking to feel like themselves again, but whose natural hair cannot yet support traditional extensions due to length and/or strength.

If you’ve never been able to wear traditional hair extensions due to the thinness of your hair and the extensions showing through, or if you’re regrowing your hair and looking for length and volume, the Crown Extension/NBR Extensions combination might be the solution for you. We would love to be able to work with you to achieve your hair goals. Apply here to come into the studio for a consultation and find out more about this magical hair solution.


Alright, Mermaids, listen up!

Just because you now look like a beautiful mermaid with your long luscious hair doesn’t mean you can ACT like a mermaid and spend your days bathing in the sun and water. As the weather warms up and the beach becomes more enticing, we wanted to bring you some quick tips for caring for your hair extensions throughout the summer months.

The sun, chlorine, ocean, and more can impact the health, feel, and color of your hair during the summer. We’ve collected our best tips and tricks to preserve the quality of your hair extensions throughout the summer, and maintain the health of your hair.

Just as sunlight can lighten your natural hair, exposure to sunlight can alter the color of your hair extensions. Use a leave-in with UV protectant to protect your hair from the effects of sun exposure. We also suggest investing in a cute summer hat to keep the sun away as much as possible.

If you go to the pool or beach, the first option is pinning your hair up in a top-knot and not allowing it to get wet. If you love to go swimming, completely saturate your hair with shower/tap water and apply a leave-in conditioner before getting into the pool, ocean, or lake.

Not only does this protect your hair from absorbing the water, but it also helps prevent tangling and matting that can occur more easily when exposed to chlorinated or salt waters. After swimming, wash your hair thoroughly with a color-safe clarifying shampoo, then reapply your leave-in conditioner. Take time to comb out completely to ensure no tangles or matting.

This might seem unusual, but certain extension hair can actually change color when touched by sunscreen. Particularly blonde hair, which can turn a peach color. Whenever applying sunscreen, tie your hair up and take care to not allow it to touch the sunscreen.

While hottubs/jacuzzis can be used year-round, we thought we’d include them on this list as they often come along with summer vacays. Whenever using a hottub or jacuzzi, always have your hair pinned up or braided to prevent tangling. Prolonged exposure to humidity can shorten the life of your hair extensions.

Overall, summer life does not tend to lend itself particularly well to hair extensions, which have the ability to tangle more easily than natural hair and require a little extra TLC when exposed to the summertime elements.

To protect your beauty investment, we recommend following these tips and tricks, continuing to use high-quality hair products, and taking the time to completely brush out your extensions twice a day. This will ensure that you avoid tangles which can turn into mats, and can subsequently shorten the life of your extensions. If you need more guidance on caring for your hair extensions during the summertime, give us a call and we’ll talk you through it!


If you’re in tune with the hair extensions industry at all, there’s a particular term that’s been getting all the buzz lately. Because it’s a part of our business, we wanted to give you a breakdown of what this term really means. Today we’re talking all about hand tied hair extensions.

It’s a common misconception that “hand tied” refers to the method of extensions, when actually it refers to the hair used in the extensions. To be more specific, the extension hair that we utilize is crafted in different ways. For Natural Beaded Rows extensions, there are two types of hair that can be used. Hand tied or machine tied hair. We choose to use hand tied hair for a couple of different reasons. First, it goes through numerous quality checks to ensure the very best possible result. Because we believe in bringing you, our guests, the highest quality of products, hair extensions, etc. we love that this hair is checked so thoroughly.

Second, it’s actually made by a person who goes through a specific process to ensure the hair is top knotch. The first step is combing it through a loom device that they use to remove any hair that isn’t perfect. Then they tie10-15 strands at a time; one weft of hair is made up of hundreds of ties. Because the hair is hand stitched, the seam that creates the top of the weft is much thinner, softer, and more comfortable to wear. Machine tied hair, while quality checked in the same way, has a bulkier seam due to the machine stitching used.

