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Color Revamp⚡️

What’s a Color Revamp? You’ve seen us talking about it on Social Media, and you’ve seen the before and after photos of our beautiful transformations, but what are we

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New Hair, Who Dis

We love bringing you behind the scenes and shedding some light on the important aspects of our business. Particularly ones that are not talked about often. Today we wanted

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Happy New Hair (Year)! ✨

There’s something inherently refreshing about the New Year, and new hair for that matter! Even if you don’t subscribe to the traditional “Resolutions” we often find ourselves wanting to

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The Hair Consultation

Scenario: You show up for an appointment with your new stylist—you’ve been waiting weeks for this appointment and you’re READY for your hair transformation. You arrive and show the

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Hair Goals Check in

#hairgoals Mid Year Check-in

It’s about that time…#hairgoals check in The first step to achieving your goals is always, well, setting said goals. The destination must be established in order to reach it.

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Transformation Tuesdays

Transformation Tuesdays feat. Melanie

  Meet Melanie Stylist Andrayah Transformation Deets: Melanie experienced the TOTAL #transformationálagarnish with Andrayah. First, they transitioned her skinny highlights into a soft balayage. Next, they utilized the GK

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