Hand-tied Hair Extensions

Hand-tied Hair Extensions

Hand tied hair extensions have existed for long before they became a popular buzz word in the industry. They were made so popular by the beaded row method, and have since become extremely well known and often confused as an actual method themselves. This popularity has also led to an increased demand for hand tied extensions. Due to hair being a finite resource and the method of creation requiring actual hands to do the stitching, this has led to a couple of different results within the industry. First, like most supply and demand situations, the cost of hand tied hair has increased over the past few years. Second, the supply has also become more limited while more and more extension artists are seeking out hand tied hair.

We are honored to be a part of two exclusive collections of hand tied hair, ensuring that our studio stays at the forefront of offering hand tied hair extensions. We were one of the first studios to test out a brand new line called Covet & Mane, particularly featuring textured hair, which is even more difficult to come by. Second, we are the first studio to be bringing in the NBR Extensions own brand of hair launching this month called ISLA Hair Extensions. Being a part of these brands allows us to keep utilizing the highest quality of hand tied extensions on the market.

If you’ve been seeing the buzz on hand tied hair extensions, and you’re ready to try them for yourself, click I WANT HAIR EXTENSIONS! We can’t wait to see you soon!


While we love all of our extension methods, there are certain transformations that are extra close to our hearts. Our Crown Extensions have such a deep impact on both the women receiving them and our team creating the transformation. If you’re not familiar with a Crown Extension, it is a hair piece that covers the crown, or top, of your head. They are a hair extension solution for women with thinning hair, areas of hair loss, and to provide more coverage in conjunction with traditional integrated extensions. Because Crown Extensions are one of the lesser known categories of extensions, we wanted to walk you through all the details—who they’re for, how they work, and the investment involved.

First up—the difference between traditional extensions and crown extensions. Traditional extensions are typically attached to the sides and back of your head. They blend into your natural hair because the top layer of your hair (coming from the crown of your head) covers up the extension attachments. If the amount of hair at the crown of your head isn’t dense enough to provide coverage to the back and sides, traditional extensions may not be possible for you. Enter: Crown Extensions. Crowns are a great option for women missing coverage or experiencing thinness on the top of their head. They can be worn on their own, or in addition to traditional hair extensions for more coverage throughout the sides and back.

There are two main categories of Crown Extensions. First, there are “temporary” crowns, which are typically attached with clips. They can be taken on and off each day. Temporary crowns offer more convenience as there is no in-salon maintenance involved, along with potentially lasting longer if you choose not to wear it every day. The second type is “semi-permanent” crowns. These have a variety of attachment methods, including bonding rings and integrated methods. Semi-permanent crowns require a much larger time and energy commitment. They require regular in-salon maintenance (every 2-4 weeks), and extra care at home as well.

If you’re wondering which of these might be right for you, we use a pretty simple scale to determine the answer. On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the most), how much does your hair loss, thinning hair, or area of concern bother you? If the answer is less than 7, we strongly recommend a temporary crown extension. If the answer is 7-10, we recommend the semi-permanent method of extension. There’s one other factor that plays into whether you choose temporary or semi-permanent. If you have lost 50% or more of your hair, integration would not be possible for you. Less than 50% loss still allows for integration to be considered.

Now for the details of Crown Extensions

Crown Hair Extensions - Garnish

Both temporary and semi-permanent crown extensions have a lifespan of 8-12 months. If you have a temporary crown and choose to wear it more sparingly rather than every day, it could potentially last a little bit longer. We do not recommend crown or any type of extensions for women still actively experiencing hair loss. The ideal time to begin wearing hair extensions is after you stop shedding. This is due to the extensions (whether temporary or semi-permanent) being attached to your hair. Attaching to your hair while actively losing hair could contribute to faster loss and may cause slipping of your extensions due to the instability of attachment points. The only exception to this rule is if your loss is in a particular area and the hair surrounding it is strong enough to support the extensions.

Let’s talk investment. Due to the detailed construction of crown extensions, the pricing is on average slightly more than traditional hair extensions. Crown extensions may also need to be created custom, which takes longer and can potentially increase the cost. Typically, the investment ranges from $2,000-$3,500. If you do not need a custom crown, the extension can be ordered and received typically within a few weeks. However, if you do need a custom crown, it can take up to 4 months for the crown to be created and received.

Finally, the time investment ranges based on the method of attachment. With temporary crowns you must be willing to take the time to put it on and style it every day (or as often as you choose to wear it). For semi-permanent crowns you must commit to coming into the studio every 2-4 weeks for maintenance. The maintenance appointments range from 30 minutes (for a “mini” tidy up) to a 3+ hours for a “full service” where the crown is removed and reapplied. You absolutely must be willing to commit to this maintenance schedule in order to ensure the health and integrity of your hair and extension piece.

Like all other methods of extensions, crown extensions are simply a category within the extension world. Because it is often a delicate hair situation, it is absolutely vital to find a stylist or salon that is well-versed in crown extensions. Candice has been trained in Trichology (the study of the scalp and hair), along with having extensive experience with several different methods of crown extensions. Our current academy team has a love and passion for crown extensions as well, which means that our education has included an added focus on this method.

If you’ve been told traditional hair extensions won’t work for you, or if you are experiencing thinning hair or have a particular area of concern, we invite you to fill out an application here!. Our passion is helping women find confidence and self-love through hair extensions, and we would love to share that with you. Let’s talk.


Hair Extension Spotlight featuring Susan

Hair Extension Spotlight

Our very own Salon Coordinator, Susan, first came to Garnish as a guest of the salon seeking hair extensions. She’s been wearing her hair extensions now for about four months and is a full-on believer in how life-changing they can be. We absolutely love Susan’s story with hair extensions, so we wanted to shine some light on her experience in the hopes that all the other busy moms out there can relate.

We sat down and talked with Susan about her journey…

What brought about your decision to try hair extensions? 

About three months after the birth of Shep (her adorable baby boy), I noticed that my hair had thinned out a lot. I had never been able to grow my hair out past my shoulders anyway and now it was even thinner.

I also realized that before having my baby I always wanted to get ready and go out and do something, and after having him I just wanted to stay at home. I realized I didn’t want to live in sweatpants all the time, and I needed to find a way to feel like myself again.

What changed for you when you got your NBR Extensions? 

The biggest thing was that it served as a reminder to not forget about taking care of myself. It definitely gave me my confidence back! You have to give yourself permission to take time for you. The confidence I gained helped me to get over that postpartum feeling of losing your identity a little bit.

Did anything surprise you about your experience with wearing hair extensions?

I didn’t realize before how much your hair can affect your life. If you feel like you look good, then you automatically feel good. It makes such a difference.

As a busy mom, what’s the biggest benefit of wearing hair extensions? 

I don’t have to worry about washing and fixing my hair every day! I went from washing my hair every single day to once or maybe twice a week. It’s the biggest time saver.

If it’s curled I just have to touch up the front, but the extensions hold a curl so well. Even putting it up in a ponytail is better than before because you feel more put together… and like a mermaid. 🙂

What’s the number one things you would want other women to know about wearing hair extensions?

Extensions gave me the dream hair that I could never have achieved otherwise. The confidence you gain is invaluable. And more than anything… Don’t forget about YOU. It’s okay to take the time to take care of yourself.

If you relate to Susan’s experience and are curious about if hair extensions might work for you, visit to learn more.


Tis the season of transformation!

The weather has cooled, the leaves are changing colors, and here at Garnish we are in full-on hair makeover mode. We wanted to show off some of our major transformations from the past few weeks because they are GORGEOUS if we do say so ourselves.

hair extension transformation

hair extension transformation

First up is Susan’s Corrective Color + 3 Rows of NBR Extensions. Susan had been getting the same highlights for a long time, but was ready to change up her look. Candice transformed her color into a melty, dimensional brunette before adding three rows of Natural Beaded Rows Extensions. Due to the length and thickness of her natural hair along with her goal length, 3 rows was necessary to achieve the perfect blend.

hair extension transformation

hair extension transformation

Next up is Hayley’s Icy Mermaid hair dreams. Hayley wanted the coolest blonde and the longest hair, which Niko achieved through highlighting her natural hair and adding 3 Rows of NBR Extensions. It’s important to note that Hayley has been working towards icy blonde through previous highlights, as achieving this color in a healthy way takes time and patience. They added 3 Rows of NBR in order to create both volume and maximum length.

hair extension transformation

hair extension transformation

Our third major transformation feature is Anna Kathryn’s Corrective Color and NBR Extensions by Reece. Anna Kathryn came to Reece with layers of box color on her hair which had not only dried out her hair, but left it looking super brassy.

Reece used a multi-step process to gently remove the old color and refresh her brunette to create a shiny, consistent dark chocolate color. The next step was extension day! Reece added 2 and a half Rows of Natural Beaded Row Extensions to give Anna Kathryn the gorgeous model length hair she had been dreaming of.

If you’re as in love with these transformations as we are and you’re ready for your own hair makeover, visit our book now page and fill out an application.

We would love to help you achieve your hair goals!


Everybody put your hands together as we officially welcome Reece Britt to the floor!

In Reece’s own words…. “Yaaaaasssss!!!”

So, what exactly does this mean? Well, if you’ve followed Garnish for more than about five minutes you know that we have an Academy here where our owner, Candice, trains new cosmetologists to become extension and color specialists. It’s an 18-24 month program that can pretty much be considered “grad school” for hair stylists. This means that by the time these stylists “hit the floor” to start accepting guests of their own they have spent at least one year training hands-on every day with an extension expert who has been behind the chair for over 15 years.

In order to graduate from the “Assistant Phase” of the Academy Program into the “New Talent” phase, the stylist has to perform a number of hands-on “test-outs” of various color and extension work, along with passing a written test as well. They have been rigorously trained on formulating color, extension placement, and all the millions of details in between that make up the Garnish Experience. Once they pass the tests and become “New Talent” as Reece has just done, they are able to start accepting guests a few days a week as they continue to learn and grow.

In celebration of his new promotion, we sat down with Reece to talk about his experience in the Academy, why he chose this career path, and what he’s most looking forward to about this next step.

What has your experience been inside of the Academy?
Reece: “My experience in the Garnish Academy has been nothing short of amazing! I have learned more than I would have ever even thought! Everything from verbiage and color theroy to techniques and even confidence in myself as an artist! Every day in the salon is a new day for learning experiences and laughs with my amazing team! My mentor has devoted two days every week to have pretty intensive hands on trainings with me. She is pouring all her knowledge into me and I couldn’t be more grateful for the time and patience she invests in me, even on her days off. I dub her as my Hair Mom because she is always there for me with her words of wisdom and advice in life and in our specialty.”

Why did you choose Garnish’s Academy Program?
Reece: “I chose the academy because even while I was in school, I was thirsty for knowledge. I didn’t want to start out my career with only the knowledge I learned in cosmetology school; I needed more! Hair is ever changing and knowledge and technique are your tools to success and consistently beautiful work! I wouldn’t be able to slay hair as well as I’m able to now with only the information I got in school. Continuing your education is so important to me and Garnish is such an education driven environment! It’s motivating to be around like-minded, goal-oriented people all the time, and ALWAYS great vibes.”

What does graduating into the New Talent portion of the Academy mean to you?
Reece: “Transitioning into my new position as New Talent Stylist is so exciting I don’t even know how else to describe it! I’ve been through intensive training for over 14 months, basically stepping all over Candice’s heels on the way. I’ve been itching to create some beautiful transformations of my own with my completely renovated skill set! I’m so excited for my journey as New Talent!”

What are you most looking forward to about starting your career at Garnish?
Reece: “The part I’m looking forward to the most is being the person who redefined the confidence of the person smiling back in the mirror. I’m excited to put my training and hard work to the test! I really enjoy what I have chosen to spend the rest of my life doing! Transforming lives and making people smile is my passion and Garnish is the perfect place to make this magic happen!”

Join us in congratulating Reece on his new promotion!

We are so thankful to have such an energetic and passionate person as part of the Garnish Tribe, and we could not be more proud of the work that he does inside of the studio each day. We look forward to continuing to be a part of his undoubtedly incredible career.


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Hang Out with Us on Instagram


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